i'll kiss her

i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh

I wonder if this was scripted–this little kiss Mon-el stretches up to give her to end the scene. Like, do they get directed to do things like this quick peck or the kiss on the check previously in the episode, or is it just Chris x Mel having great chemistry and working really well together? The karamel relationship feels so real because of the attention to detail we’ve seen in each of their interactions, and I’m sure that the credit goes to Chris x Mel for that. I often take for granted what it means to have this relationship ship seem so natural and real–that it means Chris x Mel have a strong, natural chemistry as people and as actors, and they really care about their characters’ relationship portrayal. All these small interactions they have really authenticate the relationship. I love these two, and I love them togther.

an imp and her wolf

the distance
between us
won’t change
a thing. this
love I carry
won’t die, it
will become
deeper as each
day goes by.
—  gabbybaby17 (Distance Does Not Matter)
Do you say the same words to her that you say to me? Do you get close and whisper in her ear just to see her get nervous like you do with me? Do you kiss her, touch her, think about her the same as with me..? Do you need me or do you need her? Do you love her like you love me..or do you actually even love me? I have so many unanswered questions that I know I’ll never get the truth to. I know what you tell me but is any of it real..? All I wanna know is in the end would you choose me..or her?
—  For you it was never one choice, but for me it was only one
She’s all mine and nobody else’s. I tattooed my touch so she can remind herself that I took ownership of her body. I own her orgasms, and I own her moans. No one else can make her groan in desperation like I do. She misses how I touch her in her favorite places and she misses my kiss. The very kiss that can inhale her soul. I just know that I can’t wait to have her again and I can’t wait to unleash the inner goddess within me.
—  gabbybaby17 (She’s All Mine)
We both fell for each other, but now I’m the one falling apart. I want you, but you want her.
—  10:07pm// journal entry #13