i'll just let you guys enjoy this

Do you guys wanna know what i’m tired about?

i’m so tired about these people who call noob artists kids “cringe” just ‘cause they draw OCs and headcanons about things they like.

Looks like they forgot they were just like the same when they were kids.

Let kids be kids, guys. Let kids enjoy things as you did when you were a kid too. Let people be happy.

Don’t be an asshole to young artists.

And I'll Still be a Fool

Requested: “can you write an imagine based on the song just a little bit of your heart by ariana? :) love your writing by the way!”

A/N: So I said a while ago that I enjoy writing imagines based on songs and/or poems and things of that sort. So my next upcoming imagines will probably all be requested songs that you guys sent me! I might do a part 2 for this one but idk. Let me know y'all

I don’t feel the need to know who you’re with

Roses were always your favorite no matter how cliche it was. The petals were soft yet depending on the rose, sometimes they had thorns on the stem. Thorns that could make you bleed the same way love did. You normally hated poetry, and romantic comparisons or things of that sort, but the fact that roses were so beautiful yet sometimes so painful to touch, the same way love was, it was just interesting to you. And somehow someone knew this. Someone knew you liked roses, someone knew you enjoyed the sunset colored ones with the petals you’d rub your thumb against. For the past few months or so someone had been sending you roses every couple weesk. One week it was a huge bouquet of orangey pink petals with a note hidden behind the thorns that you always thought would say something but it never did. Usually just a heart would be drawn on the tiny piece of paper, and occasionally there’d be numbers written on the note, but you never know what it meant. They were long numbers usually, with no spaces in between. You thought this secret admirer of yours was sweet at first and you had kept some of the flowers in vases, but you tended to get tired of it considering they wouldn’t tell you who they were. Your friends had told you it was probably an old friend from high school, and that just irritated you even more. Either way it wouldn’t matter anyway because your heart was already taken.

A close friend of yours had mutual friends with someone who somehow ended up introducing you to Shawn Mendes, and you immediately fell in love just like the rest of the world did whenever they heard his voice. You felt a little pathetic for succumbing to the worlds way of falling for the same guy every other girl had fallen for, but you couldn’t help it. You understood easily why everyone drooled over him. It didn’t matter anyway, he seemed to be preoccupied with his music or other girls which was understandable. You had surprisingly talked to him often, snapchatting and texting small talk. He was a friend, and you hated it. You wanted to be more than friends. You tried not to flirt a lot, you never asked him about his past girlfriends, and you tried not to talk too much about where he went on those lonely Friday nights at 3am after an award show or something. You secretly cared and you always wished he’d come to you whenever he was looking for a little extra attention on those nights, but he never did. You figured because of the fact that you didn’t talk to him about those things, maybe he would like you, maybe he’d seem excited about the fact that he was talking to a girl who didn’t only care about how good he was in bed, or how much money he was making. You assumed most girls only cared about those things, but you didn’t. And you tried your hardest to make it appear that way, and you tried hard to show that you cared for him. But apparently he wasn’t getting that message, and it continued to break your heart, so you-not even caring anymore at this point- threw away another bouquet of roses that you wished were from Shawn.

Just a little bit of your heart, is all I want

“Yeah, they’re all freaking out because I haven’t posted a picture or anything, it’s kinda funny.” Shawn laughed lightly as he told you about his new tattoo that his fans felt teased by since he hadn’t posted about it. He was right about his fans, and you remember seeing plenty of comments and tweets talking about how much of a tease Shawn was. It was all true, and you wished it wasn’t. There were so many times you wondered if Shawn was flirting with you, and he’d give you tiny bits of what it was like to be with him, only to rip it away from you by taking two days to respond to a simple text, or not talking to you with the same tone. He really was a tease and it drove you crazy. You were currently wrapped up in your thoughts as you looked out the window next to you, watching the busy lives of strangers on the street. You wondered who else was going through what you felt, who else had such strong feelings for someone who didn’t feel the same. The day had taken an unexpected turn and you ended up walking into this fancy restaurant for dinner after work because you felt like you deserved it. It was the weekend after all so why not? You had posted about it on Twitter or something and almost two minutes later Shawn favorited your tweet, and texted you saying he was in that area. So here he was now, sitting across from you with food in front of him. You wanted to call this a date, but of course you didn’t and you assumed it was just a friendly dinner with a good friend. That’s what adults do all the time right? He was chewing on his finger, and that button up dress shirt he was wearing complimented his hazel eyes, along with those curls of his that needed to be cut. You scratched the back of your neck and forced yourself to stop looking at him and to finish your food.

