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Are you going to be just chill with the webcomic? Its not really my call cause its your art but i mean, blatantly obvious tracing isnt cool of them. It just seems unfair to you by publishing it as their own work. 😞

Yeah, you know…I was told that they’re saying they didn’t reference my work (I doubt that, but what are you gonna do?) but it sounds like they’re planning on changing it, so I’m gonna let it go. I just have a lot on my plate already and need to focus on my work. I don’t want to be a jerk or hurt anybody’s career over something like this; just hope that the artist changes the character, and that folks are careful with referencing other artists’ work and choose to behave honestly.

she’s got a crush on her gf


has this been done already

  • Me: *sigh*
  • Cashier: What's wrong?
  • Me: It's the scent of this place. It's nostalgic. Reminds me of lavender scent of my grandmother's house. Even color of the walls remind me of the bygone era of my childhood; the dim sunsets of a fuzzy summer evenings, and faint memory of fading dreams.
  • Cashier: Ah, you want to start all over do you? I know the feeling. It's enough to drive me to the brink.
  • Me: Verily. At some point, I began to live my life in retrospect. The now doesn't matter anymore because everything has become so bland. What am I to do in this monotonous life when my happy times passed so long ago. It's as if-
  • Cashier: *turns into a 9 foot tall vibrating metal cube that deconstructs me at a molecular level and turns me into pure radium powder*
  • Guy, with that as fetish who actually wrote this post: *doesn't even jack it just looks at the screen all sweaty and breathing heavily*
  • Girlfriend: *walks into the room unannounced* Everything okay? You've been acting kind of strange recently.
  • Guy: *quickly closes all tabs* Oh, nothing. I'm just like. I'm... you know. I've been tired.
  • Girlfriend: *suspiciously* ...sure. Pizza's here by the way.
  • Guy: Okay, cool. I'll be right out. *wipes sweat from head*
  • Girlfriend: *texts best friend* He's definitely cheating. He just closed like twenty tabs on his computer!!!!!!!
  • Best Friend: Did you look through his browsing history?
  • Girlfriend: Yeah, it's all wikipedia pages about radioactive stuff. It's so fucking weird. He's either cheating or a terrorist.
  • Best Friend: That's creepy. I'd break up with him.
  • Girlfriend: I've been considering it, but it's complicated. I still feel so strongly about him. I don't want to ruin our relationship.
  • Best Friend: Sometimes you have to break things off with the people you care about the most. For a little bit anyway.
  • Girlfriend: Yeah, I get that. It's so hard though. I can't imagine life without him.
  • Best Friend: You have to do what you have to do. It's the only way to move forward. Getting stuck in a stagnant relationship can ruin you.
  • Girlfriend: I guess you're right...
  • Best Friend: *is wearing a full hazmat suit.*
  • Doctor: *walks up behind her* Jennifer, stop texting. We need you in the bottom.
  • Best Friend: Sorry, got it.
  • Best Friend: *descends in elevator, sees 9 foot tall humanoid ant corpse on the ground* Fucking gross! Do you know where it came from.
  • Doctor: No clue. It's why we called you here.
  • Best Friend: This isn't like any cryptid I've ever seen. It must be extraterrestrial in origin. Wait... is its body full of gummy worms? *hears the sound of the elevator going up behind her*
  • Best Friend: Doctor! Where are you going!? What the fuck!?
  • Doctor: Waves to her from the elevator.
  • Ant Humanoids: *appear from the shadows in the hundreds*
  • Best Friend: No, no, no, no! This can't be happening.
  • Ant Humanoids: *surround her*
  • Best Friend: Don't fucking come near me! I'm highly radioactive! You'll all die if you eat me.
  • Ant Humanoid in the back: *listening to comic book podcast*
  • Podcast Guy 1: So when it comes to Superman, I feel like there are actually two characters. Clark Kent, the man. Then there's Superman, the ideal. They're the same person but represent very different aspects of him.
  • Podcast Guy 2: Comic books are fucking stupid, my dude. *cellphone buzzes* Hold up, I gotta take this.
  • Podcast Guy 2: *gets an alert that his favorite fetish forum has updated, licks lips fuckingly*
  • Podcast Guy 2: *under breath* Oh yeah. A new radium dust sexual fanfic. Can't wait to tweak my noodle to this! Zoo wee mama!
  • Podcast Guy 1: What did you just say.
  • Podcast Guy 2: Nothing, man. We were talking about Superman. Let's continue with that.
  • Podcast Guy 1: Yeah, as I was saying. Superman would definitely be a power bottom and


because one of my favorites fanfics and the lovely @makapedia deserve a lot of art

NOT LOVERS was the first fanfic I read in english and I loved it immediatly, I always wanted to draw something based on the story

and I worked so hard on this!! especially with Soul’s tattoos. It took me 3 weeks to design them, yeah, two full sleeves oh my god (I’ll do a special post with all the tattoos soon ;D)

and at the beginning I planned to do just 2 drawings, but I couldn’t stop and here we have 7 xDD

I hope you like it Kat ♥, you are an incredible writer and it was a pleasure to draw something for you:)

Super’s Mileven Fanfiction Rec List

For my friend Karina ( @mephhius ) because she asked me for fic recs and I was like, “Hell yeah!” before I realized I wanted to recommend a lot of fics, so I decided to just pile them all on a separate master post. 

This won’t be the final version (if there even will be a final version at the rate I go), but for now I’ll put down what I’ve read and add more in the future. And if anyone wants to send me fics they liked but aren’t on the list then feel free to hit me up because these two kids help me THRIVE!

A couple of disclaimers here:

  1. Not all of these are Mileven centric but the ship is teased (I’m pretty much raiding the Mileven AO3 tag and posting some gems I liked a lot)
  2. While sexual humor is present in some of these, the most Mike and Eleven do in these fics is make out and maybe get to 2nd base. Nothing more than that will be on my fic rec list here because CHILDREN!

Fics that take place post season 1/pre season 2

11 months (story starts shortly after season 1 and ends with s2x08)


The Lessons We Learn

Day Two Hundred and Five

three-hundred fifty three days

Second Chances

Fics that take place during season 2

watching through windows, you’re wondering if i’m okay

Day 354

Our Party

Three Hundred and Fifty-Three


I think we’re alone now


write it in stone (you were my home)

Not A Day Goes By

anything short of a miracle

How we Sleep

the best night of your life

three hundred and fifty three



Here With Me

in the aftermath it is quiet (as we wait for everything to begin again) (OKAY THIS ISN’T REALLY A MILEVEN FIC BUT MOTHER STEVE OFFICIALLY MEETING EL CLEARS MY SKIN AND WATERS MY CROPS OKAY?!)

Friends don’t let friends fall off a thing with wheels (and if they do they apologize) (El and Max friendship DAMMIT THEY NEED TO BE FRIENDS!)

Dancing in the Dark

Post season 2 fanfics


What’s in a Name?

I’m Just Taking Care Of You (Steve centric; him taking care of his 6 children)

the 436 kiss

Close the Door

make me a real girl

A Fright Of Nightmare

Thursdays With Mike

Snow day


.. ._.. ___ …_ . _.__ ___ .._ (I LOVE YOU)

stay in the dark

the day is long and i’ll be waiting for you

oh, there you are (I’ve been looking for you forever)

I’m Gross?

What’s love?

Without You (What would I do)

Snowed In

Something To Hold Onto

Kinda Like a Promise

more than one best friend (the 6 kids being good friends to El because THEY’RE SO SWEET!!!)

i wanna know what love is

Time and Time Again (Hopper and El centric)

Fanfics that take place when the kids are older

devil’s in the backseat 

we were just kids when




Goodbye, Mike

what is love (baby don’t hurt me)

Oneshot series

Halfway Happy (centering around El and Hopper’s lives together. Contains both Mileven and Jopper)


when things get stranger (the rating is M, but so far none of the chapters have explicit content; this may change in the future as the author updates)

word of the day

fun with jim and jane

Every Step You Take

Canon Divergent/AU fanfics

beneath the stars came falling on our heads (Soulmate AU)

unpack your heart (Soulmate AU – sequel to beneath the stars came falling on our heads)

((Honestly whenever I think of Chloe, Brooke and Jenna’s little team of treasure hunters, I just imagine Jenna carrying around a huge stereo and blasting Team Charm’s theme whenever they make a really dramatic entrance or get into a huge battle in-game))

Harry talking about Kiwi

“The next [single] is gonna be Kiwi, is that right? Don’t look at the manager! I know it’s the next one, Harry.”

“Yeah, I think s— Yeah, maybe, yeah.”

“You’re just trying to rile the people up though! Literally it talks about someone having a baby. Like you know that people are gonna go mental, right?”


“Yeah you know!”

“I don’t know if everyone— I don’t know if you need to read into stuff like that!”

“They read into everything! Are you joking?”

—Harry on Ash London Live 9.25.17


The slight difference in Gideon’s face after the two very contradicting statements Jude threw at him, made me a little giddy.


just gonna drop every gf-related doodle i’ve drawn this month here, because boy have i slacked off on actually posting stuff lately. 


“I swear I don’t understand half the things you say!”

first date
  • me: so do u like bts?
  • date: yeah of course!!
  • me: really? who's your bias?
  • date: i don't have one, they're all so great
  • me: oh wow, I think you must be my soul--
  • date: but i don't really like jimin i hate yoonmin they're gross
  • me: *stuffing breadsticks rapidly in my purse* excUSE me i THINK I MuS T GO

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David Tennant Don Juan in Soho Stage door 17th March 2017 

QwQ ep7

The feels in this ep was like a flood, a tsunami, holy sht. The following are just my thought flow while watching the ep lmao

  • Chika my bby mikan *cuddle huggle
  • nvm You did it for me
  • 1st years are so precious
  • Yoshiko is actual angel
  • Maa I was hoping a miracle would happen but reality still hits hard. I feel awful but I’m glad it happened this way. The aftermath and reactions are all very well-portrayed, very human.
  • lovely childhood trio (chikayoukana) moments
  • Feels, feels, more feels. Fck
  • is that DiaMari? That’s DiaMari isn’t it? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  • good ol’ YouRiko cheering Chika on. My bbys
  • Kanan pulling Maru along is one of the cutest things ever
  • Dia called out ‘Riko-san’ and I’m just like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Go go Aqours!!!!!
  • Looks like they’re going to visit the snow-buried Saint Snow next ep. Please please PLEASE somehow let it be a Ruby-centric episode my dear woobie needs her own ep pls pls pls pls

The SaiIno fanservice we got from today’s episode is totally lit!!!!!! Ugggghhhh!!!! So many SaiIno moments!! I like!!

Plus can I just say that, for me, the Sai vs Ino fight scene was totally hot. Especially when we see the smile of ‘evil’ Sai. Hahahaha so yeah I now have a lot of headcanons of them having steamy sparring sessions.