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Jealous Girl.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Readers.

Warnings: SMUT. Jealousy, annoyed reader, PWP, unprotected sex (Kids, remmeber to wrap your presents). Public sex, me being a shameless hoe for Murder Daddy.

Word Count: 1262.

Rating: 18+


So… I wanted to write jealous reader. @sexylibrarian1 was ordering me to finish this so I could go and start writing that other thing (she knows what I’m talking about). Here you go, now you have something to complain about.

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pillow talk

a/n: my first attempt at some ryder x liam! i had this headcanon for some time, and really had to get it down on paper. hope you guys enjoy :)

ao3, for those of you who prefer.

Amelia learns pretty quickly that Liam is horrible to share a bed with.

She supposes she should have seen it coming. The signs were all there. He’s almost constantly either moving or talking, always doing something. In combat, he jumps right in, not afraid of taking harsh blows and getting in close. And then there was the time she stumbled upon him passed out with half his body falling off his suspicious dorm room couch. She thought that maybe sleeping in — well — a bed would tame that a bit.

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Our love isn’t the kind they make movies about or write about in books. It isn’t the red hot burning desire and passion that society tells us is what love looks like. Our love isn’t like that because our love is real. They don’t write stories about love like ours because love like ours isn’t always pretty; it isn’t perfect; it isn’t the kind of love that people search for their whole lives. 

Our love is binge watching Lost until it’s so late we can barely keep our eyes open,
And our love is falling asleep in the middle of an episode with my head in your lap.
Our love is crying on the phone at two in the morning because I’m afraid you’ll forget me after being apart for so long,
And our love is you telling me you could never forget me.
Our love is going to the gym together, constantly competing to see who can run the farthest on the treadmill,
And our love is not letting it become a competition and always encouraging and pushing one another to do our best.
Our love is being jealous of your ex because I think she’s prettier, and I’m afraid she’ll steal you away from me,
And our love is you reminding me that I’m yours now, and you only love me.
Our love is talking about life over an ice cream sundae that you bought for us in the middle of the night,
And our love is you always offering me the last bite even though I’ll say you can have it, but you’ll politely decline, and I’ll end up eating it anyway.
Our love is throwing up all over you and crying because I’m so embarrassed about it,
And our love is you telling me it’s okay and still being able to smile at me when my lunch is all over your chest.
Our love is getting high in the woods and then trying to hide our glassy eyes and far off gazes from your roommates,
And our love is making out on your bed and having to pause every now and then because I can’t contain my giggling.
Our love is accidentally knocking over the plants that you worked so hard on and trying to get the dirt out of the carpet before you come back,
And our love is you forgiving me because you know it was an accident and putting them back in the pots anyway.
Our love is squeezing to fit with you on the twin size bed in your dorm room and falling asleep to the sound of your heartbeat,
And our love is waking up the next morning sore and restless, but happy because the first thing I get to see is your face.
Our love is breaking up with me and begging me to say something, anything, but I can’t because all I can think about is how empty my life will be without you,
And our love is saying you’re sorry and that you love me the next day and crying as you tell me that you’ll never leave me again.
Our love is crying in my car over a pizza with my ex because I’m afraid I’ve lost you,
And our love is telling me you’re still mine and I could never lose you.
Our love is getting the wrong lid for my coffee on our first date and desperately trying in vain to fit it on my cup without you noticing, but you saw and were trying to hide a smile,
And love is driving downtown back to the little coffee shop where it all happened and reliving it over and over again.
Our love is misunderstanding one another and arguing over a problem that doesn’t even exist,
And our love is being able to say ‘I’m sorry’ because we refuse to let something so insignificant come between us.
Our love is arguing over who gets to control the aux cord because you like rap, and I like pop punk,
And our love is memorizing your favorite songs so I can surprise you the next time it comes on by singing along to it with you.
Our love is being unsure if we can overcome our differences and stay together,
And our love is realizing that our differences shouldn’t drive us apart, but that we should learn and grow from them. 
Our love is blowing up your phone constantly looking for reassurance that you still want to be with me,
And our love is you putting up with me anyway and telling me that I don’t need to worry and that you love me.
Our love is making love in the middle of the day with the shades closed and you constantly shushing me because you’re roommates might hear,
And our love is lying in bed afterwards, wrapped in each other’s arms.

Our love is the good and the bad,
the beautiful times we share and the heartache when we’re apart,
the nights of passionate love and the nights of passionate screaming and crying,
the moments when it feels like we’ll be together forever, and the moments when it feels like everything is falling apart,
the times we tell each other “I love you” and the times we’re too proud to say it, even though we both know it’s still true.

Our love is far from perfect, but it’s ours, and I wouldn’t trade those sleepless nights and tear-soaked pillow cases for anything else in the world because I’d rather be crying over you than forcing a smile for someone else.

—  the words written on my heart // where-words-fail

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May I ask for a Shukita fic where Yusuke takes care of Akira who needs some TLC please

“don’t get me wrong,” ryuji says, tipping the chair back so it balances precariously on two legs. “but our leader is kind of weird, isn’t he?” 

“huh? what makes you say that?” ann asks. “not saying i’m agreeing, of course!” makoto peers up from her book to gaze curiously at ryuji, silent for now but clearly ready to jump in.

“i’m not saying it like it’s a bad thing!” already on the defensive; it seems ryuji can be self-aware sometimes. “just- has he ever talked about his hometown to you guys? his old friends or his family or anything?”

ann’s brow furrows and she raises a finger to tap her chin. “you know, i can’t recall….”

her response is enough to give ryuji motivation to continue. he leans forward, his hands curled into fists. “right?! and isn’t it weird that he’s here in the first place? if i got sued, my mom wouldn’t let me out of her sight! but that guy’s parents just shipped him off to live with a total stranger!”

“maybe his parents aren’t around often? they could travel for work, you know. mine were the same way.”

“yeah but- right there! you still talked about them!” 

“he probably has a reason for not talking about his past,” makoto speaks up, closing her book and placing it on the table. “we shouldn’t speculate.”

ryuji looks as though he wants to protest, but before he can open his mouth akira is finally walking in with morgana perched on his shoulder. yusuke thinks idly of how easy it would be to tap his foot against one of the legs of those chair, how effortlessly he could make ryuji fall back. this gossiping feels wrong. 

yet now that the fact is pointed out, yusuke can’t stop thinking about it. he’ll drop mentions of madarame, clear openings for akira to relate with an anecdote of his own, yet there’s nothing. akira keeps the conversation focused on yusuke, manipulating the subject to remain off of himself. akira is reminiscent of a blank canvas, coming to life only after being touched by the brush of the metaverse and big city. frustratingly, he refuses to open up unprompted.

yusuke isn’t a fan of blank canvases on principle, so he decides to do something about this. he shows up early on sunday morning without a warning text; sojiro is accustomed to seeing him by now and knows his order, leaving yusuke alone with a cup of coffee to wait until akira awakens. as usual akira seems to take his time waking up; it’s late morning by the time he emerges downstairs, his hair as disheveled as always. he’s wearing sweats and a t-shirt this time, which is a new look for him. 

he pauses when he spots yusuke though, murmuring a greeting to sojiro as he goes to yusuke.

“good morning,” he greets, sliding a hand in his pocket.

“good morning,” yusuke replies. “i’m not interrupting any plans, am i?” 

akira shakes his head. “i was just going to the batting cages. did you have anything in mind?” 

“i’ll accompany you,” yusuke says as he slips out of the booth. akira shrugs, half-turning so he can tell sojiro he’ll be back later. yusuke thanks him for the coffee, and together he and akira leave cafe leblanc.

