i'll just scream to myself


Emma & Audrey + being compared to canon couples [👀]


WOW!! 😥💖

Hiding in a blanket burrito from my self destructive impulses

10. Thank you to the five treasures that came into my life and was the soundtrack of my teenagehood. It hasn’t been a smooth sailing journey (it still isn’t) and it is only just a beginning of another era.

I’m glad I fell in love with this band that have music so relatable to the struggles, frustrations and despair of everyday life, and also providing comfort, hope and light to the broken souls. Wasn’t (still isn’t) in a great place but ftisland is pulling me through. I can’t count how many times I have heard their songs and cried from the comfort of knowing I’m not alone feeling this way and being comforted by the lyrics.

They are the symbol of rebellion, of the reckless, of the outliers but when you understand them, they are none of those. They are simply just five boys, chasing their dreams with as much ferocity and passion their dreams allow them to. I hope that fire in them never dies and we can continue to hear great music from these boys.

Of course, may they never lose their wackiness and continue being major embarrassing poops because that’s the real reason I stan (juz joking.. or em i lololollllll)

Let’s go forever together!

why is every single thing making me irrationally angry like i Know i’m over reacting to it all but i’ve gotten extremely mad at like three different things in the last like. hour and a half. and i never get angry, i dont know how to deal i just wanna tell a load of people to fuck off right now for the most petty reasons and while i realise that all these things are stupid and can do one

The moment you realized that you missed a few people in a positive tagging meme...

this could be us but i’m playin, if you like this please yell at me to finish this mod because i have zero motivation