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commissions are tentatively OPEN

I’m not taking anything too big, because I know how well my brain has been working lately and I don’t want to push it, but I have a couple of things to offer.

Sketches: $5 USD +5$ per additional character
Line Art: $10 USD +5$ per additional character
Line Art + Flats: $15 USD +10$ per additional character
Line Art + Flats + Shading/Background/Anything Crazy/Etc: $25 + $10 per additional character

a couple of basic tips:
Yes, I will draw nsfw/gore, but PM me about specifics so I can see if it’s something I’m capable of first.
I can’t draw your fursona/gemsona/etc. I’m sorry I’m just not good enough at that stuff. Maybe one day.
I only accept payment via paypal, we can talk about how that works in PM.
No paintings right now, sorry.
Anything else, feel free to ask me.


  • Osomatsu: Aw man! We're out of muffins!
  • Matsuyo: So soon? Well I guess since Ichimatsu had some cravings for them, hehe!
  • Osomatsu: But I waaaaaant some now!
  • Matsuyo: Alright, alright I'll go for them.
  • Karamatsu: Non, non! I shall go mother, you need to stay home.
  • Ichimatsu: ...You're going?
  • Karamatsu: Yes honey but I'll be back in a bit.
  • Ichimatsu: Don't.
  • Karamatsu: Eh?
  • Ichimatsu: Don't go...I want you here.
  • Karamatsu: But honey I won't be long. I will only go for some muffins and I'll come home.
  • Ichimatsu: No, don't go...please.
  • Karamatsu: ...Well-
  • Osomatsu: Hey I'm starving! Come on it's just a few blocks away!
  • Karamatsu: But Ichimatsu doesn't want me to-
  • Osomatsu: We'll watch him, don't worry! ;)
  • Karamatsu: ...Fine.
  • *leaves after kissing Ichimatsu*
  • Ichimatsu: ...Karamatsu...

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“ I didn’t realize it was acceptable here to walk into another’s home. Begone. ”
What a sight to behold– an almost eight foot tall man, with horns and hooves, reclining on the floor surrounded by what appears to be every pillow, blanket and sheet he could steal from every bed, sofa and linen closet in the whole apartment.
Somehow, he seems both surprised and displeased by the arrival of his partner. Like someone hadn’t filled him in. “ I shall not ask you again. Leave me. ”

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"Just run! I'll hold them off!"

“Bay no, please, I’m not leaving you here alone. I love you, and I’m not going to stand for living knowing that I left you here. Come on, let’s get em together, shall we?” Razvan said with a small peck on her forehead. Their attackers were rounding the corner, and Razvan and Bailey were caught in a dead end.