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to anybody going through the nose job tag considering/prior to getting it done, here’s what you need to know-

  • this is your decision, not anyone else’s. if your family or friends try to make you feel bad for doing it, then that’s their problem, not yours. if you can’t love yourself fully then do whatever you can to get there
  • the surgery’s easy. you can ask for a calming medicine before and they might give you something. even if they don’t, you’ll be knocked out before you can even say it isn’t working and then it’ll be over.
  • you might feel a little queasy after, but they will take care of you and you’ll go home and sleep for hours
  • please please please have someone to watch after you for the first little while, because it’s hard to get your shit together, especially the first day or two
  • within a week or two you should be fine to go back to school/work and you can use a little makeup to cover up the black eyes, but there will be a small red scar under your nose and a little crusted blood/snot
  • clean your scar or anything gross stuff with a wet q-tip and for the love of god please do not poke inside your nose (it’s not dangerous, just stings))
  • it kinda feels like you just hit your nose after, but it’s manageable tbh
  • i got hit w/ a broomstick and was singing in a musical nearly right after mine. you’ll be fine.
  • the constant congestion is the worst part. you’ll have to retrain yourself to breathe after and it gets really annoying- imagine a constant stuff nose but with snot still coming out
  • the snot sucks too, but DO NOT blow your nose for a few weeks after
  • it’s been 6 months after and i still can’t feel the tip of my nose so don’t worry about it
  • taking the packing out feels like pulling a really deep, long booger out of your nose- it’s uncomfortable and kinda gross but doesn’t hurt
  • taking the stitches out stings quite a bit, but it’s not the worst part. there are usually only 4-6 and you’ll want to check after that they got them all
  • do not go to anyone you feel uncomfortable with
  • check reviews on your surgeons
  • please make sure this isn’t an impulse thing- i was bullied for years and years because of my nose and would cry when i looked in a mirror because i hated it. it’s a serious, serious thing
  • people will stay dumb shit after like “but I loved your nose, it was so ethnic!!!” and you just gotta be like w/e. it was your decision and you don’t need to feel shamed for a low self-confidence
  • they may also say that you’re a spoiled, shallow brat, but fuck that. it’s just wrong and if you let that get to you, then send me a message and i will talk you right out of that
  • please invest in some cheap button ups/flannels from goodwill
  • tbh you’ll probably get blood/food all over your shirts
  • get a netflix or some good movies to watch on your computer. i’d bet you probably won’t be leaving your bed
  • it’s going to bruise n swell- ice won’t help anything other than your eyes
  • don’t use nose strips until 3 months after
  • the healing probably won’t be complete until a year or two after, but will look decent within 2 weeks to a month
  • if you need a revision surgery, then oh well. i won’t know for another 6 months, but it’ll be fine.
  • don’t wear glasses for a while unless you can stop them from touching your nose
  • a lot of people won’t even notice anything’s different, but if you’re really scared of that, change your hair right before and people will just notice that
  • i find “deviated nasal septum” to be a good excuse for getting it done
  • you won’t be able to move your top lip for a long time so be ready for sultry selfies
  • you might feel sick or horrible when you first get the cast off because it’ll look puffy and kinda gross, but it gets better. i swear.
  • do not expect a perfect ski slope nose. that’s near impossible. you can only change it so much, so keep your expectations realistic
  • the soreness after isn’t that bad, just a little annoying, but you get medicine
  • don’t read the horror stories- they rarely happen!!! you’re probably going to look 10/10 perfect
  • it’s normal to be nervous, but it is fun!! 
TWO YEAR UPDATE: I have never been happier with myself!! I feel beautiful and my nose healed perfectly! Check pics on my Instagram @emilieacw because I don’t really post on here (not a self promo just wanna show you)
Komahina Fanfiction Masterpost

I thought I’d make this masterpost for AO3 Komahina fics because I love all of these fanfictions, and they need more recognition! I’ve also included summaries and overviews so you’ll know what to expect. If there’s a fanfiction that isn’t included on here, it’s probably left out because this masterpost is really for fics that center on komahina - so there were a couple really really good fics in the komahina tag on AO3, but I left them out because komahina wasn’t the main or secondary idea of the story. Also, I’m including fics that have multiple chapters, so there won’t be any one-shots or super short fics. I really hope you’ll reblog this and check these fics out. If you read them, be sure to leave kudos and a comment letting the author know what you think! Also, if there is an author whose tumblr is not listed below, and you know what their tumblr is, please message me! I’ll edit this and put them in.

Takes place in canon/close to canon

  • Transversal It was always Hinata and Komaeda, Komaeda and Hinata, and it was pretty much strange to see one without the other. Among their circle of friends, there was no one who could have threatened the chance that Hinata had. This takes place during Hinata and Komaeda’s time at Hope’s Peak. It’s a very ingenious story, and creative (not to mention obviously well-written); it keeps you on your toes, desperate to find out what happens next! The characterization is very accurate (except for the characters that are SUPPOSED to be ooc, of course), and it’s very desriptive, attentive writing! Plus, there are certainly many surprising moments in the story. You won’t regret reading this! (It’s one of my all-time favorites and the author is a gem.)
  • Many Hinakoma Opportunities - “And, no offense, but I keep waiting for you to come to your senses and slam the door in my face!“ Komaeda kept smiling as he tapped his fingers on the mattress, watching the faint light from the window catch on his nails. "You’ve put up with my presence for so many nights, I’m starting to wonder about your state of mind, Hinata-kun.” Hinata stared at the ceiling, unsure how to respond. He’d had similar thoughts, truthfully, but it didn’t seem appropriate to agree. Komaeda didn’t let the silence sit for long.“Even for me, I’m probably pushing my luck,” He laughed a little at his own personal joke, “But may I ask for a special favor tonight, Hinata-kun?” (The summary from the third part.) This is a collection that includes a lot of smut - and some really good plot, too! It’s cool if you don’t enjoy reading smut, but if you do - this is some HIGH QUALITY shit right here. And it’s not repetitive at all! Anyway, the characterization is on. point. Plus, there’s fluff - so, overall, this is some really enjoyable writing. The author has made some fanart to go with it as well, be sure to check that out! It’s super cool! (I may be a huge fan… what can I say?)
  • Finally In LoveHe hates the way Chiaki always nods off when he talks to her. He hates Komaeda’s infatuation with hope even more.So, when he begins to find himself slowly falling in love with both of them, he figures he must be crazy. This is so, so, so adorable. Yes, it’s technically komahinami, but it’s just so adorable I had to add it to this list. The dialogue is really interesting… plus the characterization is pretty nice! Overall, it’s believable, which is really important to me personally - if you’re reading something that takes place in canon/close to canon, you want it to be believable, right? Because of that, it’s really easy to appreciate the work!


