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Aaron Tveit at the Grease: Live! after party

Alana sings some Sincerely Me

((Well, here ya go, me singing a bit like I said I would for 100 followers.

Also, that ending bit refers to my own sister, not Zoe))


statistics on a story effect filters, and instead of having 54 compliments in my inbox here that would just get obnoxious to post, it would both help me get more readership and be more likely to receive a response on the story itself…

ducktales 1987 streaming on kisscartoon (left) vs amazon prime video (right) (feat. my voice and hand) it’s not as obvious here because the video was recorded with a phone but dang, the quality on kisscartoon is a lot worse! 

 in response to this ask:

“ It makes kinda embarrassed to ask this but- do you guys know where to watch the original Ducktales with good quality? I was bingewatching it on Kisscartoon but from the 3rd season the quality of both video and audio is just garbage. And I really wanna enjoy the show:,) ”

as you probably could’ve guessed by the caption, we watched (and rewatch) the episodes using amazon prime, but that’s private and also we had to pay (a lot) for it so that’s not very helpful..

so here’s the thing – would anyone be interested if these higher quality videos were (in a totally very extremely legal way) uploaded somewhere else? and does anyone have any advice for how an extremely and totally law-abiding citizen would go about doing such a thing?


I'll Keep You Warm

Just an Aaron Hotchner one-shot I wrote! All my stories are on Wattpad under the username dreamer9511! I might continue posting them on here if I get a good response from this one! Thanks! Enjoy!

We were finally getting back on the plane from a particularly gruesome case in Alaska. Garcia even had to come with us on this one. She and her “dark chocolate sculpture of pure manly man”, as she so kindly put it earlier, had curled up on the couch, snuggling. I smirked at her as I walked by them. JJ, Emily, and Reid had taken the seats across from them to play a round of cards, and I was left to sit with the boss man and Rossi. Not that I minded. I had developed a special taste for Mr. Mysterious Unit Chief, and was almost ecstatic when I saw that I’d be sitting with him.

Rossi had his bags and such in the seat next to me, so I was forced to take the seat by Hotch. Darn. If I was correct, Rossi had even smirked at me as I sat down. I smiled at them and pulled out my case file to start on my report. I planned to go straight home and get into some yoga pants and drink wine. All night.

Rossi and Hotch shared a look before Rossi spoke up. “Eager to do paperwork, are we? Got a hot date waiting at home for you?” I chuckled. In all reality, all I had waiting for me was a cheap bottle of wine and Netflix. I swear I felt Hotch tense up at Rossi’s question, so I thought I’d play along. “Is it that obvious?” I smirked. Rossi raised his eyebrows and Hotch looked over at me. “Who’s the lucky guy?” Hotch asked, with obvious disgust laced in his words. “Well, I’ve been seeing him for a while. He keeps asking me if I’m still interested. Insecure, I guess. I always say yes. I can’t help myself,” I smiled as I saw the disappointment in his face and smirked at Rossi. “What’s his name?” Rossi asked, glancing at Hotch. “Netflix,” I said, seriously, without looking up from my paperwork.

I heard a chuckle coming from my left, and I looked over at Hotch. He was actually laughing. I couldn’t help but giggle then, too. It got quiet after a while, and everyone but the three of us were asleep. I’d finished the paperwork a while ago, but couldn’t sleep. I was freezing. I tried my best not to show it. I pulled my knees to my chest and wrapped my arms around myself. Hotch glanced over at me with a concerned look on his face. “Are you cold?” He asked, sitting up. “N-no…no I’m…I’m f-fine,” my voice betrayed me as the chattering became uncontrollable. Truth be told, the case was so bad that I hadn’t even thought about extra layers and it was still freezing on the jet. I think we may have brought Alaska with us.

He leaned forward and pulled off his jacket. “H-Hotch, you d-don’t have t-to-” he cut me off with his look and placed it around my shoulders. I smiled and immediately felt the warmth surrounding my body. “Better?” He asked, smirking triumphantly. I rolled my eyes. “Yes. Thanks, Hotch.” It was his turn to roll his eyes. “Would you call me Aaron already? We’ve been over this. We’re off the case now.” I smiled. “Thank you, Aaron.” He smiled and turned to look out of the window. I started to feel my eyelids get heavy, and closed my eyes, not going to sleep, but just resting.

