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  • Magnus:Michelangelo was great in bed.
  • Magnus:I know because I slept with him.
  • Magnus:Because I'm attracted to men.
  • Magnus:'Cause I'm not straight.
  • Magnus:Like SUPER not straight!
  • Alec:.....

Amy Pond and Rose Tyler are best friends since childhood. Amy is cynical, fierce and adventurous; Rose is more dreamy and calm, but extremely smart. their favorite childhood game was imagining they could travel wherever and whenever they wished - but as they grew up, Amy, who found out the hard way how different the real world is from their fantasies, started mocking Rose for loving their game so much. Rose stopped talking about it, but she never really gave up; Amy still noticed how her eyes go blank sometimes, as if her thoughts are far far away. as the years passed, Amy never expected rose to bring up the subject again - but then Rose showed her a mysterious blue box, and Amy found out that there are actually quite a lot of things she doesn’t know about her best friend…”

When John is still at work and you think you are hungry

When John is not at home and you need a pen on the coffee table desperately

When it’s obvious that Mycroft has lost some weight

When you accidentally calls Lestrade “Greg” and Lestrade seems happy

When Molly refuses to give you some severed toes

The weather is so hot that you may have to take off your Belstaff coat


Here’s a thingymabob for an art trade with @boxidot ! It took a while but I managed to finish whatever this is xD I got carried away with LadyNoir and I ended up doing about fifty sketches of them and then I couldn’t stop


make me choose:

thewatsondiaries asked: John Thornton or Harry Kennedy?

FT Angst: One Question

A/N: Damn it, Kay; why must you keep giving me angsty ideas. I mean, I love you and all, but goodness, child. Gimme a break. ;-;

Well, for everyone else, this is where the idea originates from…kagero-assassin​ saw this and thought “Oh, hey, it’s a Mira thing”, and then showed it to me. And she asked me to write angst for it for it. So here it is, a super-quick piece. Hope you like it, Kay!

Rated: T
Genre: Angst
Character(s): Lucy, Natsu
Synopsis: There’s always that one question you have to ask before you lose your chance for good.


Lucy rushed forward and caught her Dragon Slayer friend before he could collapse onto the rubble-littered ground and injure himself further. Her legs wouldn’t hold up both their weight, however, so she had to lower herself onto the ground carefully to avoid dropping him on accident.

Lucy fought to catch her own breath. She was exhausted, battered, and beaten. Her magic reserves were at zero. Every ounce of it had gone to helping Natsu deliver the final blow against Zeref—against his own brother—and finally putting the Black Wizard to rest. By all appearances, it shouldn’t have been out of the ordinary for Natsu to suddenly collapse like this…but something wasn’t right.

Natsu felt unsettlingly cold and heavy against her. His breathing was shallow. His dark eyes, which usually shone and glittered with his excitable energy, had become glassy and dim. An odd glowing substance was beginning to slowly seep out of him and evaporating like smoke, to which Lucy had enough exposure to recognize by sight.


But what was it doing in Natsu in the first place? How had it gotten there? Why was it suddenly leaking out and vanishing now?

“Natsu, are you okay?” she asked urgently, shaking him once slightly. “What’s going on with you right now? What’s happening to you?”

Natsu let out a rattled sigh at her questions, a resigned grin playing on his lips. “Man…I was hoping it’d kick in later…”

“What?” A sense of dread locked around her heart. “Wh-what do you mean?”

“Sorry, Lucy…” He chuckled weakly and shut his eyes. “It’s been fun…but my road…ends here.”


“Don’t you dare apologize!” she snapped breathlessly, struggling to pull him to his feet. “You are not giving up here, you hear me?! Not after everything we just had to go through!”

“I’m not giving up, Lucy…” Natsu opened his eyes halfway. His gaze was a million miles away. “It really…is the end of the road for me…I…won’t be making it back…to the guild…”

Lucy’s breath caught in her throat once she realized what he was saying.

“Natsu, no!” she cried, holding him close to her. Her throat was burning—please, please don’t let this be the end…! “Don’t say things like that! We will make it back! You can’t just—!”

“Lucy…Zeref created me,” Natsu said, his words slurring. “He brought me back…as his most powerful demon…” He coughed. “Now that he’s gone…all of his creations will disappear…” He smiled weakly. “He created us Etherious in order to kill him…and now we…no longer have any reason to exist…so all of his demons will vanish…” He sighed heavily, shuddering slightly. “And that…includes me. I shouldn’t even…be alive…right now…”

The Ethernano was leaking out even faster now. Natsu was barely breathing anymore. His eyes were completely dead.

The words were stuck somewhere in Lucy’s throat—she couldn’t get them out. This grief was beyond tears. Beyond words.

“I…wanted to see everyone else…before I left…” he whispered, his dead eyes suddenly glistening. “I want to see everyone…Happy…and Erza…and Gramps…even that idiot Gray…I want to see them…!”

Lucy still couldn’t bring herself to speak. She didn’t trust herself with the words that would inevitably come out. She felt so incredibly helpless. Natsu was dying in her arms, and she could do nothing. Nothing…!

Natsu’s entire body was practically glowing now thanks to the dissolving Ethernano escaping all at once. Lucy held on to him even tighter—she couldn’t let him disappear. She had to keep him here…somehow…!

“Lucy…one question…” Lucy flinched and looked down at his face. He was still smiling, softly now. “Do you…love me…?”

Lucy could hold it in no longer—she let out a shuddering sob, hot tears rolling down her bloodied cheeks and dripping from her chin onto his face.

“Yes…!” she gasped. “Ever since I—first joined, I—I’ve loved you…!”

At her answer, Natsu began to cry, and his tears proceeded to roll down his face. His smile was still in place—no…it had grown wider.

“I’m…glad…” he breathed as his tears streamed profusely down his battered face, wearing the happiest expression she’d seen from him. “Because…I…love you…too…!”

And those were the last words she ever heard him speak.

  • walking in the forest like a normal family
  • Me:*picks up twig* THE ELDER WAND
  • Parents:oh no
  • Me:*picks up rock* THE RESURRECTION STONE
  • Parents:not this again
  • Me:*uses jacket as a cape* THE INVISIBILITY CLOAK
  • Parents:can't we just leave her here
  • Me:*rolls over the ground* TOGETHER THEY MAKE THE DEATHLY HALLOWS
  • Parents:she doesn't need us come on she'll find some berries to eat or something let's leave
  • Me:*laughs evilly as parents run away*

LOOK! MY @aboutchopsuey PHONE CASE IS FINALLY HERE!!! i’ve been impatiently tracking down the order almost EVERYDAY & i am ecstatic. look at how beautiful it is?! now i can carry my two favourite people in the universe with me :)