“are you even into baseball?” akira asks once the door is shut. 

“that’s the one with sticks, right?” choosing to ignore akira’s wary look, yusuke says, “i had no idea you played.”

“i don’t, really. just when i have some downtime.” a response, but not enough of one to give yusuke any real information. 

“are you any good?” he presses. 

“i’m alright.” a shrug. “i’m a bit rusty.”

finally, yusuke thinks. “you used to play?” 

a nod, but rather than offering anything else akira asks, “what’s with all the questions?”

“i- is it that obvious?” another nod. yusuke chuckles. “it was brought to my attention that you don’t share many details about your personal life. you know so much about me, but all i know about you is you have a criminal record. i realize i don’t like knowing so little about you. i’d like to learn more about you.”

is it just his imagination, or akira’s cheeks a bit redder now than before? the shorter male runs a hand through his hair, sheepishly avoiding yusuke’s eyes.

“that’s really about it,” akira tells him. “my background really isn’t that interesting.”

“so tell me, then,” yusuke insists. he doubts akira anyway; for someone so brazen in his actions and fearless in his decisions, he has been known to underplay his own accomplishments. what he may think of as boring is probably anything but. 

akira stops, putting a hand on his hip and facing yusuke fully. “let’s go the convenience store instead, then. we can pick up some snacks and go back to leblanc’s.” at yusuke’s guilty look, he adds, “my treat.”

“very well,” yusuke nods. “i promise to pay you back.” 

they settle in akira’s room, both in their usual chairs and with a bag of chips on the table before them. yusuke listens as akira talks about his hometown and playing baseball, of his parents going through a nasty divorce and neither of them wanting akira (he looks too much like his mother, his dad said; he takes after his father, his mom said), of never quite fitting in at school because he never could relate to his classmates.

“i understand,” yusuke says softly, because he knows how it feels to stand out due to circumstances outside of his control. he thinks of class projects and being invited to groups not for his company or personality but for his talent. his classmates talk about subjects yusuke has no idea about, let alone any ability to relate to, and that feeling of isolation. he thinks now of the slight jealousy he feels that he is the one to not go to shujin, and he contemplates later how he believes akira feels like an outsider within the group as well, elevated to a higher plane simply for being the leader.

akira smiles gently. “yeah,” he agrees just as quietly. “i know you do.”


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Alright, this is my second (my apology gift, really, it’s over 5000 words of fluff) for Shay, in which I attempt to tackle one of her favorite tropes (characters A and B have to stay at a hotel and there’s only one room with one bed)

once again - thanks to @the-musical-alchemist​ for listening to me flip out about how to write this, I appreciate it always, Gio ;-;

I said it already, but I’ll say it again - Shay, you’re one of the greatest people I’ve ever met, simply because of who you are - you’re always kind, passionate, thoughtful, and are extremely talented and witty.  In short, you’re just incredibly wonderful.  Thank you so much for being you, and have the happiest birthday possible.  Hey, now you can rent a car and come visit me!!!

“Are you kidding me,” Roy grumbles, tightening his grasp on his small bag as he stomps his snow-packed boots on the porch of the building.  “Of course Grumman sends us to the most remote town, in the dead of winter, splits up our team, and gets us reservations in what has to be the absolute filthiest looking place I’ve ever seen.”

“Relax, sir,” Riza responds.  She flexes her frozen hands to try to regain feeling in her numb fingertips as she switches her bag from left to right.  “You’ve seen the rest of this town; the entire place just doesn’t have a lot of money.  I’m sure the inside is nicer.”

“Whatever you say, Captain,” he retorts.  Riza sighs at his snarky-tone, but doesn’t challenge him, knowing that the last thing that she needed was to argue with her superior officer when they were both cold, hungry, and exhausted.

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The Last Five Years - Sentence Starters
  • [name] is over and [name] is gone.
  • I'm still hurting.
  • What about things that you swore to be true?
  • Go and hide and run away!
  • Run away, run and find something better.
  • Maybe there's somewhere a lesson to learn.
  • I've been waiting for someone like you.
  • I've been standing for days with the phone in my hand like an idiot, scared to death.
  • My people have suffered for thousands of years and I don't give a shit!
  • I guess I can't believe you really came.
  • See, I'm smiling--That means I'm happy that you're here.
  • I think we're gonna be okay.
  • With all we've had to go through, we'll end up twice as strong.
  • I didn't know you had to go so soon.
  • We'll have tonight.
  • You know what makes me crazy?
  • I'm sorry, can I say this?
  • You could be here with me or be there with them - as usual, guess which you pick.
  • You can't spend a single day that's not about you and you and nothing but you!
  • I swear to God I'll never understand how you can stand there straight and tall and see I'm crying, and not do anything at all.
  • Things are moving too fast.
  • I won't do anything just half-assed.
  • I met my personal Aphrodite.
  • I'm feeling panicked and rushed and hurried.
  • I'm so happy I can't get worried.
  • Next day it's just like it never happened.
  • And then he smiles - his eyes light up and how can I complain?
  • Yes, he's insane, but look what he can do.
  • I tend to follow in his stride instead of side by side.
  • I said I'd stick it out and follow through.
  • I'm a part of that...aren't I?
  • Maybe your heart's completely swayed, but your head can't follow through.
  • Don't you think that now's a good time to be the ambitious freak you are?
  • You get to be happy!
  • Take a breath, take a step, take a chance - take your time.
  • Have I mentioned today how lucky I am to be in love with you?
  • I'm sharing a room with a "former" stripper and her snake: Wayne.
  • I could shove an ice pick in my eye, I could eat some fish from last July, but it wouldn't be as awful as [fill in what you wish].
  • He wants me, he wants me, but he ain't gonna get me.
  • Son of a bitch, I guess I'm doing something right!
  • 'Cause the torture is just exquisite while I'm waiting for you to visit.
  • We should go meet the dinosaurs.
  • Will you share your life with me for the next ten minutes?
  • There are so many lives I want to share with you.
  • But if you can just wait I will make it eventually.
  • Not like I'm proud of the fact.
  • I want to be your wife, I want to bear your child, I want to die knowing I had a long, full life in your arms.
  • Will you share your life with me for the next ten lifetimes?
  • There are so many dreams I need to see with you.
  • There are so many years I need to be with you.
  • Everyone tells you that the minute you get married every other woman in the world suddenly finds you attractive.
  • And all of a sudden, this pair of breasts walks by and smiles at you and you're like - "That's not fair!"
  • In a perfect world a miracle would happen.
  • I shouldn't care what she thinks since I can't fuck her anyway!
  • Don't despair, I'll be there.
  • I am a good person!
  • Stop looking at that, look at me.
  • Jesus Christ, I suck, I suck, I suck, I suck.
  • I will not be the girl who requires a man to get by.
  • Can we please for a minute stop blaming and say what you feel?
  • Did you think this would all be much easier than it's turned out to be?
  • If I didn't believe in you, we'd never have gotten this far.
  • Don't we get to be happy at some point down the line?
  • If I'm cheering on your side, why can't you support mine?
  • No one can give you courage.
  • I will not lose because you can't win.
  • He wouldn't leave me alone 'less I went with him to dinner.
  • I guess he was good in bed.
  • He blew me off with a heartfelt letter.
  • I can do better than that.
  • You don't have to change a thing, just stay with me.
  • I want you and you and nothing but you.
  • I don't want to throw up your walls and defenses.
  • It feels like my life led right to your side and will keep me there from now on.
  • Think of what's past, because we can do better.
  • Hey, kid - good morning. You look like an angel.
  • I don't remember when we fell asleep.
  • Nobody needs to know.
  • Come back to bed, kid.
  • Hold on, don't cry yet.
  • I won't let you go.
  • Maybe I could be in love with someone like you.
  • Goodbye until tomorrow.
  • I have been waiting for you.
  • I'm not the only one who's hurting here.
  • I don't know what the hell is left to do.
  • I could never rescue you.
  • All I could do was love you hard and let you go.
  • So we could fight, or we could wait, or I could go...
  • I didn't see a way we both could win.
  • Goodbye.

