i'll just scream into my pillow for a while

Honestly what the fuck did you expect? He wasn’t going to stay, you knew that. It’s your own fault for letting him in anyways.

How come nobody ever warned you about the guy who will need you in his loneliest times then when he’s satisfied he leaves you for another girl. I expected it yet it still hurt me as if there was something stuck inside of me that I could never get rid of.

Every time someone asks you about him you pretend you don’t care when he left a fucking crater in your heart, you’re so empty and hurt but you lie and lie all the time. When you saw him with that other girl you didn’t say anything, you ran into the bathroom and cried for hours. You felt like vomiting for days and it’s a pain you never wanted to feel. Then you walked out and pretended you saw nothing.

People will ask me if I’ve ever been in love but I don’t think I can tell them. How am I supposed to tell them that I loved him so much when he felt nothing at all?

But it had to be real,
how could he kiss me and tell me straight to my face that he loved me? He promised forever and I fucking believed him. Now where is he? I’m the only one screaming and crying into my pillow every night, I’m the one pretending to be fine all day while sometimes I have to sneak away to cry in the bathroom stall. He’s with his new girl and feels nothing, not even any sense of remorse.

This isn’t just a feeling, it’s a goddamn disease that I’ll never get rid of.

—  Can’t get over you.