“You okay? Do you not like your food? You can have some of mine if you want or something.” He caught you off guard and his voice melted in you ears like honey being poured into a sweet cup of tea.

“Oh no, I’m fine. I like my food, I’m okay! Thank you though.” You smiled at his kindness to share with you and you shoved some more of your food into your mouth. You really did like what was on your plate, you just found yourself struggling to concentrate on anything when Shawn Mendes was sitting in front of you. You don’t remember being so flustered just by being with him. You’ve been friends with him for some time now and you had talked to him millions of times without getting this nervous. Your feelings were blooming like flowers in the spring, and you wished so badly you could reach across the table to grab him. Grab his face, and kiss him. Grab his chest, to feel his heartbeat. The insides of his heart were most likely just as beautiful as his face. You knew him, and you knew his personality was amazing but you didn’t know him enough, and all you wanted was just even a tiny piece of his heart to learn about. What does he think about when he can’t sleep? Who does he think about the most? His family? His friends? His fans? Himself? Another girl? You chewed on your now cold food and continued to wonder these things, and think these thoughts as he kept talking about who knows what now. You weren’t even listening anymore.

I heard a little love, is better than none

Wind blew around your hair as you walked up to your house, and right as you placed your foot on the step to your door, you almost completely crushed a single rose with your shoe. If you didn’t love flowers so much you wouldn’t have stopped yourself and you would’ve stomped all over the damn rose until it was in pieces. Although you were head over heels for someone else, it was still a little sweet to you that this other stranger was still sending you flowers. But today, you were going to end it. You picked up the rose and walked into your house, placing it on the kitchen table. You pulled out your phone and went to Twitter, you figured this secret admirer of yours was following you ( or so you hoped ) so why not post about this, and ask them to stop sending you roses? You started typing but from the corner of your eye, something caught your attention. You hadn’t even noticed before but there was a small note attached to the stem of the rose like usual, but this time it wasn’t just a heart or some numbers. There were actual words written on the small piece of paper. You almost dropped your phone, picking up the note and tearing it off the little string tied around the stem.

“Don’t forget me, and I won’t forget you.” 6317

What the hell is that supposed to mean?? Next to the one sentence there were numbers written. No lines, no dashes. You re read the sentence and stared at the number trying to figure out what kind of game this person was playing. You looked at the numbers one more time before realizing what the date was today. It was June 4th, 2017, and yesterday was June 3rd. 6/3/17 was yesterday. Right? The numbers had to be a date, what else could it be? You were confused and frustrated either way, so you decided to finish your tweet.

“If you’re sending me roses, please either tell me who you are or just stop. Its very nice of you, but this game is getting tiring.”

You hit send and the tweet was officially posted to everyone. You hung the note on your fridge, hoping maybe you could eventually tell who’s hand writing it was. It was sloppy cursive, that you could barely read at first. You didn’t know anyone who wrote like that, did you? You tried to forget about it and see if anyone responded to your tweet. You figured you’d wait to see if you received anymore roses this week or the next. So you ended your day by placing that red rose into a vase near your window, admiring it as much as your secret admirer admired you.

And I’ll still be a fool for you

The sun woke you, as you turned over to get more comfortable, your bed was always your favorite place to be. But now the sun was keeping you awake and so you reached to your nightstand grabbing your phone, to do the daily social media check. You scrolled through Instagram, Snapchat, and finally Twitter. You scrolled through people tweeting about Shawn’s upcoming tour which saddened you a little to know that he was going to be leaving soon. You guessed it didn’t really matter anyway though right? Without even thinking about it you clicked on Shawn’s Twitter account, just to see what he was up to. He hasn’t texted you or talked to you since you two had lunch the other day. You scrolled down, to see his most recent tweet and you almost dropped your phone on your face.

“Don’t forget me, and I won’t forget you.”

He literally tweeted the same thing that was written on your note. You sat up and rubbed your eyes, looking at the tweet again. People tweeted him back asking him if that was a new song lyric or something and you just sat there, eyes wide. The stranger sending you roses couldn’t have been Shawn, there was no way. Maybe he just found the same quote your secret admirer found. Your brain was tired but you slowly were trying to put the pieces together. And so you ran down stairs to the trash can in the kitchen looking for more notes with numbers on them. After digging through mini pizza boxes and used tissues, you pulled out two notes from several weeks back. One note had the numbers 52217. May 22nd 2017. May 22nd, was the day Shawn came over to play you an idea he had for a song. You remember this because you pretty much marked in your calendar whenever you spent time with him, but if you were so in love with him how could you be so blind? The other note you found read the numbers 43017. April 30th 2017.. What happened April 30th? You pulled out your phone and looked at your calendar to see if there were any events marked, and of course there was. April 30th was one of Shawn’s shows you attended, and you brought him roses, you were starting to remember now because he used the roses to give out to some fans after the show, and you thought it was so sweet, you weren’t even angry that he got rid of your roses. Roses.