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Sorry to break some hearts but my brain put even more angst on the end of that fic. Just, if the threats started again and reader got in trouble and now I have the image of Greg crying while she's dying. Just, "I was supposed to protect you. I promised"... Ok.... I'll see myself out. -JM

A/N: You’ve inspired me to write an alternative ending darling! *hysterical evil laughing*

An alternative ending to this one shot- https://imaginedilestrade.tumblr.com/post/160490630033/im-going-to-take-advantage-that-your-requests-are

P.s I’m sorry 😭 not sorry


Greg couldn’t help but smile watching you crack a joke with Donovan and Anderson. Your smile could brighten his day.

He grabbed a pile of important letters he had to read and reply to, he heard you laughing through the walls and let out a laugh himself as he slid his finger under the envelope seal and tore it open, paying more attention to you than the envelope itself. He took out the piece of paper and he felt his whole body go into shock. As if someone had dipped him in freezing water.

Only he would have rather had that than the letter he was holding in is hand. It was all too familiar.

It simply read, ‘You can’t protect Y/N forever’.

“Hey!” Greg didn’t even hear the door open and quickly crumpled the piece of paper up in his hand.

“H-hi!” He nervously stuttered out and you couldn’t help but furrow a suspicious brow.

“What’s that?” You slowly approached his desk.

“Oh nothing, just rubbish” he tried to calmly laugh it off and you nodded understandingly before quickly snatching it off his desk. You ran away from his grasp and opened it “No! Don’t!” Greg pleaded but it was too late, your eyes had already scanned over the words.

“How long?” You asked, trying not to let your nerves show.

Greg let out a defeated sigh “This has been the first”.

You tore it up with a small smile “We’ll get through this Greg,” you tossed the paper into the bin and walked over to a petrified looking Greg “Together this time”. You took his hands in yours and reassuringly squeezed them.

“I promise you,” Greg began looking deep into your eyes “I will protect you and I will always be there for you”. You nodded and wrapped your arms around Greg, he held you tightly as the both of you shared a hug “I love you” he spoke into your neck and it sounded slightly muffled.

“I love you too” you pulled away and gently kissed him, not removing your lips from Greg’s until Anderson disturbed the two of you by awkwardly clearing his throat.

You and Greg pulled away with bashful smiles “I should get back to Baker Street, John asked me to watch Rosie for a couple of hours”. You bid your goodbyes and made it to Baker Street, Sherlock and John left you with Rosie who was sound asleep so you grabbed one of Sherlock’s books that was lying about and made yourself a cup of tea.

Your phone buzzed and you smiled at the screen noticing it was a text from Greg ‘I’m just out of work, five more minutes until I see that beautiful face of yours (if traffic doesn’t hold me up!) x’.

You were about to text back when the front door shut and you stood up “You two are back ear-” your voice disappeared into thin air as you saw an unfamiliar figure standing in front of you with all black clothing and a shabby looking knitted balaclava on.

“He can’t protect you now” he man sneered and lunged forward, you could barley react as you felt a sharp pain spread outwards from your stomach. The man scampered out the flat and our hands shakily pressed against your wound.

You couldn’t move, you could barely register what was happening. You stood on the spot as a tear streamed down your cheek and then you tried to find your phone. You let out a groan that burned your throat as you walked into the kitchen table, your right hand pressing on it to support your body as your left fumbled with your phone and you pressed on John’s number, you considered phoning Greg but he would be driving and almost at Baker Street.

After two rings John picked up “Hello?”

“John get back here. Now” you breathed out and hung up before he could speak.

Just as you tossed your phone away Greg walked through the front door with a large smile spread over his face before it fell seeing the drops of bright red blood on the floor that lead to the kitchen.

“Y/N?” He called out in a shaky voice and turned around, seeing you hunched over the table. He ran to you and wrapped his arms around you just before you fell to the ground, the lack of blood going to your head was making you dizzy.

“It’s….it’s okay” you softly whispered out with a small smile.

“No! It’s not!” Greg cried out as tears streamed down his cheeks “I promised you! A few hours ago I promised to keep you safe! I was supposed to protect you!”

“I know but this isn’t your fault” your voice was barely audible, if you spoke any louder your voice would crack and you’d end up as a blubbering mess in your final moments.

Sherlock and John rushed up the stairs, already having a sense of dread from hearing your voice on the phone. John crouched down beside you as you lay on the flor with Greg still cradling you in his arms. You let out a small yelp as John forcefully pressed both hands on your stomach to compress the bleeding.

“We need to get her to the hospital,” John told Greg and Sherlock “Y/N probably has internal bleeding-”

You cut John off with a cocky smirk “That’s where the blood is supposed to be…”

John let out a broken laugh, wiping away a stray tear that left his eye. You swore you saw Sherlock tearing up too. “John, I’m no doctor but I know…” You weakly trailed off and John sent you a sympathetic smile.

“Know what?” Greg asked as if he was being conspired against. You let out a shaky breath and looked up to Greg as tears splashed on your face “No…” His throat completely closed “No!” He screamed out louder, sending a shockwave of guilt though the flat.

“Greg, please…this isn’t your fault” you tired to relieve some of the guilt he felt but he wouldn’t listen, he was frantically shaking his head as tears spilled from his eyes. You reached your hand up to cup his cheek and he stopped shaking his head.

He placed his hand over yours “This is not your fault,” you weakly spoke out in a stern voice “Okay?” Greg sent you a single nod and you smiled “I love you”.

“I love you too Y/N,” Greg breathed out “Y/N?” He noticed the sparkle in your eyes fade and he screamed out your name in an pained animalistic roar, he desperately tried to wake you by shaking your body but it went limp in his arms.

John asked Sherlock to pull Greg away as the doctor grabbed a blanket to place over you with a heavy heart. The ambulance arrived to take your body away and Greg got into the back of it.

“Why don’t you come with us?” John suggested, he wouldn’t know how Greg would cope being left in the back of the ambulance with your lifeless body.

“No,” Greg groggily replied and glanced over his shoulder to John “I promised I’d always be there”.

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soooo what are your thoughts on dexnursey- romantically, platonically, anything

In short, dear anon: YES.

Yes to all of it.

Yes to these two driving each other crazy and fighting all the time but then going so far that when Jack actually separates them on the bus they are irrationally angry at him (like, dude we are not children. he can’t just assign seats. I know, right, like… how dare). Yes to them feeling wrong and realizing that they don’t want to play without each other. Yes to them at first thinking they can’t hang out with out Chowder around but then Chowder starts dating Farmer and is away some nights and well, they still have to eat and so they end up going to the food hall by themselves and it’s no fun to eat in angry silence so they better do something besides fight.

Yes to Dex becoming freakin crazy protective of Nursey on the ice. Like Dex is already an enforcer who like punishing guys who even try to score on Chowder but Nursey is the finesse of their D-men pair, and that makes guys want to go after him so then Dex has to go after them and I’d imagine Dex has more penalty minutes than anyone on the team. Very much yes to this coming off the ice. Someone messes with Nursey and it goes like this: “Alright, whatever dude,” Nursey tells Asshole #1. “I’m gonna fucking kill you,” Dex tells Asshole #1. And then beats up #1 and #2 for fun. Even though all Asshole #2 did was laugh.

