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ok i swear this is the last post i’ll make on this topic but i keep rewatching the video and every time it cuts from the interviewers face back to mark and daisy and daisy is in the middle of saying “it’s just like when fans didn’t believe that vader was luke’s father” and mark is already staring at her like

i die


Hotch/Reid + Text Posts (pt. 1)

(pt. 2 | pt. 3)

I have no clue what I hoped to accomplish with this.  I may do more, idk.

prompt: #99 “We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here.” 
pairing: destiel
tags: friends, fluff, 

please see through illogical stuff 

for @amazingstuartwhoisnotonfire 

drabble night!

“Okay so for the last time, fuck.”


“Cas, I’m not going to calm down! This is not cool. Not cool at all, you hear?”

“You’re exaggerating. Once the storm is over, we’ll be able to get out of here.”

Dean groaned and sank down on the couch, kicking off his shoes.

“Do you even hear yourself right now, Castiel Novak? Once the storm is over. How long is that gonna take? Two days? Two weeks? Two months? Two ye-”

“Until tomorrow, if the weatherman is right.” Castiel calmly said, sitting down next to Dean. He grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. “We have a TV connection, Dean, it’s not that bad. We’re just not allowed to go out in the storm tonight.” 

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I need a show of hands

How many people here have an unhealthy obsession/fascination with a certain dorito dream demon?


Since you came into my life, I didn’t need friends or status anymore. I only need…To have you by my side…

Here’s a combo Lacie (17/01) and Jack (19/01) birthday / Jacie edit because I didn’t really want to make two separate edits since their birthdays are two days apart.

i want them to remake dds

i don’t want them to change like, a single thing, at all, i just want them to remake and rerelease it so the fandom. exists. again lmao


Random sets from the TWD season 4 red carpet premiere [1/?]


Nephilim Week [TID] Day 3: Favourite Scene

“Our souls are knit. We are one person, James”



Ruby convinces Victor to dress like a samurai after learning he speaks some japanese. The results are even sexier than expected. ;)


Twitter dumps - Papyrus version!

I was looking through a bunch of old papers last week and found this ancient 100 Fic/Draw Prompt listing from LiveJournal. I never finished it way back then so I thought I’d try and give it a go and use the prompts as my daily sketch warmups. 

Next up is Grillby! <3