Reality was hitting you hard, and it all made sense now. Shawn had remembered these days just like you did. It was Saturday morning, 8am and Shawn was probably already on his plane to who knows where, you couldn’t even remember where his tour was starting. You texted him a couple times and called, but there was no reply. You stared at the notes on the table in front of you wondering how you were going to handle this. This whole time you thought you knew but you really had no idea. You wondered if Shawn felt angry at you now for your tweet, or if he felt bad. You didn’t know but either way there was one thing you did know, and that was that no matter how far away Shawn was from you, you’d never forget him, and no matter how many roses you threw away, your heart would still belong to him, and it probably always would.

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Do you have a stance on sha/adins and such? I know that you are mostly focusing on klance, but I am just curious about shiro and stuff. Sorry if you already answered this ask tho

While 99% of my content creation and consumption for VLD is klance-focussed, I do also enjoy shklance and appreciate but don’t actively seek out art for other Shiro-inclusive ships such as sheith, shance and shallura (alongside other misc VLD ships including the BoM and peripheral characters). I refuse to engage with any ship war stuff because what people choose to ship or not ship for whatever reason is their own business. My opinion - and, in turn, what others think of my own ship preferences - is complely irrelevant. Life is too short for that kind of nonsense. I’m in fandom to have fun and appreciate high-quality content that matches my tastes, and that’s what I intend to keep doing!


“Thank you for the ride home.” The woman hesitates, studying Westley’s face for clues, but his dark, hazel eyes reveal nothing. “Would you… Would you like to come upstairs?” she smiles, her voice as sweet and smooth as honey.

Westley blinks, his mind churning with excuses. In all honesty, he had expected this. Tonight marks their fourth date, and he would have been disappointed if she hadn’t suggested it. But even so, Eugenia, or Gena as she prefers to be called, still feels like a stranger to him, and the idea of sleeping with her seems somehow hollow and unsatisfying.

“You don’t have to,” the brunette frowns, a slight pout in her words. “I just thought… It might be fun…”

“I’d love to,” Westley cuts her off with an abrupt kiss. “Just let me grab my phone.”

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Since there's no variety, why don't you choose the characters, then? Any fandom, any character. Write this one for yourself. Might I suggest a situation where the character is put through a harsh interrogation by their s/o's friends? Like "make em run six obstacle courses and write three essays about why they love you before I'll let them date you" friends? I imagine that should be pretty funny. I think this would fit hcs or drafts, tho I'd love to see how diff ppl fare. Hope u enjoy writing it!

Lmaooo this is interesting. I’ll do just a few characters. Thanks fam


•He’d get incredibly annoyed with people like this. He’d probably avoid the friends at all cost. Tobirama is the type who doesn’t care whether or not his s/o’s friends like him. It’s his relationship. Not theirs. They better stay out of it

•Tobirama doesn’t really know HOW to prove to them that he’s a good guy. He doesn’t feel like he needs to in the first place. But of course the friends will be worried about the s/o when it comes to a stern, unapproachable guy like Tobirama. They just need to make sure he’s going to treat the s/o right

•Tobirama will pretty much stick with a “it’s one of your business” mindset. In all honesty, persistent friends like that might turn him off and make him rethink the relationship with his s/o. It’s not a deal breaker, but he really can’t imagine having them there to bother him as long as he’s with the s/o

•In the end, the friends will see that Tobirama is worthy in his own way. Eventually he shows his “soft” side. Never in front of the friends though. Maybe Tobirama treated his s/o to a nice dinner, or gave them a really nice gift that the s/o shows off to the friends later. It’s something like that which might convince the friends he’s worth it. Tobirama is very caring when it comes to his s/o, he’s just not going to put on a show for anyone to prove himself 


•He’s rather taken aback by the whole thing, and very flustered by the way his s/o’s friends are suddenly stifling him, but he understands their concerns