Yes to them taking a class together - a history one since Samwell believe in liberal education and everyone has to take a shitload of GERs so they take the one history class together and it’s fun so they decide to do the other two they have to take together and then they both need a physical science class and for that there is a lab and they are partners and blowing stuff up is fun (and Dex is freakishly good at it so Nursey just gets to sit back and laugh).

Yes to Nursey finding out just how poor Dex’s family is. Actually, wait, can we first talk about Dex finding out how poor his family actually is? Depending on where Dex grew up, he might not realize the extent to which his family’s lifestyle is different from those who are not even wealthy, but just… middle class. Not to get deep here, but there is always an assumption that you are middle class and so if Dex goes to a poorer school, he might think, yeah, okay, he’s definitely not the richest kid in his school but he doesn’t realize that the richest kid in his school would be the poorest anywhere else.

In fact, maybe that’s why Dex clashes with Nursey so much at the beginning of freshmen year. Because, Nursey went to a private boarding school that pretty much looks like a college so Samwell isn’t really new for him. But for Dex… for Dex, this is ridiculous. The buildings are beautiful and everything is clean and there are people who’s job it is to help you with almost everything. It’s crazy and it’s crazy that hockey somehow got him here. (tangent to the tangent… do you think Murray and Hall make sure to allocate their scholarships to those kids that are great hockey players but also really need it? like bitty and dex’s scholarships are bigger than Jack’s and Nursey’s just because… Murray and Hall are back there pulling the strings? I have just decided I do. Good job, Murray and Hall.)

Anyway, so Dex is just now realizing that some things he is used to are not normal. Other kids complain about the dining hall food and Dex is just sitting there like… but we can eat as much as we want? The soup is different every day and never just watered down leftovers? The heating goes off in the dorms and everyone acts like it’s a big deal but to Dex, that sometimes happens towards the end of the month, it’s not a big deal - you just wear your coat and two pairs of socks to bed. So many people say that they’ve never shared a room before and then Dex’s mom’s sister’s husband left her and so there was a period of 8 months where Dex was sharing the living room with three other people. And two dogs. 

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[fic] even in the last world i'll find you

timeline: reincarnation AU
summary: there is this guy that’s always coming up in naruto’s mind. if he can only remember his name…

notes: this is for the lovely zinnia totsvka. this is slightly different from what you asked for, nonetheless, i hope you enjoy it!

He is a boy with dead eyes.

And even though his name rests at the tip of Naruto’s tongue, he cannot get it out no matter how much he tries. 

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okay so i’ve seen a few lists of possible au ideas for fics recently and i’ve decided to make my own list of suggestions since i’m now living on campus at uni for the first time and the opportunities really are endless.

  • we’re living in the same flat on campus and you always hog the oven when i need it’ AU
  • ‘our flats are opposite each other and your kitchen window faces my kitchen so we always see each other making coffee at 3am’ AU
  • 'we share a flat and always end up studying in the kitchen at the same time but i’m too shy to make conversation’ AU
  • 'we share a flat and you’ve been stealing my milk for weeks but it’s not even my milk its my roommates’ AU
  • 'our dorms are next to each other and it’s 3am turn your fucking movie volume down’ AU
  • 'your friend lives in my flat so you basically live in my kitchen now and you keep eating my food by accident’ AU
  • 'you got locked out of your flat and it’s raining so i guess i’ll let you hang out in my flat until someone comes to help’ AU
  • 'we’re studying in the library and you have all the books i need for my essay so i’m waiting for you to leave so i can use them’ AU
  • 'it’s 2am and we’re both trying to print our essays out but there’s only one printer in this library and it’s super slow’ AU
  • 'we share a flat and you’re a good cook so i keep staring at your food every night until you get the hint and make enough for me’ AU
  • 'your flat is next to mine and my oven just broke so i broke into yours to heat up my pizza sorry’ AU
Interview for Kerrang, December 2004.
  • Chris: "Matt, Have you ever rejected a song for being too over the top?"
  • Matt: "(Laughs) No. Never for that reason, no. I still don't think we're even touching on the beginning of anything close to what has been done in the past in terms of what is regarded over the top."
  • Matt: "If I left the band and you could choose anybody in history to replace me, who would you have?"
  • Dom: "Jimi Hendrix. Well, he's Matt's favourite guitarist, I think. And mine. Plus, he'll fit into the three-piece vibe. It'd work."
  • Dom: "Have you ever spied me doing anything embarrassing, yet spared my blushes by not telling me?"
  • Matt: "Hmmm, Good question. I'm sure there's something. Hmmm."
  • Dom: "You saw me getting laid once."
  • Matt: "That's true, actually: I came in a room once and filmed him with a night vision camera. Ah, I know - I saw him putting on moisturiser once."
  • Chris: "What would you say, If I said I'd invented a Kiss-style image and I wanted to incorporate it onstage?"
  • Matt: "I'd say, it was about fucking time! (Laughs)About time we took it to the next level, I'd say. I've been waiting for one of these two to come up with something; I'd be very happy, yeah. But, I know these two probably wouldn't go there."
  • Chris: "I think I'd probably go there, but I don't know about Kiss."
  • Matt: "What do you think of me getting all the attention and adulation?"
  • Matt: "I don't get it all! Bollocks. Bollocks. Bollocks." (Discards question, chooses new one.)
  • Matt: "If I wanted to record a solo album, how concerned would you be?"
  • Chris: "If I could play bass on it, it'd be alright (Laughs)."
  • Dom: "Which one of us needs to see a shrink and why?"
  • Matt: "I think we've all got hidden agendas. I've never seen one, even though my girlfriend is one. Well, not yet professionally, but she probably will be."
  • Matt: "If you had to select a fancy dress outfit for me, would you choose batman, superman or wonder woman?"
  • Chris: "Batman."
  • Matt: "That's dark. I'm not a dark person, I'm the sunshine of your life."
  • Dom: "Well, I'd say Wonder Woman."
  • Matt: "That's how he'd want to see me. Ever since I saw him bend over to get an injection in his bum, there's been a strange energy between us (laughs). There's definitely suspicion."
  • Dom: "What do you get sick of me moaning on about?"
  • Matt: "Me being late."
  • Chris: "Turning the hi-hats up. Silly little things on the drums."
  • Matt: "Actually, he doesn't really moan much, does he?"
  • Dom: "Really? I thought I was a moaner."
  • Chris: "Who's the worst fighter?"
  • Matt: "If you're small like me, you've got to do other things. If you don't have the physical strength, you've got to use weapons. It's not that I fight like a girl, it's just that I'll use whatever object is at hand."
  • Dom: "I actually think I'm the worst. I smacked one guy in the face once and I thought I looked really hard, and he just turned around, looked at me, and squashed me on the floor in one go. It was quite embarrassing. So, yeah, it's most likely I'd lose, but I'd go down with my teeth in someone's leg."
  • Matt: "What do you think of my dress sense?"
  • Dom: "(Laughs) Pretty sharp these days. As opposed to... shiny pants and glitter shirts."
  • Matt: "Make-up, shiny trousers. Those were the good ol' days. I miss all that."
  • Dom: "What's the worst thing about sharing a tour bus with me?"
  • Matt: "All your faffing around. His electric toothbrush and mouthwash just winds me up. It's just annoying. For one, it reminds me how unclean I am."
  • Chris: "If a spacecraft landed in front of us and a hatch opened up - which of us would be mad enough to go onboard?"
  • Dom: "I'd be in there."
  • Chris: "I'd want to see the beings first."
  • Matt: "I wouldn't go on my own, if I knew we were all going on, I'd be happy to go first."
  • Matt: "Do you think I'm a good looking bloke?"
  • Matt: "That's ridiculous, I can't ask a question like that." (Discards question and chooses new one.)
  • Matt: "Do you two get recognised much when you're out shopping?"
  • Dom: "All the time - they think I'm Matt!"
  • Matt: "Really?"
  • Dom: "I actually did get recognised a couple of days ago at HMV in Islington."
  • Chris: "I got recognised in Co - Op once. I had to sign a little receipt."
  • Chris: "What's my most annoying habit?"
  • Matt: "Farting. I can recognise you by your farts by both smell and volume."
  • Dom: "If I'm in a hotel room, like two floors above him, I can hear him. I'm like, 'Jesus'. He's loud."
  • Matt: "If I had a hygiene problem, would you tell me?"
  • Dom: "I tell you every day (laughs). Get in the shower. Brush your teeth."
  • Matt: "That is true, that is true."
  • Dom: "Which of us has the best home movie collection?"
  • Matt: "Chris. He's got all the Bond films."
  • Chris: "On video and DVD. I try to buy about five DVDs a week."
  • Chris: "What's the worst thing about being in Muse?"
  • Matt: "..."
  • Chris: "..."
  • Dom: "..."
  • Matt: "Our legal bills. The business side. It's complicated. I wouldn't wish it on anybody."
  • Matt: "Is there any song you hate, or used to hate, playing live?"
  • Dom: "Er, no."
  • Chris: "I used to be uncomfortable with 'Blackout', because I never used to play keyboards until that song. They made me learn and I wasn't really a natural player. I was a bit on edge to start with, but I can play it a lot easier now."
  • Matt: "For me it would be a song called 'Cave'. It was on the first album, but it's probably the oldest song of anything we ever did. It was a combination of, one, it was old; and two, it had this vocal bit that had a note I had to hold for so long. It was way too long. You get the odd person still call out for it. Hardcore."
  • Chris: "Who's the biggest bitch?"
  • Dom: "Matt's the biggest and we're his bitches."
  • Dom: "If a venomous snake bit my arse, would you suck the poison out?"
  • Matt: "I'd be more than happy to. I have got medical training - I did a first-aid course. I can do resuscitation, mouth-to-mouth, all that kind of thing. If you cut an artery open, I could stop the bleeding; tie a belt around the groin, fucking do it tight and stand on it, and go, 'SHUT UP!'. Did you know when you see all that thumping of the chest stuff in films, that you can't actually bring somebody back to life by doing that? All you can do is keep them alive until someone turns up with an electrode. You're basically pumping the blood around the body to keep them alive; that's all you're doing. Drowning's a different matter, if someone's got loads of water inside their mouth, you can just blow inside their lungs and maybe they'll be able to cough and splutter it back out again. But, yeah, the venom; I'm not that advanced, but I'd give it a go."
  • Dom: "How about if it bit me on my knob?"
  • Matt: "Then I'd let you die."
  • Chris: "Who's the tightest bastard?"
  • Matt: "Dom. Although it depends what you mean (laughs). Let me think.
  • Erm... I think we're all pretty goddamn good with cash, to be honest. We're all pretty generous. And, yeah, we do charity work. But, we don't like to talk about it. We usually just give hard cash to Oxfam and that's it. We don't go around going (adopts goofy voice), 'Ooh, look at me'. The Bible says if you sing about it, you don't get recognition for it. So, I've just sung about it and blown it all (laughs)."
  • Dom: "Who's the best sportsman?"
  • Matt: "Chris."
  • Chris: "Years ago I might have accepted that, but these days I fall over and break my wrist while playing football on concrete; so I can't be that good."
  • Chris: "If I developed superpowers, would I use them for good or evil?"
  • Matt: "A bit of both."
  • Dom: "I think you'd probably take the piss."
  • Matt: "Am I in touch with my feminine side?"
  • Matt: "This actually isn't my question, I nicked it out of Dom's glass."
  • Dom: "In touch with your feminine side? Er. Yes and no. Actually, I mean, yes, but at the same time... no (laughs)."
  • Matt: "Why, what do you mean?"
  • Dom: "Well, yeah you are, because you wear women's clothes."
  • Matt: "Do I?"
  • Dom: "Yet, when I've tried to kiss you, you don't like it."