  • Equivalence Hinata watches him sometimes when he visits, the monitors beeping softly. Still, alive, and breathing. It gives him hope.Everyone wakes from the game, older, guilt-ridden, and determined to save the friends that died in the game. Wow, wow, wow. This is seriously some incredible writing! (This is actually the fanfiction that inspired me to start writing my own, so I can’t stress enough how much I love this!) First of all, it’s believable. Reading it makes you think ‘oh, this could DEFINITELY be what happens after the sdr2 kids wake up.’ Second of all, it’s beautiful - the writing is descriptive and there aren’t any glaring mistakes. Lastly, the characterization. Oh, man, you’d think the author was these kids’ psychiatrist or something. ….I’ll stop now before I get too rambly and make this already long post even longer.
  • Elevation Just thinking his name awakens so many memories and feelings within you that you can barely begin to make sense of them all. Bits and pieces begin to fall into place; but the more you remember, the less sense you can make of it all. This is actually my fic so I can’t really give you an objective perspective. I will say, however, that I have big plans for it, and I absolutely will not update it unless I am completely satisfied with the quality; so, I work hard on it. There’s going to be a slow build because I want to be true to how I really think things would go down after sdr2, but I can promise that komahina will be happening. And there will most likely be a ton of it (because it is my life and at this point I honestly cannot imagine a future after sdr2 where Hinata and Komaeda DON’T end up together).
  • The Mortal CityWaking up is never the hardest part. This is one of those “HOLY CRAP” stories. Basically, I can’t find a single thing that’s wrong with this entire work. Characterization, story, descriptiveness, mystery - all of it is on point. It can get a little gruesome, so check out the warnings in the tags. Also, it’s a darker interpretation of what happens after SDR2, but that doesn’t mean it’s without fluff or happy moments. Definitely, definitely, definitely worth checking out!


  • Impossibly (Un)LuckyIt shouldn’t be possible. And yet, here he is.But then, Komaeda had always been impossibly lucky. Or was it I who was impossibly unlucky? This was the first komahina fanfic I got really into - I ended up printing out the whole thing just so I could read it on the go! You’ll end up wanting to read it over and over again; It’s really, really nice writing, and it’s easy to get into the story. There are moments where it’s a little OOC, but it’s never bad as far as that aspect goes. Plus, it’s an interesting concept and AU. All in all, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself while reading! There are so many cute moments!
  • Long Road To NorthThere’s nothing as hopeless as a life being a regular salesman at a regular office. And after waiting for years for his life to change, he can’t contain his excitement as he finds himself threatened by a knife, held by a brown-haired stranger on the run. Where Hope’s Peak Doesn’t exist. Komaeda’s past and luck is the same as in the game, but Hinata’s past has been altered with canon. It’s pretty well-written and you can tell it’s been thoroughly planned out. Great characterization! …Also… I love works where you get to experience Komaeda slowly realizing how in love with Hinata he is…. 
    • Author: @urponators-gayo
  • The Bridge Of StarsIt’s funny how much things have changed over the years but I hope those feelings of yours are still the same Hinata-kun. I wish I could cheer you on from here but the way things are now, the only thing I can say is: best of luck. This takes place in the 1920′s, and there will be 33 chapters in all once it’s completed. There’s a lot of angst (but it’s not without fluff, don’t worry!) and reading it makes you reeeeeeally want to give Komaeda and Hinata giant hugs. It’s super super well-written! I haven’t noticed a single grammar or spelling issue throughout the whole thing. In all, the characterization is superb, it’s easy to become invested in the story, and utmost respect goes out to the author for writing a believable story that goes with the time period! 
  • The Weeping WisteriaEleven year old Hinata Hajime starts working at the castle not knowing what his true purpose is. He befriends the Crown Prince, Komaeda Nagito and vows to stay by his side. But as time goes on and Hinata realizes the painful truth about his ‘job’ and his friend’s true nature, things start to change. Amidst growing chaos and despair, the Kingdom is falling to ruin and Hinata struggles with being unable to do anything to make things better and not knowing what to do about the loyalty he had sworn to a boy he no longer knows. Mai is a goddess, I swear. This fanfiction should go down in history. It’s a very intricate story, and, as with The Bridge Of Stars, there doesn’t seem to be a single mistake in the whole 34-chapter fic. It’s heartwarming, saddening… It keeps you on your toes… The characterization is beautiful… Just please read this. I promise you’ll love it.
  • Love’s ScriptHajime Hinata and his classmate, Ibuki Mioda, are big fans of the Danganronpa series. When the audition for the live action adaptation of the second game is announced, Ibuki is determined to play her favorite character… and she expects the same from Hinata. At first reluctant, he agrees to go with her… But did he make the right choice? Is he even going to survive?! A non-despair AU where nobody dies and the nerds have fun playing in a TV show. I LOVE this AU. It’s just so much fun and so perfect for the cast. Plus this is very well written and has amazing characterization, I just can’t get enough of this! You’ll have a hard time putting this fic down, that’s for sure!
  • Words Will Be All That I KeepHe’s talking about me. Up there, clearly, to all of these people. He’s talking about me. Would he be as blunt if he knew that I was here? Probably. It’s Komaeda. If he knew where I was standing, he’d probably wink at me, and then blush profusely when he saw me later on. *** AU where Komaeda is a writer and Hinata is a trainee therapist. They dated in college and now Komaeda’s written a book. This is so good?? I feel like the plot really suits the both of them. The characterizations are great, the plot draws you in, and there aren’t any glaring errors! What more could you ask for from a fanfic, really?
  • Hajime’s Adventures A collection of stories of Hajime’s adventures throughout college centered on Komahina. All of the stories are in the same cohesive timeline and are in order (unless specified otherwise). Just fun exciting stories that the group goes through in college. No mental illnesses. This is SUCH a fun fic to read. Not only does the whole sdr2 gang get into some insane (and hilarious) adventures, but there is so much komahina content it’s crazy! And it’s certainly unique; I mean, in one chapter Komaeda comes home early from a school dance to slow dance with Hinata, and in another the two of them end up checking out a sex shop, where Komaeda persuades Hinata to try on some cuffs. Also the relationships Hinata has with everyone is so precious!! He’s close with everyone in some way and you can feel the whole gang looking out for him… And, of course, he and Komaeda are close. Anyway, it has cute moments, sad moments, infuriating moments, sensual moments… Personally, I couldn’t get enough; when I first started reading this I ended up pulling an all-nighter, it’s THAT kind of fic. A must-read! 
  • Fragile Hope - "Hinata-kun,“ Komaeda glanced up, struggling to keep his eyes open. "I’m happy you’re here with me,” he mumbled before falling into a much needed sleep. Hinata smiled and wrapped a blanket around Komaeda. “You’re welcome,” he whispered. Uh oh. This fic includes sick Komaeda! I know, I know; you want to forget about Komaeda’s dementia/cancer as much as I do. Even so, this fic is really, really good, and you shouldn’t let Komaeda’s sickness stop you from reading it! It’s adorable, really. Hinata and Komaeda are so close in this… And you can feel how worried Hinata is for him… Plus there’s some really adorable, heart-warming fluff…. Reading it kind of makes me want to cry… but in the best way. 
  • Lattes and Fluffy CloudsHinata Hajime isn’t really quite sure what draws him into Hope’s Coffee Shop every day. He tells himself it’s just the amazing drinks, but the other half of him insists it’s the barista with the fluffy, white hair that takes his order. This is SO CUTE you guys. Finally a coffee shop AU to add to this list lol. The plot, characterization, and style is all on point! Overall its just too goshdarn cute.
  • Detectives/Detectives: Rip Your Heart OutCrouching down behind large boxes of… well Hinata doesn’t know what’s inside them and, frankly, doesn’t want to find out, is himself and his new partner, Komaeda.“This is by far your worst idea yet!” Hinata whispers aggressively, clenching his teeth and glaring daggers towards the slightly taller albino, “'Let’s go in unarmed, we’ll be in and out, they won’t even know we were there’” Hinata murmurs, trying to do an impression of Komaeda’s voice, making large hand gestures as he does. This fic gives you the feeeeeeels. Seriously, the two of them are so cute, and you can really feel how much they care about each other! There are some sad/angsty moments, especially in the sequel; but that just makes the story better!
  • Love Is DangerousIt happens so quick my brain can’t even register it. But a car comes in the opposite direction, bibbing at the other driver. The guy in the large car panics and swerves to his left, hurtling at an unbelievable speed towards me.“HAJIME!” I hear Makoto yell on the top of his voice, almost screeching.I push myself off of Makoto’s car, but before I can even move, I’m pushed to the floor. I land on my back, hitting my head on the pavement. I slowly raise myself up on my elbows and look up to see Komaeda looming over me, his hand against the large car; a giant dent is encased on the metal. Yes, it is a Twilight Au, but listen - the author stated they were changing it to fit their idea, and it’s SO MUCH BETTER THAN TWILIGHT ANYWAY. (I mean, if you like twilight that’s fine, but in my oh-so-humble opinion, this is MUCH BETTER.) I especially like the different relationships included in this story; Hinata and Naegi’s close sibling bond, HInata and Kuwata’s friendship, and, OF COURSE, everything between Hinata and Komaeda. They’re just so cuuuuute. Can’t wait to see how this fic goes! 
  • For Your Entertainment It’s theatre season once again, and Hope’s Peak Academy has just announced their spring musical; The Drowsy Chaperone. And when the new kid, Hajime Hinata, wins a main role in the cast, he’s thrown together with a strange cast of characters, including Nidai, the overenthusiastic boy whom you might not expect to be as good as he is at directing, Kirigiri, the silent but skillful stage manager, Sayaka, the flirty girl who’s perfectly suited to the spotlight, Sonia, the student who arrived from Europe last summer and captured everyone’s hearts with her charm, Tanaka, the animal trainer and lover of the occult who displays an unexpected talent for the stage, Chiaki, the quiet and sleepy but dedicated gamer who runs the sound and lighting booth, Junko, the bubbly choreographer who scares the living hell out of everyone, and Ishimaru, the loud, uptight prefect who seems out of place onstage but has a neverending supply of enthusiasm to make up for it. Will the drama club of Hope’s Peak be able to pull together a completely student-run musical in just two months? (Probably.) Will everyone retain their sanity? (Probably not.) That was a long summary so I’ll keep this brief! This story is cute, funny, and it’s a unique AU. The characterization is nice, the writing is strong, and pretty much the whole gang is involved. It’s super fun!
  • You’re Live on Monomi Radio! - Hosting a late night radio show was the least of Hinata’s problems. In which two punks become local celebrities, Nanami plays the cupid and Hinata’s favorite caller hits on him. It’s awesome. This was so. Funny. OOC, but they’re supposed to be. The banter between Nanami and Hinata is hilarious! You’ll actually laugh out loud. Plus, the whole thing about how Hinata and Komaeda start talking to each other, and listeners start shipping them? Perfect. I can’t get enough of this!