•He tries to be polite, reassuring them, “I have the best intentions.” But you’re gonna have to do more than that Gaara. Knowing him, he would probably agree to whatever tests and interrogation they wanted, mostly because he doesn’t know what else to do. And he’s too nice to blow them off. If anything, he might worry that doing so would upset his s/o, and that’s not something he wants to do

•It would be cuteeeee if the friends tried to test Gaara to see if he really knew his s/o, like asking him if he knew s/o’s favorite foods, color, smell, etc. And you already know he’d get all of them right. It impresses the friends, but they’d still probably need some more convincing

•They would be silently judging his skills in romance. Which is admittedly where Gaara is lacking. Not because he’s not romantic, but because he won’t make a big show of his romantic gestures. The s/o’s friends would probably need to spy on him one day while he’s on a date with his s/o. But dates for Gaara are sometimes limited to quick lunches in his Kazekage office. Maybe the friends just peek their head in or watch through a window. They can tell Gaara is really involved with his s/o, enjoying what little time with them that he has during his busy schedule. The friends could probably come to appreciate that

The Gods’ Apprentice

Summary: Two lovers are intertwined, their fates meant to be nothing more than mere toys of the universe meant to entertain the gods of old. But when they find themselves torn apart, separated by both distance and stolen memories, they fight to rediscover who they were together before time destroys the very echo of their love. Fate and the gods may have their plans in place, but these two have faith in more than just prophecies.

Word Count: 1,708

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @caseoffics @red-roses-and-stories @ly–canthrope @benniesgalaxy @studyforthreehands @thosefantasticbeast2 @whatinbenaddiction

                                    We live as we dream—Alone
                                            - Joseph Conrad

There is a story never written down before, one that speaks of a young man who loved a young woman with all of his heart, who would have burned the world to ashes if she only asked. And he, he was lucky for she felt for him equally as he did for her. She would have scoured the entirety of the earth for eternity if it meant finding him and kissing him one final time. The two were halves of each other, meant to complement the other until the dark shroud of death covered their hands and closed their eyes, but even then, they would have found one another in the afterlife, would have laced fingers together and smiled at one another with the love of the world glimmering in their eyes and together they would have faced whatever harsh secrets death hides.

But this is not a story of joy. Indeed, it is a story of woe and misery and the loss of one’s soulmate.

But I’m getting ahead of myself now, for misery isn’t where the story begins. No, the story begins with two lovers, their hands clenched together as they watch a sunset drip molten colors onto the horizon, painting their world beautiful. Leaves tumble through the yard of their small dwelling, mere passerby’s sent to observe a wonder of the universe that too quickly will fracture apart.

The young man shuts his eyes and a breeze slips through the fencing on the front porch to ruffle both his hair and the front of his unbuttoned vest.

“Beautiful night, isn’t it?” The young woman murmurs, eyes shimmering in wonder as she watches a pastel green seep slowly into the gentle blue of the sky.

The young man opens one green eye, not bothering to look at the sunset, just the young woman. “It’s always beautiful around here, love.”

She blushes and smiles to herself, a small smile that’s half-hidden by the way she turns her chin toward her shoulder, but he notices it and squeezes her hand.

An ocean somewhere nearby whispers, breaking against the bronze cliffs of the country. The young man had traveled here with his family at the young age of three, met his girlfriend only three years after that, and fallen in love with her immediately. He began courting her the moment he turned fifteen, and the past year had been the brightest point of his life. He’d taken her to his grandparent’s house on their first date out, and the two had fallen in love with the warm winds and smell of salt hanging in the air, spending at least on evening there weekly afterward.

The woman shifts in the creaking rocking chair the young man had carved for her himself. “Darling, do tell me another story.”

He chuckles, the sound low, but obliges his beloved’s request. “About what?”

She shuts her eyes as well, humming below her breath as she thinks. “The ocean.”

“A fabulous request,” he murmurs before he spins her a tale woven with golden threads and stolen from the lips of the gods themselves. When he finishes, tears have filled her eyes and she reminds him again that she knows she is lucky to have him in her life, but he just smiles and tells her he is truly the lucky one.

“Not many have the fate of meeting a goddess in their lifetime.”

She laughs. “I would say I’m far from a goddess, my dear.”

He shrugs. “You’re more than any deserve, my love, and I swear I will never forget it.”

She sighs when she opens her eyes and is confronted by the deep blue of the evening sky. “I suppose it’s time we begin our walk home.”