summary: phil gives dan a handjob in the shower

genre: smut

warnings: swearing, handjobs

word count: 513

a/n: it’s 3 in the morning, i’m sleep deprived someone help. s/o to pedro for keeping me up and to my self conscious for making me feel guilty for skipping over a night. i didn’t by the way.the ‘a fic a day’ thing is still going strong until the 24th! enjoy this short piece of pie. night! <33

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Honoka, Ruru and the Kiznaiver Ending

I’m a wreck right now so I’ll just make a post for everything else later. For now though, have a IT WAS ALL SPELLED OUT IN THE ENDING plus HONOKA BREAKS MY HEART.

Plus, also a good ol’ dose of appreciation for how good this show is at showing AND telling.

This is going to get heavy on the feels and the images!

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'Tenerife Sea'

requested by imfollowingawhiterabbit

summary: Luke Hemmings is out of my limit but apparently I captivated him [Tenerife Sea, Ed Sheeran]

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For HiJack March Madness.  High School AU, with a little twist.  Using older!Hiccup for this one since it’s senior year, and stuff.  Yeah.

The teacher’s voice rang out like a prison sentence.  “Haddock, you’re with Frost.”

Hjúki Haddock—usually just called Hiccup—stared blankly, blinking at his teacher in shock.  There was no way, no possible way, that he just got partnered with Jack Frost for a project.

But the teacher simply continued on, ignoring the horror slowly spreading over Hiccup’s face.

He knew what everyone said about Frost.  Hell, he’d been in enough classes with the kid to know first hand.  Frost rarely, if ever, participated in anything school-related.  Half the time, he didn’t even bother turning in any homework.  Hiccup had had to listen to two separate friends on two separate occasions complain about how they’d had to do all the work while Frost, in Astrid’s words, “sat around on his fat ass all week.”

Yeah, he was not looking forward to this.

Still, he kind of needed a good grade in this class, so he found himself standing beside Frost’s desk once class (and the school day) was over.  He stood there awkwardly for a moment as the white-haired teen pulled his bookbag into his lap, flipping it open and loading his notebooks and papers into it.

When he still hadn’t been noticed as the teen flicked slowly through the contents of his bag, Hiccup cleared his throat.  Loudly.

The blue-eyed boy jumped, obviously startled, turning wide eyes up towards Hiccup’s face.  “Um, yeah?”

Hiccup rolled his eyes.  “We got partnered for the project.  I thought we might as well get started.”

“Oh,” the boy mumbled, “right.  That makes you Hughie Haddock, right?”

“It’s Hjúki.”

“Didn’t I say that?”

Hiccup had to force himself not to groan.  “Fine.  Whatever.  So, we going to your place or mine?”

Frost blinked at him.  “…Are you trying to hit on me?”

“Wha—?  NO!” Hiccup yelped.  “I mean for working on our project!”

Frost’s lips pursed, eyes narrowing.  “…Sure you do.  I’m gonna go now.”

And before the green-eyed teen could even respond, Frost was gone.



Hiccup dragged his fingers through his shaggy dark auburn hair, groaning.  “You were completely right, Astrid, he’s awful!

“Told you,” the blonde replied bluntly.

For once in his life, Hiccup was too riled up to snark back at her.  “I mean, first he ignores me entirely, then he starts accusing me of hitting on him?  What the hell?!”