  • KomaHina Drabbles - You make me fall deeper into your spell. And then I’ll end up making a mistake. I’ll end up telling you how I really feel. That would only drive you away. That would make me predictable wouldn’t it? You would have calculated that our physical relationship is something that would nurture the fondness that I have for you. Then would you leave me? I would probably fall deeper into despair if you were to leave me. I would fall into a puddle of tears and grief. (Unfortunately, there wasn’t really a summary of this fic, so I picked out a bit of writing from the 1st chapter. I hope that’s okay.) A lot could be said about this fic, but I’ll keep it simple; it’s well-written, it’s entertaining; it can be serious AND extremely cute and fluffy. A lot of the chapters can be considered part of the same verse. Also, the chapters include very interesting interpretations of the character’s lives and relationships! It’s really enjoyable. It can also be considered kamukoma; both pairings are included. Oh, and it also contains a lot of smut.
  • All Manner Of Sins[30 Day OTP Challenge (NSFW version), chapters have individual summaries and content warnings.] This is HIGH. QUALITY. NSFW. There’s a bunch of different scenarios and ALL of it is super well-written and intricate! Honestly, it’s a must-read! 
  • unabashed debauchery - The scent of Komaeda’s soap clinging to his skin and the green jacket hanging off his shoulders might as well be an advertisement to the world: “I’m banging Nagito Komaeda”. What can I say? It’s super high-quality komahina smut. And you’ll love every word.

EDIT: Fics that have been crossed out are no longer on AO3. A few more fics have been added as well.

anonymous asked:

About fandom PSA, this may be frustrating for you, but as a viewer I am honestly terrified of leaving comments? I used to comment often but then on tumblr I've read that adding stuff like "I need more of that/please write more/etc" puts pressure on artists. Then I started writing casual comments like "i like it/good job/etc" cause I am neither a critic nor a writer, I don't know how to express certain things? But artists want constructive criticism so unable to provide that I stopped commenting

Ah, so you are catering your comments and reviews for the authors, not writing what YOU want to tell them, right? That will never work as it’s going against yourself and when you go against yourself (aka what you want) then you get confused and can do nothing.

SO! So, write them the reviews YOU WANT TO GIVE THEM. I don’t encourage people to be rude or flood authors with nothing but “please more, please more, please more” because that does give pressure on people. Tell us WHY YOU WANT MORE and that’s a proper comment. “I want more because I love reading this fic (because it’s setting is interesting)”. “I want more because the characters are spot on”. “I want more because I’m excited whenever I get a notification of an update”. “I want more because the world building has got be hooked”. “I want more because character X is adorable in this.” 

If you don’t find anything which needs to be corrected (criticized) in the story, there’s no need to start to make things up either. Everyone reads and experiences art differently, so what’s not broken to you and works fine, WILL BE utterly broken and not working at all for someone else - and anything in between these two options for other readers. 