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  • Dan Howell: Wow guys all you ever want to see is Phil and I hanging out, jeeze
  • Us: That's not true, we enjoy your solo videos
  • Dan, shaking his head: Haha I can't believe you guys, oh well here's our joint gaming channel
  • Us: This is really cool tha-
  • Dan: FINE, I guess we'll have to go on a tour seeming as you INSIST on us doing everything together
  • Us: ...
  • Dan: WOW we really have no other friends, jeeze guys it would be GREAT if you let me hang out with other people, nevermind I guess I'll just HAVE to make another video with Phil

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Anybody in adoption au telling momma May that they're not straight

“anybody” B) 

from the Let Us Love series 

~1500 words 

read on AO3 

Eleven-year-old Jemma paces back and forth in the living room, her breathing measured, her hands wringing. She thought about just telling May first, or telling Fitz, but she wants this out in the open. It’s easiest to just rip it off like a bandaid.

“Is it something bad?” Skye asks nervously, sat between May and Fitz on the couch. Antoine is sitting in the recliner, rocking it back and forth.

“No,” Jemma quickly says, then stops, winces, and keeps pacing. “I mean, I- I don’t think so.”

“Whatever it is,” May says, “we’ll deal with it as a family.”

“I don’t know if it’s something to be ‘dealt with’ per se.”


“It’s just- I’m just a little nervous, that’s all.”

“Spit it out, Jem,” Skye whines, sliding down into a slump. “Fairly OddParents is about to come on.”

Fitz smacks her lightly. “Sh-She can take her time.”

Jemma shoots him a grateful smile, and then stops pacing, facing them all. “Okay. Okay, well, see—” She lets out a small huff, gives a decisive nod, and then continues, “There’s this girl I like.”

She’s met with blank stares, and she shakes her head and starts again.

“I mean- Really like.” She motions with her hands. “Like like.”

“Oh,” May says.

Jemma continues before anyone can say any more, “And it hasn’t just been a one-time thing. It’s happened before, this isn’t just an isolated incident or anything. I put the evidence together and I came to the conclusion that I like girls.”

“So—” May starts.

“So you’re gay?” Antoine asks.

“No,” Jemma says. “I like boys, too. I’m- um—” She puffs herself up a bit, ready to take whatever might come. “I’m bi.”

“What’s that mean?” Fitz asks, his brows scrunching together.

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Just another FFXV AU thought

Setting: around 1900, maybe with steampunky elements

Ignis is running his own private bar/ restaurant, which is small but very fashionable and naturally serves good food. He cooks behind the counter and also mixes drinks there, all by himself. His dream is to open up a coffee collection.

Noctis is the son of a high class family with his father as head of a huge company producing perfumes and scents. He himself is fed up with all the high class etiquette and often hangs around in the streets, preferrably unnoticed. Naturally he finds himself in Ignis’ Restaurant as more or less a regular.

Prompto is a young boy living in the local orphanage. Due to lack of money he spends his time in the streets, trying to earn some coins with storytelling. If this doesn’t work out, he might as well steal, but only as much as he needs and just right to not gethis victims into greater trouble. He’s a nice one after all. Stil he’s looking for a job for his future. He often happens to get the leftovers (which are still remarkably good) of Ignis’ shop.

Gladiolus works as chief of the local police. Even though he owuld have underlings to do it for him, he likes to be on patrol through the city. Actually he enjoys being with children and helping them grow stronger. He’s a tough and rough guy but with a heart of gold.

I guess the rest of the characters might fit in wonderfully as well (eg. Libertus, Crowe, Aranea and Nyx as police officers) but I haven’t thought them out yet.

Anyone want to give it a chance? Let me know if you do?

Shushing (OCs, Elliott, allergies)

Elliott would have liked spring if not for his allergies. Even after discovering the wonders of antihistamines and decongestants, they weren’t enough to keep him from waking in the middle of the night to sneeze.

He hardly got a chance to wake up before the irritating sensation blossomed in his sinuses - the threatening tickle that had him scrunching his nose in a half awake state, a halfhearted and futile attempt at getting rid of it. He sniffled into his blankets. Liam was asleep beside him, and if Elliott sneezed, Liam was sure to wake, too. Liam had been working so many extra shifts lately and God knew the man needed more sleep. Elliott would be damned if he interrupted it.

He rubbed hard at his nose. The tickle backed off, but only momentarily, before it flared even more intensely, and Elliott’s lungs drew a sharp gasp. He hovered on the edge of a sneeze for a mere moment, wavering between his last bit of will to prevent it and the inevitability of it happening anyway.

higk’AEGHyihSHU!” He curled in on himself with a full body flinch, only to have his chest jump with another series of rapid, hitching inhales. “hh-hih’IgJyIHSHU! h-hh-huh–EHGJSsSCH!

