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Hotch/Reid + Text Posts (pt. 1)

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I have no clue what I hoped to accomplish with this.  I may do more, idk.



I haven’t been looking up lately. Like I’ve forgotten how engulfing the blue of the sky can be or how dark these nights are. With only a few daring stars visible for me to wonder about. I’m in need of new skies. Brighter and vaster than the tentative polluted gray one I’ve been stuck with. Aren’t I supposed to learn to love the skies I’m under? Because all I feel is disappointment. Maybe I’ve just been here for too long. The lure and appeal of every city has an expiration date and California as a whole has long since expired my attraction. This permanence is daunting. I’ve been stuck in the same house on the same street with the same people as six years ago. I hadn’t planned to cement my friendships in important things. I hadn’t expected to learn these streets. I still haven’t fully unpacked. Like I’m ready to bolt at any moment. To come home one day to an empty house a full car and an expectant heart. I thrive on the knowledge that there’s a solution to my problems. Leaving them. Dropping the ball. But things are different this time because there’s people who plan on running with me. Leaving everything behind doesn’t really work if your memories aren’t just memories. If they follow you instead of sticking to the cement they surfaced out of. If they dig up their roots just because I didn’t set any. I didn’t mean to invest myself so heavily in them but I did and now I want more than anything to disappear into the comfortable uncertainty I’ve been missing but haven’t found yet. I just need to leave.
—  this was written months ago but still feels relevant
Let’s talk about Rarepairs: Shirazana (Izanayuki) Edition

This pairing is a not-so-secret fave rarepair of mine. If Obi wasn’t in the picture, you can bet I would be hardcore shipping these two. I mean.. Look at THIS. Can cut that tension with a knife.

*fans self*

But other than #aesthetics (which are, admittedly, very good), let’s analyze:

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“I have this terrible urge to be reckless,” she says, “and I am dreadfully frightened of becoming old and having no memories at all.”

“And I know climbing forbidden fences is wrong, so I’ll stick to falling in love with the wrong people and falling off metaphorical trees. I am just dying to do something worth remembering.”

“I suppose there is no logic, not really,” she says, “only that if I bleed now, I’ll have a lifetime left to heal.”

—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #125
update (on life?)

I just wanted to tell those who are waiting for an update of my fic Heart Issues of the Non-Medical Sort that I am working on it, however slowly.

I’m away from home again, this time at the seaside with my family and it is extremely hard to tear myself away from their watchful gaze to write drarry fics xD

Like, rn, I’m in a bar under a canopy sweating all the liquid out of me while my computer is absolutely wheezing from trying to and failing to cool itself. 

Basically, what I’m trying to say is I haven’t forgotten my deeds and I am actually enjoying writing this story a ton, but I am extremely slow (by nature and by circumstance), which you should have gotten used to by now anyway :D

You always said she should stop hanging out with you if she couldn’t accept that you two were just friends and that you were with me now. You always said it was rude of her to stick around and refuse to talk to me, that it was not my fault. You always said how she pissed you off. Thinking about it now, I would laugh, if it wasn’t so tragic.
Because, how ironic it is, now that I know you were still having sex with her behind my back.

anonymous asked:

Just layin' down some choice words for Dick: cock, beef whistle, bishop, chub, disco stick, dragon, john, junk, knob, lap rocket, manhood, member, prick, rod, schwanz, thumper, tonk, tool. And for Cum: jizz, spaff, splooge, cream, gentleman's relish, daddies sauce (for DILF AU), spunk, wad, load, And for Ass: behind, business class, pooter, rear, rump, toosh, And Asshole: banghole, gary, growler, matako, mussy, taint, sink socket, o-ring, Camelot. Uuugh yup. I'll go now haha

Look afternoonteawithme a helpful anon created a list of dick, jizz and asshole words for all our smutty writing needs.

A++ anon, although I don’t think I’d ever use some of these. But they are certainly entertaining. : )

The ice along the frozen wood floor creeks if you step to hard, like it could shatter without warning. My socks begin sticking to thground and I can’t move. No matter how hard you try, you can’t move. It feels like a blizzard beneath me. I wish it would shatter because I’m not strong enough to stay stuck like this forever. I should’ve been free by now but it’s the thoughts that haunt me. The longer I think the longer I stay. But my mind doesn’t stop. You’re my floor and I just can’t let go
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #213