i'll just lie down and never get up again

  • Me: :(
  • Gemini Mars: Who 👊hurt😢 you?! 😡 Do I gotta get 👆🏻up👆🏻 to bring them 👇🏻down👇🏻? Cause I will 💪. They won't 🤓know🤓 what 🤜hit🤛 them. I'll do it 🤔 but how 🤔? Do we 🤥lie🤥? Do we 🎲play🎰 ⚽️games🏓? 🏚Leave🏕? 🙄Whatever🙄 we do, it's gonna 😵devastate😱 them. They'll 🙅🏻NEVER🙅‍♂️ mess with you again! 👸. You just 🙇🏻‍♀️wait🕔. I'll take 🍼care🤰 of this 💪😤.