Commenting/criticism is just writing for the author what went through in your head while or after you read the fic/chapter:

  • “The chapter started a bit slow but got better the longer I read it.”
  • ”Character X was so cute in this!”
  • ”Dialogue went on a bit too quickly so maybe writing more dialogue would help the scenes to flow better?”
  • “I ran to read this as fast as I could aaaah!”
  • ”This part of the fic/chapter was my fave”
  • ”I screamed when I read part X”
  • ”The world setting is interesting”
  • “This chapter was worth of waiting.”
  • “I found this by accident and while the story wasn’t exactly my cup of a tea, I enjoyed reading this.”
  • “I never thought about this pairing, so thank you for writing about it!”
  • “This is seriously my fave rarepair, I’m happy there are more fics of it!”
  • ”It was clear how deeply character X cares for character Y when they cried after the news.”
  • “I’m confused of part X, can you tell more about it?”
  • “The chapter is jarring a bit, things could happen faster if you ask me.”
  • “You have repeated a word X a lot in the fic. I recommend replacing it at times with a word A, B or C to keep the text flowing.”
  • “When thing X happened I couldn’t believe what I was reading omg!”
  • “I can’t feel the chemistry yet but maybe a few more hot scenes would heat up the chemistry!”
  • ”There is good chemistry going on here”
  • ”You are making me bite my nails with anticipation!”
  • ”For a moment I was scared that thing X would happen”
  • ”That part X was so hot…!”
  • ”I’d like to know more about thing X, will you write more about it?”
  • ”Now I’m thinking there’s thing X going on and the character X will have their hands on it. Poor character A!”
  • ”The texts was written too tightly and was a bit hard to read so I recommend using more spaces and breaks.”
  • ”There was thing X in chapter 3 but I didn’t see it anymore in this chapter - what happened?”
  • “My theory is that something like thing X will happen soon!”
  • “I have this theory about this fic character X/setting-up and it goes like this………”
  • “Will we see character X in this story?”
  • ”I loved the thing X in chapter Y!”
  • ”When character X said thing X for the villain, I was so happy!”
  • ”This fic/chapter made my day!”
  • ”I’m a fan of your writing now!”
  • ”This was a good fic/chapter to read before going to sleep.”
  • ”I enjoyed this fic/chapter, it was cute and happy.”
  • “I never thought something like this could work but you made it work.”
  • I copy-paste this part of the fic in the comment section because it was my fave!
  • ”Thank you for writing this chapter/story!”

Mix these, write more, use these as guideline ideas ect. freely.  Writing a comment is REALLY nothing more than writing your thoughts out; and since you can’t stop thinking (unless you are meditating lol) then there is ALWAYS at least a one thought related to what you have just read/seen in your head. Write it out. 

anonymous asked:

Hey there! I was wondering (since you seem well-versed in h/c sam fics) if you could recommend some good fics? Pretty much anything Sam-centric, lol. I trust your judgment.

This is the part where I wish I kept better records. I live and breathe hurt!Sam, but I don’t always save the fics I read. 

I absolutely stand behind all my fic recs, though, which you can find on my blog here! They’re pretty much always hurt!Sam (with some Sam appreciation mixed in there).

There are tons of places to find great hurt/comfort stuff, though, and it would be silly of me not to direct you to these places first, though you may already be following them.

Places to go:

Some author recs:

Choosing fics is hard, because a lot of authors have tons of great stuff and I can’t choose just one to rec. I can point you in the direction of talented authors, though! I can guarantee that their writing is going to be Sam appreciative and Sam centric. 

Note: Most of these authors post plenty of fics, ficlets, and episode tags to their Tumblrs that don’t get posted to AO3. Most of them post a mix of gen stuff and pairing stuff. I’m also definitely forgetting some great authors!

  • @themegalosaurus | (ao3) - Absolutely beautiful Sam-centric writing with a generous dose of brothers feels! (Make sure to check out her fantastic episode tags on Tumblr, too!) Be aware that some fic is Wincest or J2 RPF, with other pairings showing up occasionally.
  • @ameliacareful | (ao3) - Lovely hurt!Sam stuff and great portrayals of the characters.
  • @agelade | (ao3) - Stunning Sam-centric stuff. Generous hurt, beautiful writing, amazing focus on Sam.
  • @waterbird13 | (ao3) - Posts mostly on Tumblr and contributes so much lovely fic that is basically centered around Sam getting love and being happy.
  • @quickreaver | (ao3) - Lots of beautiful hurt!Sam fics, and quickreaver is also an insanely talented artist (if you’re looking for some visual hurt!Sam)! Can be slightly darker stuff. Some Winces and other pairings.
  • stillwaters01 on AO3 - Just in case you want very brothers-focused sweet agony and heartbreak with your H/C.
  • Let’s be real. Basically all the writers over at ohSam, too.

So much H/C you will die (in the best way).

No, really. I always indulge in thoughts of unrestrained H/C but I never seem to be able to write it. If relentless hurt (and delicious comfort) are your thing, these writers may make your day.

  • Marianna Morgan on FF.Net - Suuuuuper lovely and indulgent hurt!Sam and just really idealized happy brothers fic. If caring and protective!Dean is your thing, these are lovely!
  • skag trendy on FF.Net - I was trying to remember names from when I was prowling Fanfiction.Net, and I remember that this writer has just tons of hurt!Sam. You know those fics where the hurt doesn’t let up and it’s just this amazingly shameless pain-fest? Yes.
  • Alex L. Kerr on FF.Net - of the famed Trialculosis Sam fic, but there’s a lot to enjoy.

Mostly pairing stuff (I’ll list which ones!)

These writers are Sam fans who write some great stuff. Some of it is gen, some of it is explicit. If you prefer gen-fic, be aware. If you sometimes love your hurt with more intimate comfort, check these awesome people out!

  • @posingasme | (ao3)- Mostly Sastiel, mostly non-explicit. Beautiful and breathtaking and heartbreaking AUs that often have generous helpings of hurt!Sam and badass!Sam.
  • @rosworms | (ao3)- Sam/Benny and Sastiel and also Wincest + others. Sometimes explicit. Often heavy on the comfort. <3 Always lovely. Mostly posted on Tumblr but some can be found on the Archive, too!
  • @kansaskissedlips (no ao3) - Wincest and Sastiel and basically everything you could ever imagine + more. I’ll bet you didn’t know you needed hurt!Soulless!Sam. But you do. Often quite explicit fics and ficlets with some gen thrown in! 

And now onto the specific fics! My fic recs are below, as well as a list (with links) of fics people have recced to me! Cut for length, and also because I plan to add more as I think of them.

Feel free to submit me your recs (or self recs!), and I’ll credit you and add them to the list below!

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anonymous asked:

Hi I'm sorry if this sounds rude but you mentioned your friends are giving up fic writing? And that you came close to.I notice writers get much fewer rebblogs than artists but I didn't know it's that bad. Who are you talking about and do you guys talk about this, like is there a chatroom for writers?

Hi anon! This isn’t rude at all, don’t worry! This is going to be a bit of a long answer, so bear with me :’)

I don’t know if I can mention names here, I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, so I can’t really give you more details than I already have: I am friends with this person and they probably won’t be writing fanfics anymore.
I can tell you though that I’ve also spent most of the last couple of weeks wondering if there was still a point in posting my writing at all.

The thing is, writers barely get any feedback. Especially ones that aren’t insanely popular. We pour so much of ourselves into our writing, so it’s incredibly discouraging to barely get any comments, kudos, likes or reblogs.