Not too much later, my neck started to hurt, and I decided to chance it and try something. I let my head slowly descend onto Aaron’s shoulder, but kept my eyes closed. He and Rossi were still wide awake. I could almost feel the small grin that appeared on his face and I got butterflies in my stomach. I heard Rossi put his book down as he started to talk to Aaron. “Bet you’re happy now, aren’t you?” Rossi joked, the smug look on his face evident in his words. “Oh, shut up,” I heard Aaron say. It was almost too much effort to keep a smile off of my face. “Why don’t you ask her out already? My God, Aaron, you’ve been showing those too-subtle signs for a year now. I think you might want to pluck up the courage and ask the poor girl out before she loses interest.” I internally rolled my eyes. Like that would ever happen. “I would, Dave, but I just…I don’t think she would want-” I cut him off by planting a soft kiss on his cheek, and laying my head back down on his shoulder. I smirked, and peered up at him. He was staring down at me with a shocked look on his face. Rossi was stifling a laugh.

I winked at him, and looked up at him through my eyelashes. “I’m free on Friday,” I said softly, pulling his jacket tighter around me. As I was drifting off to sleep, I felt him lean his head against mine.

morefandomscenarios  asked:

Rosa-senpai!!!! Your ask box is hungry? I'll feed it! Hmmm... Alright, let's see... Law and Ace fluff scenario on lazy Sunday mornings? ReaderXChar, basically just plain ol' fluff~ Also in response to Quick Questions post: I think you're doing veeeeery fine uwu Keep up the good work, senpai! I'll just be here and stalk-- *cough* I mean, uh, watch over you... Yeah...

Sure these two are so cute. So sorry for the delay little cinnamon bun. Ace is my little cinnamon child. And Law, just Law all to be said. You’re too kind to this tiny writer(*ノ∀`*)ノ

  Ace had just woken up from a peaceful night. Looking to his left to the body next to his. Seeing your still sleeping face made his heart skip a beat. Even after all this time he couldn’t not think you were the most beautiful being in the world. Reaching over to move a strand of hair from you face, he accidentally bumped your nose waking you from sleep. Seeing those shinning (eye color) only made his chest beat faster. “Morning sleeping beauty,” he drawled out caressing your face. Noticing the blush that bloomed on your cheeks only gave him a grin. “You know what, why don’t we just stay in bed today. What do you think (Name)?” You could just nod since you were still drowsy from waking up. Smiling lovingly at you, Ace wrapped you in his arms and laid on his back with you on top of him. Enjoying each others warmth in the comforts of bed.

  In every dictionary and medical journal the term insomnia would have Laws face next to the definition. It was early morning, the sun wasn’t even out yet, and the bed was cold again. You knew Law was up since you could hear movement from his office. Leaving bed in search of the man to drag him back to bed. When entering his office all there is to see is the faint light of the moon coming in through the glass window and the lantern slowly fading on his desk. Law was hunched over another medical book and writing down notes. “Law, come to bed. You’ve been up for three days now. You need sleep.” Trying to coax him to bed while tugging on his shirt. He only grunted back and waved his hand. Not putting up with his dismissiveness you lightly took the book and pen out of his hands and on the desk. Grabbing both his hands and tugging him out the office to bed. He didn’t put any fight while walking or when you helped him take off his shoes and hoodie. Laying down while bringing him with, laying his head on your chest. He wrapped his arms around your chest and snuggled into your neck. “Thank you (Name)….” Law mumbled before being swept away by sleep with you following right after.


Someone out there.

Pls tell me that no, i dont need Jonghyun’s Inspired Postcard Book.

That no matter how amazingly beautiful he looks here why am i so weak

That i do not have enough funds for it.

No, don’t even tell yourself that this is to make up for not being able to attend his upcoming Inspired concert in Korea.

Girl, if you want that, then make sure that you get it when you’re finally able to go to his concert in the future.


Haikyuu!! Doujinshi Sale

While I was moving into my new room, I realized that I own way over 100 Haikyuu!! doujinshi now… so it’s time for me to part with some of them in hopes that they can find new homes!

Prices are under the cut!

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Happy Valentines Day!!!

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