i'll keep this on my blog forever

we’ll take blankets to stay safe, i’ll do my best to stay out of your way then i guess maybe one day, i’ll be yours forever ✨

You heard it right!!! 😎 I can’t believe it guys, just by 4 months I got 1000+ followers 🌸THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 💖💖💖💖 I dont follow a lot of people and I also dont talk much, but I’m still glad that you follow this weird girl 😋😌 Cause then I wouldn’t hit my first (big) milestone! 😉 Hope my follow forever in the future will have plenty of blogs to recommend and just show how much I love them. If you are not mentioned it isn’t because I don’t love you ;) I love all of you and I’ll always watch (stalk) you guys 🙄👌🏽 Even though I am a blog focused on NamNam, I still love our boys~

Let us keep supporting, appreciating and love our precious pumpkins!!!📣📣🔥🔥

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Here’s a list of people I love (stalk) 🌸

My cute pumpkins: 🍇

@bebitojoonie 🍇 @gukjoon 🌸 @hixtaes 🌸 @holy-namjoon  🌸 @iparachuteonmyneverland 🍇 @jjeonguk  🌸 @joonienamjoon 🍇 @jkguks  🌸 @jjks 🌸 @jimiyoong  🌸 @jminies  🌸 @jhopehatesnakeu 🌸 @kimdaily  🌸  @lilacnamjoon 🌸 @rapmoonie 🌸 @rapmonster 🍇 @rappornster 🍇 @obsessivev  🌸 @otpinmybrain 🍇 @pocketjoon  🌸

Good Autistic Yusuke headcanons

- literally never not waving his arms around or flailing them excitedly, passionate boy, wants to show off his creations, happy flaps when people listen and ask questions
- thinks akira’s hair is fluffy and nice to play with and spent a while looking at it until he asked akira if he could stim with it, does it whenever he’s given permission to bc it’s soft and relaxs him
- has one of those stim balls where u shake it and the colors light up like a rainbow, enjoys visual stims the most
- haru is one of his favorite ppl to infodump to bc she listens and asks questions and yusuke just cries tear of joys and talks about everything so passionately and she lets him use her garden as inspiration, paints a self portrait of haru holding a bouquet as thanks and she cherishes it forever

moonlightdork  asked:

you and your blog actually makes me soooo happy everyday. it's like an escape, whenever I'm having a shitty day at school or at home, I'll just go to your blog then poof, I'm happy. :) keep this blog running forever pls love u

Those are my exact feelings towards the girls themselves, I’m so happy you feel this way.

small notice:


I am putting Solas on a semi-hiatus ( which I know I’ve had that on my blog for forever, and technically… it’s always been true since I’m slow ), but for right now, my muse is low and I can’t keep trying to force myself to make replies I just can’t do right now, so basically throwing up a semi-hiatus at least makes my insides feel a little better than all gut-twisty.

Does this mean I’m not gonna ever reply? No. I’ll still come on to do replies occassionally, and I DO intend to get to those starters from here and there ( but they’re gonna just be small starters ), but it’s probably going to take a bit longer than… it already does even now. There’s stuff going on right now in my life that I wanna try to prioritize and I really am trying my hardest to become a better person, and sometimes being on Tumblr from time to time makes me feel smaller. Which isn’t anyone’s fault, it’s mine. No one has the right to make me feel this way but myself. So I want to get better, and I do feel a little better than I have in a while? I think?

But I don’t wanna… disappear for half a year like I did last time. In the mean time, I’m gonna be working on a new blog for Solas because this one is unorganized and scattered everywhere. I do feel like that’ll help me with my muse a lot. I’ve also been working on an OC for… months… I don’t know when he’ll be birthed. BUT YEAH THAT’S THE JIST OF IT. I’m sorry this kind of post seems so common, but I just wanted to write it so people at least understand why I’m such a flaky turd. 


- mcbrilliant’s follow forever 2013 -

A lot has happened this year, some things have changed and others are still the same. Despite the bad moments, 2013 has been a great year for me and I have changed and learned a lot. When I joined Tumblr ages ago, I never thought I’d enjoy this site this much, but thanks to you all my experience here has become 200% more enjoyable. I have made great friends and I have also learned and been inspired by many of you, and for that I’m extremely thankful. Every one of you is unique and has inspired me in a different way, whether it’s with your creativity, your perfect graphics, your exquisite writing, and/or your charming personality. Without you, Tumblr wouldn’t be that great, so thank you!