In my personal experience, tumblr is an awful place for writers. I’ve got a decent-sized following on ao3 I think (though I don’t have much to compare to) and even there, with more than 100 people subscribed to me, I only tend to get around… 5 or 6 comments max per fic that are actually reviews (as in, comments with more content than “please update soon” or “this was nice”) - which is already more than I know many of my writer friends get.
On tumblr, I’m lucky if two or three people reblog my work, and that’s exactly the problem: Who’s going to see it if no one reblogs it? Likes are fine and of course I appreciate those, too, but in the bigger picture they’re meaningless.
Once a fic is done, it’s done. It’s out there then, and I can’t keep reblogging my own posts again and again in the hopes that someone will pay attention to them. I get one shot, maybe two if I reblog my fic again for people in other timezones, but that’s pretty much it. I’m not surprised that it’s gotten so frustrating that it makes people want to quit.

…as for your other question - I don’t know if there’s any larger chatroom or space for writers. I know some people have group chats, but it’s mostly a private thing, as far as I know? I’m really not a big name in this fandom so there might be a lot of stuff going on that I don’t know about.

As for me - I just message people a lot, with the tumblr feature, or on skype or snapchat if I know them better. I’m open to any and all conversations (most of mine with other writers started by me yelling at them about how much I love their work ^^), so if you want to talk to me please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. That’s what they’re for, after all? My ask’s always open, and I don’t mind private messages either.

In any case - there’s quite a few people in my immediate vicinity that I’ve talked to and I consider friends - many of them are writers, some are artists, some do both, some do neither. I talk about this problem (of wanting to write, but barely receiving any feedback, of feeling like we’re wasting our time) to pretty much anyone who will listen, but it’s frustrating because I don’t have the influence to change anything. Of course I’ll try to keep my fellow writers motivated and try to change their minds about giving up, but there’s only so much I can do, and in the end it’s their decision. Most writers I’ve talked to really enjoy writing fanfics, and it takes quite a bit of disappointment to get you to the point where you want to just… stop. So… yes, it’s a big problem.

I’m going to wrap this up now, but… again, I cannot emphasize enough how important comments are to writers. I’ve talked to some people who’ve said they’re not sure if their comments will even make a difference, because they feel they haven’t got anything interesting to say - picture it this way. As a writer, I’m standing on a stage and presenting a thing, and in response, about twenty people give me polite nods (kudos, likes) and four actually start clapping. But there’s like two hundred people (hits) standing in this room, and I kind of feel stupid now.
All comments matter. At this point, they might save you your writers. Because with less and less feedback, there’s less and less incentive to actually post things.

I can’t say much for other fandoms because it’s been a while since I’ve written substantially for anything but Haikyuu, which is still a relatively active fandom? But I get the feeling that’s starting to wear off, too.

Enthusiasm shifts, and I get that. But if you still enjoy an author’s work, please, please, by all means leave them a comment. Otherwise it might be the last work you read from them.

elmarayahs  asked:

Omg I saw all the Korrasami on my dash from your blog and I got hit with nostalgia because Korrasami is my OTP forever and always. Do you have a fic rec by chance?

Yeah sorry about that, I fell into a Korrasami shipping hole. I have extremely high standards for fan fic so most of the fics on my list are nothing short of amazing.

They say that true love hurts. Well, this could almost kill me. by frenetic_core

“In a world where you share in the pain of your soul mate, the Avatar’s other half has it pretty rough. (Soul mate AU where they can feel each other’s physical and emotional pain to a degree.) Updates sporadically. Will cover Books 1-4.” This is pretty fucking amazing but it’s not finished. I still highly highly HIGHLY recommend you read this. 

Venti Sized Crush by ZoeReed

“Tumblr prompt: I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I mispell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU.” This is pretty good, it’s not my favorite but it manages to be fluffy and somehow still angsty. 

The Seeking Balance Series by SimplyKorra

“The story of Korra’s recovery, starting from the night after her fight with The Red Lotus. This is a detailed account of the things she went through, how it affected her and those who love her. With the added twist of her saying yes when Asami asks to go with her to the Southern Water Tribe to heal.” Definitely my favorite Book 3 fic, or even my favorite one ever. It does such a wonderful job dealing with Korra’s recovery and PTSD and the priority of their relationship and ugh, just go fucking read it already it’s just everything I imagined it to be. 

Cool For the Summer by iamyouropus (adieu_sweetamaryllis)

“It’s been three years since Korra left for college. Three long years since she’s talked to her friends. Now, she’s coming home for the summer just in time for a road trip with the old gang.Korrasami beach-house AU slow burn. Mentions of past Korra/Kuvira. Might be mentions of Mako/Wu.” This is one of my favorite AUs ever. It deals with Korra struggling with coming out and it’s just fucking amazing. It’s still being updated and I’m a beta for this story and you HAVE to read this.

I Could Make You New Legs by psocoptera

“For the first month after Korra leaves, Asami doodles wheelchairs. Post episode 4x02. An Asami-centric companion piece to ‘Korra Alone’.” I’m not going to lie, I cried. This is a one-shot and it’s beautiful and it’s probably not supposed to make me cry but it hit me in all the right spots also here I am crying. Just go read it okay?

all our lives by valedictories

“Asami is her heart; Asami is her home. And soon, now, Asami will be her wife. (Alternatively: Korra really needs to find better hiding places for important things.)” This is also a one-shot and written beautifully.

if these sheets were the states by neurolingual

“(“I love you.” Asami presses her words over the bruise on Korra’s eye. She echoes it on every cut and bandage she can find on Korra’s body, feels Korra’s hand in her hair, feels Korra’s heartbeat underneath her lips, warm and strong and alive. Alive.

Korra’s mouth burns like fire against Asami’s lips, hands framing Asami’s ribs when Asami pulls the sheets over them, closes the world away. Asami stops wondering what it’s like to imagine and curls into the real thing).” Another one-shot that I also cried reading. It’s fucking amazing and I am so happy we have such tremendous writers in this fandom.

eclipse by clarias

“Korra growing up in the South Pole.” This one’s a shorty but it’s so beautiful and gods I need to find more adjectives but there’s just so many great ones out there and just go read this please.

It’s such a gorgeous sight to see you in the middle of the night by natashass

“She texts Bolin: Good news: Asami isn’t a ghost that eats my ramen noodles.” This is the second most read fic in the entire Korrasami fandom I think and for good reason. This was the first Korrasami fic I read and I wasn’t disappointed. 

The Electric Soldier by lupinely

“When Jinora finds Korra in the swamp, she tells Korra that a group calling themselves the normalists have kidnapped and killed Asami. At least, that’s what they say they’ve done. A Captain America: The Winter Soldier-inspired season 4 AU.” THIS. THIS FUCKED ME UP BIG TIME. LIKE. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. YOU NEED TO READ THIS NOW. RIGHT NOW. MY FAVORITE FIC OF ALL TIME. 

All Roads by tofsla

“Republic City to Ba Sing Se, with a number of lessons learnt in the process. Korra and Asami take a road trip.” Another great, great, GREAT one-shot.

Like Broken Thunder by neurolingual

“They’re the last ones in the mess hall, so they’re at the end of the line, but Asami doesn’t care. She can see the skin on Korra’s shoulders move, stretching the dusted freckles near her neck when she motions through the technique she learned from her father when she was waist high, too. Just like Asami.” This is fucking awesome and made me miss camp all over again fuck.