“Well, you are gay.”

This time, Hiccup glared at her.  “Not the point.”  He moaned again, flopping back on his bed.  “How did you and Fishlegs deal with it?”

“We complained to you.”

“That’s really not helpful, Astrid,” he grumbled, rolling over to bury his face in a pillow.

“Make up your mind, Hiccup.  Do you want truthful or helpful?”

The taller teen’s response was muffled, but Astrid, thanks to many long years of friendship, was able to translate it— “Isn’t there an option for both?”

“Sorry, Hic, you’ve just gotta muddle through like we did.”  Another groan from the boy was the only response, so she rolled her eyes and added, “If you want, I can give you a few tips.”

This made Hiccup finally lift his head from the pillow.  “Yes, please.”

“Alright.  He’s not gonna ever want to let you go to his place to work and will hardly ever show up at yours.  If you want him to at least be present while you’re working, you’ll need to stick to libraries or other public places.  He’s not gonna do much of the work, though, if any.  Teachers still give him full credit.”

Hiccup frowned.  “That doesn’t seem right.”

“Tell me about it.”

He groaned once more.  “This is gonna suck, isn’t it?”

“Pretty much.”



Hiccup had actually managed to get Frost to show up to work on their project—designing an experiment for kids.  Frost had even been the one to come up with their topic—oobleck, a form of matter that’s liquid until a force is applied to it.

“It feels like goo,” Frost explained when he first brought it up, “but you can run across it like it’s pavement.”

And so the two found themselves studying up on how to make it and the best proportions of ingredients to allow for the ability Frost mentioned.  Admittedly, they found a ton of information and had a presentation put together, but they couldn’t exactly test (or make) their mix at the library.

“I guess we could head to my place,” Hiccup suggested, “but my dad’s buddies are over, and they get pretty rowdy.”

Frost mumbled something, but Hiccup couldn’t understand and asked him to repeat.  “I—We could go to my house,” he stuttered.

For a moment, Hiccup was shocked.  So far, not much had gone according to Astrid’s description, other than Jack not doing much of the research.

And so, the two headed off to the Frost household.



A young brunette met them at the door.  “Hi, Jack!” she exclaimed, hugging Frost tightly.  Then, her hazel eyes locked on Hiccup.  “Oh, you brought a friend!”  She unlatched herself from Frost, holding a hand out.  “Hi, I’m Emma Overland-Frost, Jack’s little sister!”

Hiccup smiled at her, shaking the offered hand.  “Hjúki Haddock, but most call me Hiccup.”

Emma and Jack both chuckled at that, before Emma stage-whispered to her brother, “He’s cute, Jack!”

The white-haired boy blushed brightly, shoving Emma’s elbow away from where it was nudging his ribs.  “Ignore her,” he grumbled to Hiccup, then finally walked inside.  “C’mon, we can head to the kitc—”

“Oh, Jack, Dad moved—!”

But Emma’s warning came too late as Jack tripped over a coffee table that was blocking the path to the kitchen.

Jack cursed into the rug, scrambling to haul himself up while Hiccup gaped at him.  When the boy had finally gotten back to his feet, his face was an even brighter red, and he wouldn’t meet Hiccup’s eyes.

“How’d you—?  Why’d you—?” Hiccup stammered before he blinked as realization washed over him.  “You’re blind, aren’t you?”

It all made sense now, avoiding places he didn’t know, doing barely any research outside of his own books, why the teachers seemed so lenient with his group project grades….

“Please don’t tell anyone,” Jack begged, blue eyes pleading to a point by Hiccup’s shoulder, eyes that Hiccup now realized were blank.

“Why—Why would I tell anyone?  It’s your own business,” Hiccup replied.  “Why do you keep it a secret to begin with?”

Jack shrugged, legs folding up so he could sit on the floor.  “Didn’t at first,” he began, “but after finding out that the blind and deaf school I was going to was actually a front for a gang and got shut down, there wasn’t really another option besides public school.  And I let them know I was blind.  And I got bullied for it.”

Hiccup’s eyes went wide as he plunked down beside Jack, appalled.  “Why would someone do that?”

Jack shrugged.  “‘Cause they didn’t understand.  People do that, lash out at things that are different.  Anyway, when my parents found out, we moved, came here.  And I kept quiet this time.  I found out sometimes invisible is better.”

The green-eyed teen leaned back against the wall.  He knew all too well that invisibility could be both a blessing and a curse.  Hell, before his growth spurt in tenth grade, he’d been the scrawniest kid in school, a perfect target for jerks like his cousin Snotlout or his dad’s buddy’s son Dagur.  But he’d always had friends to watch his back when he was younger.  It was one of the main reasons he shared everything with Astrid and Fishlegs.

They had been invisible together.

“Y’know,” he finally said, throwing an arm around Jack’s shoulders, ignoring the blind teen’s reflexive flinch at the unexpected weight, “just ‘cause you’re invisible doesn’t mean you have to be alone.”

There was a slight pause, then Jack smirked in Hiccup’s general direction.  “I knew you were flirting with me.”

Something About Us // Snowbarry 

Description // Drabbles reflecting on the women of Barry’s life. 



Barry is bouncing on the balls of his heels. It’s great, really, because it means he’s less squirmy when it comes to poking and prodding him for tests at the Labs.

She has to thank Felicity Smoak for this. She admires her too, since, like she’s always known, the team has always benefited from a woman’s presence. Namely, today, she is keeping Barry occupied, challenging him to really demonstrate his abilities and take pride in his latest excursions.

‘You two going out for coffee?’ Caitlin is curious, watching the distracted way he’s staring at the blonde across the room.

'Uh, yeah,’ he replies, whipping his head toward her while she patches up his latest injuries. 'Just as friends,’ he feels he needs to add.

She fails to hide the inevitable twist of a knowing smile. ‘I think you two are kinda cute.’

In response, he rubs nervously at his shirt’s front. ‘Caitlin, we’re friends. I mean, I get it. She’s great; she’s into everything that matters to me, she’s kind, and ridiculously cute when she can’t stop rambling. And…’

All she needs to do is share a look with him, an honest look that says she knows what his mind is truly distracted with, and who his mind’s eye is conflicted in seeing instead of Felicity.

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Daryl Dixon Doesn't Deserve Caryl, and Here's Why

I’m rewatching all of The Walking Dead right now, the first time I’ve done so, and I can’t even say how many times I’ve thought to myself yeah, you know what, I can see why someone would ship this. 

When I first watched the series, I didn’t see Caryl as a romantic ship. I really didn’t. It didn’t even occur to me to ship them romatically until I started following TWD blogs on Tumblr, and noticed it floating around with a vague, cautious fascination. And even then, I blanched. Quite physically blanched. Because when I first watched their dynamic, I really didn’t see romance. Oddly enough, and I do say oddly here, my head latched on to a very “surrogate son” typecasting of the two together, and I never could shake it.

Daryl’s starting to look his age. He is. With the hair and the heaviness in his eyes and face, he does look his age. When the show started? Not in the slightest, at least in my eyes. I saw Daryl and Carol together, and the way he treated her with a gentle reverence, and I didn’t see a woman he’d love romantically, but a woman he’d protect and care for like he would his mother. It was instantaneous and instinctual, and I never saw them through any lens besides that until I heard what others had to say about Caryl.   

Beth? For the two of them, it was the same kind of gut instinct, feel-it-in-your-bones kind of assessment. This one was romantic. Even though Daryl was starting to look his age, and Beth really was as young as she is, there was no thinking required there. Between them, I saw a spark I’d never seen between Daryl and Carol, one that had been missing between the latter that would let me see their relationship in that light. 