He groaned and touched two fingers to the bridge of his nose. The pressure behind his eyes was enormous, and sneezing brought more pain than relief.

“Shhh,” came a soft sound from behind him. It took Elliott a moment to realize that it had been Liam, and he turned over to face his boyfriend.

“Did you just shush mby sdeezi’g?” Elliott asked, incredulous. His eyes burned in the darkness, itchy and irritated and by no means spared any degree of allergic misery. All he could see of Liam was a lump beneath the covers, a silhouette beside him.

“El’,” Liam murmured. “Th’ dragons…”

“What are you–” It suddenly occurred to Elliott, mid-sentence, that Liam was still asleep. He must be exhausted, Elliott thought. Normally he’d wake if Elliott so much as moved, but now, after three of Elliott’s uniquely explosive sneezes, Liam hadn’t even stirred. It was something of a relief to Elliott. He didn’t like being the cause of Liam’s lack of sleep, and if his boyfriend had woken up, he’d be awake until Elliott himself fell asleep, fetching water and rubbing his back or massaging his scalp.

Elliott settled back into the nest that was his bed, content to let Liam stay asleep if he could help it. He closed his eyes, hoping to drift off despite the painful congestion and dryness in his throat. He didn’t dare get up for water now.

He settled in with a yawn. “I’ll watch out for the dragods, Ave.”

Liam only hummed a sigh, and Elliott let the sound of Liam’s even breathing ease him back into sleep.

Birthday (day)

Happy birthday to me! Today’s my birthday, so I wanted to do something special. So I wrote you guys a Sans Days. Shout out to infrequently-blue for some Soul head canons, ask-handdrawnbatandzach for some magic ideas, all of the anons with amazing thoughts, and you, for reading my fic. I love you guys.

[Sans Days] [First] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17]

Warnings: Kissing, mouse, snake, Souls, BIRTHDAYYYYYYY

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Ghosts in the Clearing

@annorarutherford thanks for letting me tag you, I hope you enjoy this. I just finished DA2 a bit ago for like the tenth time and I’ll honestly never be over Fenris

He sighs out, long and deep, letting the air slip between his cracked lips and swirl away with the shifting wind. It’s been a long night, one that’s hardly over if the low moon’s any serious indication of the time. Hawke would know if she were here.

Fenris flinches at the thought, a shock of pain arching through his chest. Hawke. Hawke knew everything there was to know. It’s hard to believe she’s… she’s…

Fenris breaks.

The weariness lingering in his bones overtakes him, crushing the barriers he’d erected to forget, to disregard the pain fluttering around his body with every step. He gives up the fight, letting his eyes flutter shut as the words of the letter settle in his vision, so clear he can see every loop in Varric’s handwriting, repeat it verbatim if he truly wished. The words are cruel, unsettling, resting uncomfortably in his chest the way they had the day he first skimmed the letter. Varric’s news often came with amusing stories of Isabela’s encounters or Donnic’s swiftly increasing debt to Varric in Wicked Grace. Hardly ever did they inform of an injury or… or death that would mean anything to Hawke or himself. Varric took care of his friends too well to allow something like that to occur.

Still, that letter had arrived, sealed in a soggy envelope, ink smudged and swirling around. Fenris had read it many times, far too many, praying to a god he didn’t believe in that it was wrong, just warped too well by the unusually rainy weather. But no, what Varric had sent and what Fenris had read was true. Hawke was—is—gone.

Incident… had no choice… you know Hawke…

Fenris forces himself to open his eyes, to shove the words from his mind, but it does no good. Ghouls dance in the shadows, in the dark spots between the reach of the flickering fire’s light. He snarls at them, at their fluid edges, their taunting laughs. Ghosts, all of them. He turns his attention from them, instead examining the red glow of his fingers, frozen in the harsh cold of the mountain air; if he does not make it to Skyhold soon, he will surely freeze to death.

Not that it matters, he thinks. What’s a world if Hawke isn’t there to share it with him?

Fenris steels himself as he hears her laugh on the wind, carried by some demon to torture him here in this small clearing. He tenses, back stiffening, but does not stand to move, not yet. He should rest, should give his muscles a break. Surely, he will have plenty of time to meet this inquisitor, plenty of time to force her to return to the fade, to save the one person worthy of a life in this damned world.

