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wow stfu junhong. :)))) i know im horrible for assuming shit but this pretty much confirms that when daehyun “apologized” for that himchan - pig thingy, it was just to please fans. does bap really truly feel apologetic about it? did bap really truly learn their lesson? & to babyz who think this is some form of genius “shade”, you guys are literally the worse :) bap & babyz, thanks for thinking that us fans, aka the people who reacts to bap poking fun at our insecurities, poking fun at himchan’s insecurities, are being sensitive and over reacting. @ daehyun & junhong nice to know that cracking all the fat jokes is just fun between y’all. even though you daehyun, specifically you the person.. your hyung… yeah that hyung you said you’ll be with forever & ever?? is hurt by those jokes. yeahhhhh nice to know that you don’t care about us. nice to know that bap doesnt care about himchan. thank you so much. wow truly an idol :)) 

-best regards, your sensitive fan :) 


“Did you know they [the flowers] all have symbolic meanings?”

Okay quick questions, how would y’all feel if I write a Bucky x Reader fic based on the movie “50 First Dates”????

  • 2012: OMFG ADAM IS SO HOTT!!! CHAPTER 26!!!!
  • 2013: Idk i'm like halfway between adam and warner. they're both so great!!
  • 2014: OMG I love Warner!! geez I used to like Adam how embarrassing
  • 2016: tbh warner was really problematic though. he calls her a coward to her face and in the SAME BOOK turns around and says she’s magnificent and she can do anything and she’s the love of his life? i hate it i hate it it makes no sense there is so much incontinuity in Warner’s personality and half of it is toxic and the other half isn’t and it just frustrates me. i don’t agree with this mindset of “you want to be with me deep down, i know it” because it goes against every idea of female autonomy and Juliette’s character development that she would deal with this and accept it and even admit that he’s right, especially with all the shit he’s already put her through. juliette's feelings are valid and she shouldn't let some asshat with dimples convince her to love him just because she hasn't figured out how she wants to live her life now that she's in control

LOOOOL wow when a Kurdish Muslim does something good, Muslims all over wanna crawl out and claim the person, using personal pronouns such as “we”…yet when Kurdistan/the Kurdish plight is mentioned, y'all literally NEVER speak up about it. Lord. Hypocrites 😩

So I went to see Civil War again today and basically ended up having a private screening cuz I was the only fucker in there. It was a religious experience not gonna lie!

Now that I’ve seen it a second time I finally feel able to sit down and express my thoughts about it.

I personally don’t consider the following to be spoilery at all, but with the US release being so close I’m not taking any chances.
I really don’t wanna be that asshole.

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