Happy New Year and keep being awesome! <3

These are the people I adore:

anna | anya | hannah | hannah | jess | liv | marta | renee

These people make my dash perfect:

italics = your blog is perfect, mkay?

bold = ily from a distance

alvauses | always-a-pleasure | accioscalpel | arizonarobins | arizonasrobbins | bellalinguista | bowlingstar11 | carolinedhavernas | cosimes | coyote-the-trickster | doctorcristinayang | epicshaw | faramircaptainofgondor | forged-by-fantasy | grumpyrenly | jcap | jesicacapshaw | keladry | kevinmckidd | k-arev | lecterings | letseyx | lulu-spencer | maroonbones | mcpineapple | mondler-addict | naevia | oh-jupiters-cock | pipervauses | orthoqueen | pigorcow | princesconsuela | queensandraoh | queenyang | ramirezsara | remusjohnslupin | shelaagh | starbuckara | talesofnorth | thewarriorandthebard | transporters | wizengamots | yourarizonaroom


I love you! ♥

hello! this is my first follow forever :’)

so about two weeks ago i reached my first thousand. this is a huge milestone for me! I never expected to join tumblr and gain followers at all. this blog is completely personal and to my liking, and i blog about stuff aside from BIGBANG (though 90% of the time it IS BIGBANG lol) yet some of you still stayed and i’m thankful for that. 

through tumblr and my love for BIGBANG i honestly think i met genuinely good people. we all know just how unenjoyable this can get with all the hate and stuff, but to the people in bold, i seriously think i could learn from you as a person. from the way you respond to hate and negativity, your blog and you has helped me to stay positive throughout this mess. and thanks for talking, and tagging me in posts! its really hard for me to initiate the first move so just by replying my random text posts or randomly stumbling across my ask to say something that might be unimportant to you, means a lot to me. im really glad to have found people who share the same feelings towards BIGBANG in the way that i do.

eirianerisdar - my IB senior! glad to know someone here knows the pain and stress i go through in school :’)

seungri-yay jiyongkun - my fellow indo bloggers who i finally found after drifting alone here for months :’) i hope we’re all gonna catch bigbang’s con here! 

youngbaaes <- taylor just graduated! *applause* its great that u like a lot of rock bands that i do too :) and your edits are AMAZINGGG. 

daeseungie - i will never forget the moment u came in my ask box and we ended up exchanging katalks wanting to countdown together on bb’s comeback announcement :’) thanks for coming to my ask box that day, subin :)

youngbaebae - i really really admire you as a person :) your love for people, the way you reply to controversies, etc. your blog is great. you’re great.

memoriestomelodies - thanks for just talking to me and just replying to my text posts ;-; it means a lot.

orange-unnie - your blog has been my absolute fave for a long time.  as a fellow ji stan, dont ever change in the way you love ji :)

topsdaydream choiest  seungsuka ajustc kwiyeolmi okjiyong charming-danger 3bng seungrietc dianaarous jiyong-oppar miketrauts toprighthere accioyoungbae xeunghyun toit gkachu topkun bigbangersball makafushigi prince-mino dae-gelina wntersoldierr junghwe onlyfortabi yanghyunsuck seungry oppas-sweat shabbitable ohmydeez tabi-dreamer eunkims toanyones dammitgdragon h1gh-h1gh taeyanq lusciouboys hell-ogoodbye qaerin  taeyangxseungri wenhannn harubelief nyongtories seungrifeels lockedaces yghigh ohseungri areyouwantmore saintberge jiyongs-g-thong no-8 victorypan seungwhoresacademy ygfeels yg-drag sughyun jidans intopxicated seungriseyno royalseunghyun yjms taexyang ringalinga  bigbnags youngbae taeyangspecs prince-ji g-dragno gdeek daljiyong  topsbearbrick officialyanghyunsuk ygbias seungripls vvips koreanghetto yg-pls g-t-o-p minzees soxciii-87 haroongs jitokkies nocqout kwonzz gdragonsbitch daesungstrash kkwonn topshouldstop shovelqueen jiyonqs xxxloveee choiseunghyunn daesng lovesjiyong pabojiyong gdbias ibmariji kwonfeels twoneofakind seugnri topford itaekwons gdeuragon 

to my followers, thank you so much. i cant promise i’ll regularly update when new material comes up bc i’m busy with school (SENIOR YEAR COMING UP /SHIVERS) but i promise to keep this blog as positive as possible. sending positive vibes to everyone is main priority. thanks again and have a great day~


Hello guys, Ina here. Today, May 18th is my birthday. Happy Birthday Ina! lol So, this is my 2nd follow forever since I created this blog on February 6th 2014. I was rushing when I made this. I’m truly sorry. Plus, I don’t know how to edit prettily /facepalm/

Okay, lets get started. Firstly, I would like to thank these wonderful girls for treating me as a friend. It is really nice talking to you /smiling/

nojimin   taernado   jeongoks   youngjiae 

And also these amazing bloggers who keep posting pretty and cool stuffs.

taehyng   jung-koook   vhyung   romanticvirus   teyhyung   hoseokz   hyunkookie   kimnamboobs   seokshine   rapmunsta   vlientae   sugafuck   vubbletae   bantagn   jkillersmile   sweetyoongi   dohdoro   hoebi   hersheyjerzey   bangtaning   bwiyomi   jiminips   yoonsaur   btseok   fabulousuga   bwironman   vtaemins   hoseokh 

please check out my blogroll if you want to see more blogs.

To my followers,

thank you very much for being so amazing. I’m very sorry if you have to stand with my craps. You’re a beautiful ARMY. keep supporting BTS and their songs :) I LOVE YOU.