i'll just post your other thing seperately

OMGOSH Leslie my cutest cupcake-


Ahh, what are words.
From one human being to another- you are sweller than swell.

I wish you every happiness, not only on your birthday, but every day of your long and fulfilling life. In an ideal world I would ride a cloud to your house and drop jellybeans onto your roof and then when you came out to see what the heck was going on I’d kidnap you and we’d have a very nice lunch in my mountaintop castle. I’d let you go after. Sadly I can only give you these two ridiculous drawings I made- and. I’m sorry for attempting to paint in color. It was very silly of me. /sigh

♥♥♥All ♥f my hearts and then s♥me tee hee~ but really tho ;a;

(oh right, and this is what I was trying for)