I am, and always will be, a Bethyl shipper. Through and through, ‘till the end of days. 

That said, I get Caryl. 

I do, now. Watching back, I see what people are talking about when they growl and chafe against the “ship-teasing” and hints and such. If Daryl had never changed, I could see Caryl happening. If Carol had never changed, I could see Caryl happening. 

But the fact of the matter is that both of them  did change. Largely, in my opinion, for the better. When the two met, he was a hard, shit-talking jerk who’d learned nothing to make him believe he was allowed to be anything but. She was a timid little thing in sore need of a firm hand that would help her up, not beat her down. They needed each other, they did. I don’t think either would be where they are today if it weren’t for the dynamic and bond they shared. 

But something went wrong along the way. Or it went right, but went far too right. 

Carol’s not the woman for Daryl. Not anymore, and she hasn’t been for a long time. She needed strength and courage, and she found that in herself with his help. Out of necessity, but also as a product of his presence and support and, frankly, love. But there’s a line in the sand with these kinds of things. There’s a point where anything past that is hard strength. And Carol left that line, that point a long time ago. She found her strength, her fight, but it made her hard. The kind of unconditional kindness and acceptance that brought Daryl to a place where he could feel like he deserved to love and be loved? That’s gone. 

She’s not the woman he needs anymore, and he’s not the man she needs. The last thing Daryl needs is someone who would cause him to look back. On the person he was, on that bristly, angry strength he used to use as a shield, on all of it. He left that behind, but if he looks back, I’m not sure he’d be able to keep himself from slipping back into that dynamic. We’ve already seen glimpses of that from him at the ASZ, prowling like an animal, ready to tear the throat out of anyone who gives him a slightest of reason. He can’t go back to that, and that’s what Carol would do to him, however unconsciously. She’s learned that to get by and to survive, she must be hard. She must be steel; cold, hard, and unforgiving, not even allowing herself to let a little boy into her life because she can’t go back to being soft and pliable again. She can’t go back to the person that Daryl’s become. 

They fixed one another, and in doing so, ruined each other for themselves.

Looking back, this is why Beth why gave me that spark of heart. Made me see her as someone I wanted with Daryl. Because that’s what it was always about for me. Seeing Daryl look upon the world, not with contempt or hatred or suspicion, but with hope. With love. Feeling like he’s worth being loved by someone, and worth loving someone in turn. Like he’s worth giving a fuck about, by others, but also by himself. I was proud of how far Beth came since 18 Miles Out, but I’d never loved her the way I do now. It wasn’t until I realized how much Daryl needed her that I fell in love with this girl of light and palpable optimism and quiet strength - just as, I believe, he did. 

Carol may have been the spark that gave Daryl enough light to grope blindly towards salvation with, but Beth was a flame. A striking ray of sunshine that lead the way to the kind of acceptance of the world that Carol could never give him. Carol doesn’t accept the world. She fights it, and she came out the other side hardened and bloody. Beth opened her chest up to every kind of hurt and stumbled back with a smile on her face and blood singing in her veins. And that, that right there? That’s what Daryl needs. Daryl needs someone who’s not going to push him to batten down the hatches and close himself off to any good still left in the world out of fear of getting hurt. He needs Beth, the girl who’s going to take his hand and stand with him through the pain, and show him it’s just another way to feel alive. 

I may not have seen the signs the first time around, but I can read them now; I understand Caryl. But even so, even with every blatant right hook to the jaw, every push screaming in my face, I can’t ship Caryl. Because Daryl deserves to be happy and strong without hating the world and going back to man afraid of love. 

Daryl deserves Beth, and nothing less.    


Luke: You were standing outside Starbucks, waiting for your boyfriend of 8 months today, Luke. You had decided to go on a little ‘Starbucks date’ seeing as you guys had met outside that exact Starbucks 8 months ago. You were getting bored of waiting when your phone beeped

Hey, sorry I’m late the boys and I juts need a little more rehearsal. But I’ll be with you ASAP :-) xx

You sent a quick reply and slid your phone back in your pocket. Little did you know Luke was only round the corner. A muscly guy walked out from Starbucks turning in your direction, he looked you up and down and opened his mouth to speak.

'What’s a hot girl like you doing outside Starbucks on her own? Waiting for her brother?’ he questioned raising an eyebrow, grinning

'Go away, it’s none of your business,’ you scowled avoiding eye contact with the stranger. The stranger grabbed your arm and squeezed it tight, dragging you away from Starbucks, from Luke.

'Where are you taking me?!’ you half shouted

'Oh we’re going to my place,’ the stranger span round and gave you an evil grin. You were too weak to push him off you so you didn’t bother trying because that would just make his grip tighter, and your arm already hurt. You turned a corner, bowing head so the chances of anyone recognizing you with this man were low.

'Hey!’ you heard a voice shout, it sounded familiar. It sounded like Luke.

'Luke?!’ your head shot up. He was there. Holding a bunch of flowers that he got from the shop down the road, his jaw and fists were clenched, face red with rage.

'What the fuck do you think you’re doing?’ Luke walked over to this stranger, his grip tightened on your arm.

'I take it you’re her boyfriend?’ he paused 'She doesn’t need a boy like you, she needs a proper man. Like me.’ The stranger looked Luke up and down. Luke lurched forward and before you could shout a simple no, Luke’s fist was thrown at the strangers jaw. You ran over to Luke examining his fist, he wrapped an arm round you, protectively.

'Back off man. If I ever see you again that won’t be the worst thing I’m going to do to you, you sick pervert.’ Luke spat. The stranger swiftly turned around and walked fast away from the two of you.

'Are you okay?’ Luke was immediately calm and his cold eyes were replaced with his gentle blue ones.

'I’m fine Luke don’t worry about me,’ you placed a quick kiss on his cheek and laced your fingers with his

Calum: It was a typical weekend for you, get bored, go to a club, get drunk, and forget what happened the night before. But, tonight was a bit different.

You slid on your lose, super long t-shirt, with some jewelry and some vans (you kept shorts on underneath even though the shirt finished half way down your thighs but you wore them in case your top rode up). You made your way to your local club and started drinking pretty much straight away.

A few hours later you were in the middle of the raving crowd. You loved dancing on your own, it was a way to get rid of all the stress and you got a buzz, you noticed someone staring at you, he was pretty good looking and very muscly but you weren’t really attracted to him. There’s nothing to lose here you thought to yourself as you carried on dancing. Around 20 minutes later you saw another person staring at you, you glanced back at the guy who was first staring, still staring. You looked back over at the second guy, he was more attractive, definitely more attractive. He wore a lose dark blue singlet with some tight black jeans and black vans. He had deep brown hair pushed to the side. You watched his beautiful brown eyes scan your body. all of a sudden you felt a pair of hands on your hips, you gasped and turned your head, you saw the first guy grinning at you. You didn’t want this. The second guy strode over and politely said to this stranger grinding on you

'Do you mind mate, by the look on her face she doesn’t want you doing that to her.’ he folded his arms and raised his eyebrow/s. 'The name’s Calum by the way,’ You were instantly attracted to his cockiness and gave him a warm smile.

’(Y/N)’ you said

'Nice to meet you (Y/N),’ Calum smiled 'Now what do you say we get this weirdo away from you and get to know each other?’ Calum’s grin was immediately turned into a glare when he turned to the guy still grinding you.

You were surprised at how fast this escalated. Before you knew it, a fight had been declared and Calum was walking out of the club followed by the first guy. You decided to follow them because you didn’t want anything to happen and you were determined to go home with Calum.

It was cold outside but you ignored your shaking legs.