Fenris grits his teeth as the ghosts slinking around the campfire question him, pester him with the doubts that seethe under his chest, brewing slowly like the anger that had taken hold of his heart days after he’d begun his trek. What if it is not enough? What if a cursed elf like him has no chance to re-enter the fade? What if he manages the impossible, but leaves carrying a motionless Hawke heavy in his arms, her head bouncing against his shoulder the way it had the night her mother passed and she drank herself out of consciousness? What if he leaves without her, with only the knowledge of her passing?

He stands suddenly, shaking the frost from his armor, slinging his cloak over his shoulders and reaching for his bag, shoving the few things he’d carried inside it. Should he be unable to save Hawke, he will still be able to watch this inquisitor drop to her knees, begging for her life just before he grips her heart, her life, and ends it the way she did his. He savors the thought, the image, as he shoves a familiar dagger in his pack. Hawke may be gone, he may be killed, a sword driven through his chest, but at least he will have given Hawke some legacy, paid for her death with his own burial. Perhaps watching this inquisitor figure fall lifeless to the harsh stone would offer Fenris some relief from the simmering, screaming rage building just below his ribs, would stop his heart from beating odd whenever he turned to speak to Hawke, to tell her a joke or check on her wounds after a battle. No, killing this woman would bring him no small sense of relief.

He spills the contents of a canteen over the dancing fire, killing it before it can spread through the surrounding clearing. He turns his back on the smoldering ashes, ignoring the curl of smoke that reaches for him, swept away moments later by a cruel and biting gust of wind, and he ignores the call of the ghosts that hang in the trees, their taunts leaving with the smoke.

He’d earned a meeting with the inquisitor, and Fenris has no plan to miss it.

me asking mom: sits guys ft. dadzy
  • mom: is't it about time you show me more voltage guys?
  • me: oh yeah. is it ok if it's a new game?
  • mom: no probs, the fresher the guys are the younger i feel.
  • me: ...you sound old
  • mom: shut up.
  • me: okay let's just go to the guys
  • kyohei
  • mom: my dear God. why is he dressed like that
  • me: yeah. sexy right
  • mom: yeah. but he doesn't work out does he?
  • me: huh? well he WORKS OUT ON BED realllllll good
  • mom: so he's a pervert
  • me: sexy pervert yes.
  • mom: he doesn't have abs.
  • me: ...mom *hugs kyo(phone)*
  • mom: i'm telling the truth kay
  • me: you're so mean to my kyo!
  • mom: next guy next guy next guyy
  • me: hey! you're dodging my-
  • mom: *already in character selection* what did you say just now?
  • me: ...nevermind
  • iori
  • mom: ......
  • me: what? you're gonna make fun of him too?
  • mom: ...one word. boring businessman
  • me: i thought i told you to stop the businessman thing!
  • mom: can't help it though.
  • me: he ain't a businessman
  • mom: yeah sure. his clothes are similar to the one before btw
  • me: oh i haven't mention all the guys here are in a boyband! *daydreaming of super junior*
  • mom: cool. i bet they would make your super junior obsession gone
  • me: nah. i'll like them forever
  • mom: you spend way too much money for them, i wish you'd just spend more money for voltage so i could enjoy them too
  • me: *sigh*...
  • kota
  • mom: let me guess. your fave?
  • mom: it isn't often that you like cute ones.
  • me: he isn't cute at the start mom, but then he's cute and now i looooove him to death and if you ever like him i'm gonna-
  • mom: i get it. i don't like him
  • mom: man. if i say i like him then you'll be mad and if i don't you're gonna..
  • me: forbid you from accessing my phone! MUHAHA
  • mom: that's even worse than what i thought!
  • me: what were you thinking then?
  • mom: you're gonna make me buy taylor swift and super junior merch
  • me: i'll make you do both!
  • mom: next guy please.please,pleaseeeeee
  • me: but i've got a blank space momzy *pen click sound*, and i'll write that down
  • nagito
  • mom: oooh. this one is cute- wait he's not one of your bias?
  • me: nah. he is KOTA's bffff though
  • mom: awhh those cuties as bffs
  • me: but he's only cute out-
  • mom: i'll take him~~
  • me: great yeah...why are you often attracted to perv-
  • mom: his biceps though *dreamy sigh*
  • me: he's kyo's bestie in pervy stuffs though
  • mom: wait what? kyo was the no abs guy right?
  • me: yeah and HEYYY! he's the producer of the band mommm
  • mom: kyo has a pervy face but him. what a two faced jerk-
  • me: no he isn't!
  • mom: how could you know? his route hasn't even came out yet!
  • me: well..uh..many people loves him in tumblr!
  • mom: i still don't believe it
  • me: tay merch.
  • mom: next guy...
  • me: i never go out of style, i NEVER go OUT.OF.STYLE.
  • takashi
  • me: you're so loud mom!
  • dad: i heard you screaming what's going on?
  • me: nah, it's okay. just...fangirling
  • mom: ......
  • dad: kay, don't scream too loud okay, it's midnight
  • me: mom. what were you thinking just now?
  • mom: ...
  • me: mom. what's wrong?
  • mom: ...this guy...looks like...
  • me: your next mistake, love's a game wanna playyy? *my jokes aren't funny oops.*
  • mom: my ex.
  • me: ...really...
  • me: it's April the 5th, not the 1st...
  • mom: yeahh...but the look on your face was a LOL
  • me: ...i trusted you...
  • mom: come on, if he was my ex then why am i with your dad now?
  • me: ouch. that hurts..
  • *dad sneezes*
  • me: see what you did just now?
  • mom: sorry honeyy. haha
  • me: you better be. if he's not my dad then i would have never met kota mom.
  • mom: maybe kid..maybe.
  • me: kota! be frickin real and wait for me!!!
  • mom: i would definitely hook one up with you because you never had a boy-
  • me: YOU TALK TOO MUCH, NEXT GUY! OH WAIT. we're done...
I’ve Been Going Crazy, Don’t Want to Waste Another Minute Here.