Here is my soul, I hope you like it. 


GOT7 Hogwarts Moodboard AU Introductory Post

Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Bambam) : Slytherin

Third Year | 10″ Sycamore, White River Monster Spine, Springy | Member of the Silver Spears | Dove (Patronus) | Half Blood | Metamorphmagus (special ability) | Magical Theory, Charms, Transfiguration (best subjects) | Jackson Wang, Mark Tuan, & Im Jaebum (best friends) | Kim Yugyeom (Boyfriend)

  • Extra AF
  • This boy is just doing too much. All the time. For no reason other than to just be doing it.
  • Most people call him Bammie
  • Kunpimook is a mouthful - he also won’t really respond to it, mostly because sometimes he forgets it’s his name because nobody calls him that. Like, what are you even doing, are you new here!? “Kunpimook? Hello!? Kunpimook? BAMBAM!?” “What? Were you talking to me? Call me by my name then, idiot.”
  • Cute AF
  • Bammie also serves looks like nobody’s business. Probably the most fashion forward wizard in the goddamn country, okay?
  • Which is probably why Bammie likes being a metamorphmagus so much. He can change his hair, eyes, and facial features at will to basically whatever he wants.
  • Sometimes he uses that advantage to make himself look older. His hyungs call him out on his bullshit every time, though. “I’m at least ten years older than you!” “Yah! I will smack you into last night.” <– Jinyoung, probably.
  • Sassy AF
  • He’s also obsessed with keeping up with the latest celebrity trends. Wizarding or Muggle world - he does not care. His favorite thing to do is piss off purebloods with muggle trends.
  • Smartass AF
  • Refuses to work out. As far as he’s concerned that shit is annoying.
  • Legs for days - like where TF does he put them half the time, nobody knows.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t recognize him. He seriously loves to use his ability to mess with people.
  • Bammie loves to invent spells. He excels in Magical Theory and outside of creating his own fashion line when he leaves Hogwarts (because that’s happening one way or another), he really wants to create spells and charms. He’s good at it, too.
  • Meme face AF
  • On the one hand Bammie can be a very mature kid, especially since he’s only a third year.
  • On the other hand, he’s a little shit and he enjoys giving his hyungs premature gray hair.
  • This boy is in love with Kim Yugyeom LET ME TELL YOU.
  • Friendship Goals
  • Relationship Goals
  • Broship Goals
  • OTP Goals
  • You name it - YugBam has already taken the title for it.
  • They’re so freaking adorable it’s not even funny.
  • Jinyoung and Mark love to embarrass them by giving them fake sex talks  over breakfast.
  • Bammie holds a special place in Jackson’s heart. Jackson will purposely mess up Bammie’s hair, Bammie will then tell Jackson he’s an old fatass with no legs, Jackson will threaten to hang him up by his toes and beat him like a pinata and Bammie will retort with, “You can’t even reach that high.”
  • Two peas in a pod, those two.
  • Seriously though, Bammie is so in love Yugyeom. It’s so cute. All fluttery and what not.
  • It makes JJProject wanna vomit…but in a good way. Sort of.
  • Protected AF
  • You touch one of Jinyoung’s children and you’re going to die.
  • That being said you so much as look at any of Bammie’s friends sideways and he will concoct the most elaborate payback and you will suffer.
  • Don’t forget this boy IS in Slytherin and he is NOT to be trifled with, peasant.
  • He is typically a people pleaser but Bammie is one of the most ambitious kids in the school. He knows what he wants and he’s gonna go after it and if you’re in his way you’ve got two seconds to move before he forcibly does it for you.
  • He’s smart, too. So don’t think he can’t.
  • Jokes for days.
  • He’s not as funny as Jackson, but he sure as shit tries. When they get together you either can’t breathe because you’re laughing or you’re eternally in facepalm mode pretending you don’t know them. There’s no in between.
  • Bammie has great grades. He’s a Slytherin and he’s got shit to do, and he’s not about to let an F get in the way of his dreams.
  • He’s not insane about it, though like SOME people are YESHEISREFERRINGTOMARKBUTWHATEVER.
  • He has, on more than one occasion, incurred the wrath of Tuan (I fucking love you if you get this reference btw) by bothering him during exam time. They’ll be in the library, Mark will be hunched over his study notes with coffee in his free hand and ignoring the Earth and everything on it. Jackson will be in the room with in, being smart and actually leaving him alone but studying next to him nonetheless just so he can be close, and he’ll see Bammie creep in out of the corner of his eye.
  • “Bammie…don’t.”
  • “Oh, come on, hyung. Look at him. He’s got crazy eyes.”
  • “They’re cute crazy eyes. Don’t bother him.”
  • “Come on, it’ll be funny!”
  • “He’s going to kill you - you know that right?”
  • Bammie acknowledges this, but he is determined. While Mark is focused solely on the chaos that is his study space Bam will move Jackson so he’s out of Mark’s eyesight and morph himself to look like Jackson. His ‘prank’ is in motion.
  • He’ll come up behind Mark and practically yank the coffee cup from his hand. This will certainly get Mark’s attention…probably not the kind of attention you want from him though.
  • Looking as Jackson, Bammie will say, “Kisses MarkiePooh!” and puff his lips out like a fish.
  • “I will give you literally three seconds to give that back to me.”
  • “Aw, but Markipooh, you wouldn’t hurt your boyfriend, would you?”
  • “You think I don’t know what my boyfriend looks like? One.”
  • “What do you mean? I just wanted a kiss.”
  • “Three.”
  • “What? You missed tw–”
  • Mark has his coffee cup back in his hand and poor Bammie is on his ass turning an odd shade of maroon as the hex forces his features back to normal.
  • “Good one, baby.” Jackson tells him, knowing Mark is already back on Planet Bananas. “To be fair, I told you not too, punk.”
  • “Who are you calling punk, half pint!?”
  • Bam is going to get himself killed via his hyungs one of these days. I’m telling you. That’s basically his school year in a nutshell - trying not to die from pissing them off.
  • They love the crap out of him though. So he’s safe…most of the time.
  • Trust me, you want Bammie on your side. For one thing, he’s a great ally to have and not somebody you want for an enemy.
  • For another, he’ll totally fix that horrid fashion sense of yours.
  • “Oh my god, if I see you wear those awful shoes one more time…”

Originally posted by younggjaebum

*pictures and gifs aren’t mine. i made the moodboard but the pictures i got off of tumblr and google. credit to their respective owners.

Hard to Find

Summary: True love is hard to find, but Jensen Ackles may have stumbled upon it at a bed & breakfast in a small, Kansas town.

Part Ten: I’ll Be Seeing You
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2195
Warnings: None.


@spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean

Your name: submit What is this?

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Fic Rec List: Amoneki

I’ve seen a couple of time people asking for fic recs for this pairing, so I decided to make one.

This includes fics from both AO3 and fanfiction.net.


♠Some of the fics are not necessary romantic, some contain only friendship between Amon and Kaneki.