'You, fight me, for the girl. NOW!’ shouted the guy. You didn’t know what to do, Calum was not as strong as this guy so things didn’t look good. A punch was thrown by the guy and Calum dodged. This happened repeatedly until Calum plucked up the courage to kick this guy and elbow him in the stomach, winding him.

'Don’t worry babe, I got this,’ Calum smirked as he jumped on top of the now bleeding man on the floor. 'Run!’ he shouted as he grabbed you by the wrist. You were being half dragged but you were half keeping up. Calum stopped abruptly panting on a street corner.

'Wow, Calum you don’t even know me and you did that for me!’ you huffed. Calum placed his arms round your waist and pulled you close. So close that you could feel his breath on your face

'Oh, yeah that… How was I meant to let a pretty girl like you have meaningless sex with that moron?’ he smirked. You felt your cheeks blush as he crashed his lips into yours.

Michael: You were walking with your boyfriend in the park. You and Michael never did stuff like this any more, it was always too busy so whenever you got a chance to do this stuff you did. It was a really hot day so you were wearing short shorts and a crop top.

'I’ll go and get us some ice cream (Y/N), I’ll be back in 10 minutes, tops,’ he smiled at you. Michael was always little things like this to keep you happy to show how much he loved you.

'Okay,’ you winked.

It had been 20 minutes since Michael had left to get your ice creams, you were starting to get worried. You tried to text him but there was no signal 'Shit,’ you muttered. Millions of scenarios filled your head with where Michael could be, what could have happened to him or what he would be doing. But you never thought about how long the queue might be. You tried to go on your phone to distract yourself. You were scrolling though your Instagram feed when you heard someone shout at you. You thought it was Michael so your head shot up in an instant. It wasn’t, it was some weird pervert.

'Hey hottie,’ he said walking over to you

'What the fuck do you want?’ you glared at him

'What are you doing?’ he sneered

'Waiting for my boyfriend,' you drew out the boyfriend bit so he would get the point. He didn’t.

'Honey, you’ve been stood up, he won’t come back,’

'Yes he will, now leave me alone you bastard,’ you turned to walk but you couldn’t, your legs were numb with fear of what this man might do or where Michael was.

'Oi! What are you saying to my girlfriend?’ It was Michael. Phew. He handed you the ice creams, now dripping because it was so hot. 'I said what are you saying to my girlfriend? answer my question now,’ You could hear the rage in Michael’s voice. The man didn’t answer. Quickly, Michael plunged his fist into his nose and grabbed him by the scruff of his collar. 'I said what were you saying to my girlfriend? are you deaf as well as stupid?’ The mans nose was coated in blood and Michael’s face was so red. You were scared, you had never seen anything like this before. 'Now run, run as fast as you can. If you ever even think about my girlfriend again and you won’t even know what has hit you…’ he hissed. The man turned to run and stumbled but got back up quickly. Michael turned to you. His face was still red but not as red. He smiled and took an ice cream from your hand.

'Are you okay?’ he said

'Yeah just shocked,’ you panted 'You really did that for me?’

'Anything for you (Y/N)’ Michael smiled, a goofy smile, the smile you liked best on him

Ashton: Your boyfriend and you had been going out for a year now and since it was your year anniversary you decided to go clubbing with him. You had to admit you looked pretty hot so no wonder Ashton got a boner when he saw you. 'Later,’ you whispered.

A while later you and Ashton were in a club dancing wildly against each other. clubbing made you feel alive, dancing with all these strangers that you would never see again sounds weird but makes you buzz. You were getting a little tired so you and Ashton decided to go and get some drinks. You sat down on a stool and waited for Ashton. It was less then 2 minutes since Ashton had gone when you heard someone. You sighed and turned round I knew this was going to happen you thought to yourself…

'What’ you sounded irritated so you hoped the random drunk would just leave you alone. the drunk stumbled over to you, you could already smell the alcohol on his breath.

'You’re hot, I’m hot, we should hook up,’ he sneered. You laughed at how pathetic he was and stood up to turn and leave when he grabbed your ass which received a slap from you.

'I like them when they’re feisty,’ He laughed

'Just fuck o-’ you were cut off by an angry voice behind you. Ashton.

'Back of you crazy pervert,’ Ashton demanded, you saw the veins in his neck appear as he clenched his jaw.

'Who are you her boyfriend?’ he slurred

'Actually, yes I am,’ Ashton whispered, trying not to get things out of hand

'Ha! She doesn’t deserve you,’ the drunk turned to you 'I could make you feel stuff he couldn’t ever make you feel,’

'Right that’s enough!’ Ashton shouted. At once, his fist connected with the drunks jaw, he fell and Ashton grabbed your wrist and you both ran out the club.

'Oh my god Ash! Are you okay?’ you squealed

'I’m fine (Y/N)’ He giggled. You hugged him and you two shared a kiss.

guys its a long one but i hope you enjoy it :)) i love you all and don’t forget to request

Destiel Fic Recs

Sweaters and Cigarettes- Dean Winchester is in high school, crushing hard on Castiel Novak, the unbelievably hot goth who Dean does his very best to convince himself he hates, despite the fact that he can’t really stop staring at him. Dean tries, but when the two of them finally cross paths, their first conversation takes a surprising turn. And suddenly, they both find themselves falling harder and faster than they ever could have expected.

Never Have I Ever- When Jo drags Dean along to a game of “never have I ever” with her friends, he finds himself getting caught up in a lot more than just a game.

Stay- College really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. At least not for Castiel, who spends most of his time studying and working hard, generally annoyed with people and all the shit they do; and he’s pretty content with that. That is, until Dean Winchester stumbles into his life one night, the enigmatic, charismatic guy that every girl on campus seems to be pining over.
And just like that, everything changes.

Lipstick- It’s the typical story of boy meets boy next door; except boy 1 isn’t exactly all that he seems, and boy 2 is less of a boy than she’d have others believe.

Thrash and Cadence- Castiel Novak is a musical prodigy, whose proficiency with the cello has earned him a spot at the prestigious Carver Academy, a musical college where only the best and brightest are admitted. His compartmentalized world is shaken, however, when Dean Winchester arrives, and things only get more confusing from there.
But although Dean makes Castiel feel scared in a way he has never felt before, it doesn’t take long before the two of them realize that despite their differences, or maybe even because of them, they make beautiful music together, in more ways than one.

Black Bird Fly- Nearly a year after starting the fire that claimed the lives of Ruby Darvelle and Anna Novak, fifteen year old Sam Winchester returns home from his stint in court ordered rehab. Sam and his older brother, Dean, struggle to remake their own complicated relationship and the home they’ve lost in the wake of this tragedy, while a chance meeting brings Anna’s brother, the troubled and secretive Castiel, into their lives. Fighting with his recovery, Sam finds himself drawn to the strong and lively Jess, while Castiel and Dean find comfort in one another. As consequences of their past emerge and threaten to tear apart what they’ve carefully rebuilt, they are all forced to reevaluate who their family really is, and to what lengths they’re willing to go to keep it safe.

Huntley’s Bend- Castiel Novak is used to change. He’s used to being the new kid in school. So when he moves with his family to the small town of Rail Pass, he doesn’t expect things to be much different than the last three towns.
But then he meets Dean Winchester, an aggressive fellow student who sees Castiel as the shiny new toy he and his friends get to mess with. Castiel has had his fair share of bullies in the past, but nothing like this. He’s never felt this way about a bully, or anyone for that matter, before. Maybe something’s wrong with him, that he could feel so attracted to someone who makes his everyday life hell.

But then again, he sees the way Dean looks at him sometimes. And there’s a lot more to Dean Winchester than meets the eye.