Pairing(s): Nicomaki, Nozoeli, Kotoumi *hinted*.

Words: 3400.

Rating: T.

Summary: Just a glimpse of BiBi working at Hot Topic. All them trying to get through the last bit of their shift, but not before dealing with relationship drama & your nerd friends first.

Notes: So here it is guys, the first of my many one-shots for my Mall Rats AU. It took me a little bit to try & write this, but it’s finally finished! I plan on writing another one in the next few days, so be on the lookout for that! I’d like to thank both @theasteroid-blues​ & @nishiklno​ for giving this a look over, you’re both saints! If anyone needs a refresher on what my AU is about, you can find it linked here! If I made any grammar/spelling errors, I’ll correct them later.

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Face Day

I give up on trying to give the title clever names.

Thank you all so much for being here when I needed it at ungodly hours of the night. You guys deserve a happy chapter, so have some things that a bunch of Anons requested. Pretty shippy, lots of exploring the different faces. If you get squeamish about mouth exploration then just read until Reader is laying in bed with Sans and like, skip till the small paragraph that starts with “His teeth.”

[Sans Days] [First] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [Previous] [Next]

Warnings: Face exploration, trying to figure out magic logic, lots of personal headcanons, a kiss, magic tongue is back.

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5sos Preference: Cuddles
  • Calum: his arm was snaked around your waist in attempt to keep you close to his body. "I didn't know the weather was going to get cold.." he mumbled quietly. You shrugged, "I thought this camping thing was a good idea--" he chuckled lightly "Guess I should have checked the weather first."
  • Luke: "Come back" he whined, his arm extended across the bed in attempt to reach your waist to bring you back. "Luke-- we have things to do today" you reminded him. He smirked, trying just a little bit harder to reach you and when he succeeded you let out a little squeel in laughter. "Okay-- we can cuddle just a little bit longer." you sighed in defeat.
  • Ashton: "Come here babe" he grinned, extending out his arm waiting for you to fill the space next to him on the couch. "It's been such a long day at work" You sighed, plopping down on the couch and curled up to his side. "Wanna talk about it?" he questioned quietly, kissing the top of your head before tightening his arm around you. "No-i just need silence" you mumbled. he smiled "I can give you that-- and a few cuddles too"
  • Michael: His choice of movie night is watching horror movies-- even though you are terrified of them. "I can't believe you are making me watch the conjuring" you grumbled, your hands covering your eyes in attempt not see what's happening. He pulled you closer, letting out a small laugh "I'll protect you babe" he stated quietly.
  • A/N: I hope you guys enjoy these! Feedback is welcome! Please tell me how they are! I like hearing your opinions, and if you have ideas please let me know! xxx -A

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Guy on the bus eating grape seeds. Guy across him asks why. "They make you smarter. Tell you what, I'll let you have three for $20, that's the recommended first time dose." Guy across says "Okay, here's the $20." "And here are your grape seeds. Enjoy!" Three grape seeds and several foul faces later, the guy across asks "But I could have just bought $20 worth of grapes at the grocery store and eaten the seeds in those!" Guy replies "Excellent, the seeds are taking effect already."