♠This doesn’t include other Kaneki or Amon pairings. Just Amoneki (with just ONE exception).

♠I’ll add the warnings that the writer gave to each work

♠This is really long

♠This doesn’t include tumblr shots… yet.

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Live With That (Blurb)

What’s a blurb? I dunno. I’ve just been thinking about this lately.

And I SHOULD have updated a whole bunch today, but… Eh.





Sasuke sat at the small dining room table in his apartment. He managed to talk Hinata into stopping by, and now she sat on the other side of him with the baby in the stroller next to the table.

Sasuke’s head was propped on his hand, and his gaze had been stuck on the child for a while now. He had been waiting for Hinata to say something to snap him out of it, but that was some ten minutes ago.

And this child had his face.

The shape, anyway.

Every other feature seemed to be Hinata only. Even the dark hair he thought was a definite trait of his looked more like a closer version of Hinata’s, and if she hadn’t said anything, he might have dismissed the idea that this child belonged to him.

But it definitely had the shape of his face.

A younger version. Rounder.

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pejntboks  asked:

OKAY SO please just. give me all of that I have no idea how to play one and I really want to learn bc they were super fun in gw1. I'll make a new character as soon as I gather the gold (shouldn't be long). BASICALLY YES, survivability, dmg, more pve oriented for now.. combos? conditions?? stacking?? skill use in order??? the Works

OK so PvE stuff about necros! Long post but I’m probably going to miss a few things but feel free to ask if there’s any specifics you want covered.


  • Most classes have stuff like blocks/evades/invulnerability/aegis to counter being smashed to little pieces by a bosses attack. Necros make due with having one of the highest health pools as well as a second health bar in the form of death shroud (not that great in PvP/WvW due to focus fire but in PvE areas that have gradual damage over time like certain living story sections IT’S A PAL)
  • DS scales with vitality! More stuff on it here but there are changes coming to it that will make it better for it to survive in- life steal working while in death shroud is a big one.
  • Necro is unfortunately lacking a in stability as well as those other things listed in the first post- most of it comes from their elites (lich form and plague form) as well as a grandmaster in soul reaping currently. We have a fair amount of stun breaks though- well of power, spectral walk, spectral armor all have one and the active ability on the wurm does to but that requires prior set up
  • Speaking of things we lack: pretty much nothing against projectiles except dodging away from them
  • sigils of energy are you friend
  • Condition management is really nice on necro and it also comes with stuff like throwing it back at your enemy’s face or eating them all for health
  • Seriously consume conditions is my favorite skill in the game it even ignores the health penalty given out by poison 
  • Necro’s unique in that it can trait into constant life steal. It’s currently kind of “eh” in the heal and damage output but in PvE it can pull you back from a pinch when your heal or dagger 2 is on cooldown. The fact that it’s going to be useful in DS is NICE though



  • SO necro may not be the fastest in slapping on stacks but they really shine in managing conditions and spreading them to other foes through things like epidemic
  • Necro has access to about every condition in the game save for confusion. Also has most access to fear in the game! And we can trait it to apply some respectable damage to it.
  • Reaper is losing access to torment in shroud, BUT in return you can trait to put damage on chill.
  • Most common gear for necros using conditions is sinister, rabid or carrion. Reaper looks like it’s going to possibly add the potential of celestial.


  • In reference to full powernecro/zerk you’ll be spamming dagger 1 a lot since it has cleave, life force build up, and a nice attack speed. Best off hands are focus for debuffing or warhorn for swiftness/CC. Offhand dagger has a condition spread/transfer to it as well as an AoE weakness for defense but you usually see it coupled with scepter because of the AoE bleed.
  • Staff is the long-long range power weapon for necro or otherwise spam life blast in death shroud. Axe can work work for power builds if you need to get little distance away from whatever’s trying to stomp you- auto attack is kind of lacking but the channeled 2 skill has some really nice damage output.  
  • Best friends on utility are most likely going to be well of suffering, blood is power, and sigil of spite. Though I often run well of corruption due to it also providing damage as well as a boon corruption. Elite is most likely going to be lich form- plague is good for tanking stuff and being evil in WvW and flesh golem can be nice for general PvE roaming situations but it’s current AI leaves it staring at flowers when it should be smacking your foes  
  • AS FOR TRAITS- that’s very much changing in future updates. Especially with the removal of stat from trait lines but that_shaman’s specialization calculator is excellent for figuring stuff out. Curses is still more of the “conditions” line, death magic has more minion stuff, blood magic is getting support, soul reaping has lots of DS stuff (including a 50% extra crit chance while in DS grandmaster) and spite has  a lot of power stuff.


  • Most support comes from enemy debuffing & snaring, and we can trait quite a few ways to heal friends using death shroud.
  • The “selfish” label on necro is due to the fact that with the boons we can get aren’t very easily shared with the group and we’re better and removing conditions from ourselves than taking them off allies. Protection and regeneration are the ones we give out the most but Well of Power can change conditions on allies and yourself to boons which gives some fun play to it. Conversions as followed:

also: farming on necro is really fun due to the fact that we can become AoE hell incarnate. Engie flamethrower and guard staff do have those auto attacks but necro has SO much instant-hit aoe and then you can spread conditions around with epidemic. Reapers adding 100% more spin to win so will likely continue this trend.

10 voicemails Emma Woodhouse leaves for people who don't call her back

I meant to write like a paragraph of headcanon and then it turned into fic.

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bohemianrider-deactivated201512  asked:

Everlark 33? Pretty please? Admittedly I have also asked someone else for the same one but I kinda love the idea thanks to a couple of other stories I've read. There can't be too much of it in my opinion. But if the idea doesn't appeal to you, I'll take anything!

celebrity/fan au

This one went from a drabble to a bit of a one shot really quickly. And to be honest, I probably could have made it even longer than I did but I had to be reasonable. There’s a bit of everything in this one. Angst, fluff, cheesiness, you name it, it’s probably there lol. 

Also for peetaswifts who very patiently listened to be ramble on as the ideas for this came to me and helped me iron out many of the finer details. She also had a special request for the final scene that I couldn’t ignore :)


I’ve put this off for awhile now, but I think it’s time that I write this post.

My hands pause above the keyboard while I think of what to write next. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I’ve thought about what I’d say or how I’d say it, now that the moment’s here, I still can’t seem to string the words together. I think that’s why I’ve avoided our blog for so long. Telling our readers what happened somehow makes all of this that much more real. 

A little over a month ago, Camille and I were in a serious car accident. I won’t go into details right now, but while all I suffered was a broken leg and a concussion, Camille’s injuries are far more serious.

I still can’t piece together what happened.We were driving home from the bakery one night, the same as we always did when out of nowhere my pickup was side-swiped by a semi-truck. How it happened, I still don’t know. But the police suspect the driver of the semi fell asleep at the wheel. The last thing I remember is the crushing sound of metal on metal, and our car flipping over the median. I was knocked unconscious before I could even check to see if Camille was alright. 

The accident caused a disc in her neck to shatter, resulting in significant trauma to her spinal cord. Two days after the accident she underwent surgery to replace the shattered disc and fuse three of her vertebrae together. 

While the doctor’s are still uncertain about her prognosis, Camille was recently moved from the hospital to a local rehabilitation center for further treatment, but she still has a long road ahead of her. If it’s not too much to ask, please keep my daughter in your thoughts. 

I don’t even want to post this. I’ve already gotten quite a few emails asking why we haven’t updated the blog over the last few weeks, I can only imagine the emails I’ll wake up to once this posts. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the concern from people who’ve come to know me and Camille over the years, but talking about it is still too painful. And the more I see or hear the word I’m sorry, the stabbing pain of an imaginary knife penetrates my chest even deeper.

I don’t know when Camille and I will get back to posting our baking videos to the blog, but I promise you it’s something that I day dream about every single day while I watch her struggling in physical and occupational therapy sessions. The only thing that keeps me going is the hope that one day she’ll be able to hold a rolling pin in her hands and roll out sheets of cookie dough with me again. And I’ll do anything I can to ensure that she’s able to do that sooner rather than later. 

Thank You,

- Peeta and Camille Mellark, “Bake with Me, Camille.”

I give my words one read through and click the ‘post’ button, sending the news I’ve been dreading to break to the readers of the blog Camille and I have been running for the last five years.

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wereadtoliveathousandlives  asked:

So I was listening to All Tome Low on my drive from Tennessee to Illinois, and A Daydream Away came on and it was all "You're just a daydream away, I wouldn't know what to say if I had you. I'll keep you a daydream away. Just watch from a safe place so I'll never have to lose." And I was like this needs to be a Bellarke Bellamy from afar fic.

This song messed with my mind, let me tell you. Thus, I added in some Bellamy/Raven brotp to balance out the angst. My gift to you, friend! And thanks for letting me take over this prompt :)

When Raven stalked into his room late at night, Bellamy barely gave her a passing glance, keeping his eyes gluedto the plans laid out in front of him.

“I need to talk to you,” she announced, coming right up the edge of his desk.

“So talk,” he replied dryly, still not looking up. Kane needed his thoughts on the proposed updates to the camp’s defenses before their Council meeting tomorrow morning, and between his shift training the new recruits and the weekly meeting with the Grounder contingent and the time he spent helping build the newest set of cabins, Bellamy hadn’t been able to look them over until now, even as his body screamed for rest.

Raven smacked her hand down on the plans, forcing him to look up at her in exasperation. “What?” He barked, because it was late and he needed to look at those goddamn plans and maybe even get a little sleep for once.

With a warning glance that clearly read don’t take that tone with me dipshit, Raven bluntly asked, “What is up with you and Clarke?”  

Taken aback, because Bellamy had expected her urgent business to be about Wick hogging her supplies, or how Monty was working himself too hard, he just stared at the mechanic, lost for words. Finally, he mustered up enough clarity to reply, “Nothing. There’s nothing up with me and Clarke.”

“Funny,” Raven said, giving him a calculating look. “Because here I thought it would be a competition between Octavia and I as far as who would avoid her the longest when she came back from her little hiatus. You’re screwing up the curve, Blake. So, I’m asking, why are you avoiding her?”

Baffled, Bellamy protested, “I’m not avoiding her. I talk to her almost every day.”

“You talk, but it’s damn uncomfortable for everybody around you. The tension is practically tangible. At least Octavia and I are making an effort to get over our shit with her, so don’t make me ask again,” she advised, tapping her finger twice against the plans to emphasize her point.

Sighing, Bellamy scrubbed a hand through his hair, wishing he had an answer for Raven. Or, rather, an answer that didn’t make him want to take his own hiatus from the camp, because he knew damn well why things were so awkward.

He was in love with Clarke Griffin. Probably had been for a while, but knowing it, feeling it, dealing with it, well, that was new.

All those months she had been gone, nothing had been there, other than a little sadness and anger and helplessness. The minute she had walked back through the gate, though, the deluge hit, and suddenly he was drowning in the deep end. Typical for him, really, that all it took was a glimpse of her blonde hair and the feel of her arms hugging him and her voice asking is it okay for me to come home? to have him tumbling head over heels for her.

Getting swept away like that, it was terrifying, and he could barely speak around her, worried that his secret would come tumbling out of his mouth every time she smiled hesitantly at him. It was awkward, he was awkward, and it unsettled both of them that their previously fluid camaraderie had disappeared. He knew he made her feel as if he was angry at her, or didn’t need her anymore. If only that were true, he thought ruefully. The thought of losing her again, and not just because he wanted her, but because leading alone was never something he had wanted, was inconceivable, and he wasn’t about to scare her off by admitting what he felt. She was still settling back into life at camp, finding her way with their people again. Bellamy felt he had no right to throw something at her like that, not this soon.

Still, it was damn hard to keep his mouth shut, or his eyes off of her, or his hands to himself. When the wind stirred up her hair, he wanted to push it back behind her ears, feel the way the curls would twine around his fingers. Every time she laughed, he couldn’t help but stare, loving the light that was back in her eyes after being absent for far too long. The way she tried to engage him, asking him simple questions that he knew she knew the answers to, just to try and get their connection back, made him want let her know just how important she was to him.

“You poor bastard,” Raven whispered, interrupting his chaotic thoughts.

“What?” he grunted, not liking the clarity in her gaze.

With a sharp laugh, she took a step back from the desk, assessing him carefully. Bellamy folded his arms across his chest and leaned back in his chair, staring stubbornly right back at her as he tried to slow the panic building in his chest.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell her. She and I aren’t at that stage of friendship yet,” Raven teased, throwing him a shit-eating grin.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he muttered, standing up to fold the plans, hoping she would take the hint and leave. As he went through the motions of clearing his room for the night, he ignored her continued presence. Only when he was finally ready for bed did he acknowledge her.

“Unless you’re dying to see me naked again, Reyes, I suggest you get out,” he said thinly, giving her an annoyed glance.  

Raven laughed again, backing up towards the door. “I don’t think Wick is that understanding of a guy, so keep your pants on for two more seconds, okay? I’ve got something to say.”

“Get on with it,” Bellamy urged, feeling his physical exhaustion and the tiredness at fighting his feelings weakening his resolve to avoid this conversation.

“Clarke is still healing, but you know how strong she is. You’re not going to break her,” Raven said softly.

“It’s too soon,” he muttered, cupping the back of his neck anxiously.

“Maybe,” she admitted. “But too soon is better than too late.”

With a kind smile, Raven shut the door behind her, leaving him alone in the dimly lit bedroom. Sighing heavily, Bellamy flopped down onto his bed, wishing, maybe for the first time since landing on the ground, that Raven Reyes was just a little less smart.

ZMD17 - Complementary

OR: That Thunder In Your Heart

Rating: G

Word Count: 622


 - need to look over written proposals after meeting

- Uncle coming, order tea

- answer the Earth King’s letter

- get rid of Minister Toku

Can’t do that. Have to keep pretending to listen. And pretend to take notes. Pretend to take notes. Pretend to write. Pretend to take notes.

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