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Alex “Bullseye” Turner

“So why do they call you Bullseye? Is it ‘cause you’re a dead man walking?” The man across him asks, tauntingly.

A smug smile graces Turner’s lips. “No.” He replies, reaching for the Colt tucked in his holster. His fingers wrap around the handle and his index finger hovers above the trigger, ready to fire at a second’s notice. “They call me Bullseye ‘cause I never miss.”

In the following second, his arm moves in a blur, like a viper striking, taking aim and pulling the trigger. A deafening explosion releases the bullet that lodges into the chest of the man who will soon be nothing more than worm’s meat.

An expression of terror twists the man’s face. The front of his formerly crisp white shirt is tinted bright crimson by the blood gushing from the bullet hole above the center of his left rib. He heaves a few labored breaths before falling forward and biting the dust.


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Advent Day 4: Teachers!AU

Pairing: JongKey
Rating: G
Length: 600~
Warnings: Again, nothing. Um jokingly threatening students? Sort of, but not really. 

Summary: Their students ship them.

“I’m going to punch every one of my kids from eighth period straight in the face,” Key said as he stormed into the music teacher’s classroom. 

“You know that you sound deranged, right?” Jonghyun asked as he saw the theatre teacher walk in fuming. He didn’t stop grading the original compositions that had been turned in by his last period students, though, unsure of where this was going. “You can’t actually hit kids. They did away with corporeal punishment long before we were even teachers.”

“I know,” Key let out a long sigh. “It doesn’t mean that I can’t fantasize about it though.” 

Jonghyun chuckled, understanding the frustration of his fellow teacher. It was difficult to teach high school, even more so when your subject was an elective. There was always kids who were just looking to get an easy A without really trying at anything. “Wait, eighth period? Aren’t those your theatre company kids?” 

Being company kids, in whichever performing art they were in, meant that the kids were actually interested in the subject as they were a set group of performers who were involved in most productions. They were usually upperclassmen who had been with the teachers for longer than a year. Jonghyun rarely heard Key complain about those kids. Sure they got on his nerves from time to time, as all teenagers did, but never to the point of threats of physical violence. That was usually reserved for freshmen who thought they were cool because they were in high school now.

“Yeah, but those little shits,” Key continued to huff, “they think they know everything about me and that they can just make assumptions about my personal life!” 

That gave Jonghyun pause; he raised his head and saw that not only had Key stormed into his classroom in a snit, but he was also blushing from the tips of his ears down to his neck where his button up shirt began. “What did they say?” 

“They said they shipped us!” Key said, sounding vaguely indignant, but mostly mortified. “I didn’t even know what the hell that meant until Jin took pity on me and explained.”

Jonghyun chuckled loudly and continued grading papers. “I told you to download Urban Dictionary onto your phone. It comes in handy when teaching high schoolers.” 

“Yeah well,” Key sighed loudly again, surely trying to justify himself and why he never listened to Jonghyun. “I thought I was still with it.” 

“No one says ‘with it’ anymore, either,” Jonghyun said shaking his head. 

“Shut up,” Key said, with no heat in his voice. The original surge of anger seemed to have died down as soon as he sat down on the edge of Jonghyun’s desk. “Can you believe those twerps though? They said that because we were the only two openly gay teachers that we should get together.” 

“That’s kind of really close minded,” Jonghyun replied, finally done with the composition that he was grading. 

“I know, right?” Key questioned with raised eyebrows. “Like just because we’re both gay doesn’t mean that we should date.”

Jonghyun cocked his head to the right, scrutinizing his boyfriend. “So…” 

“Well I mean we’re obviously dating, but they don’t know that. And I’m not dating you because of proximity or anything. We’re together because we have compatible personalities and we love each other and all that.” Key explained with an eye roll. 

Jonghyun stood up and stepped between Key’s spread legs. Just as he leaned in for a quick peck, Jonghyun chuckled quietly, “Imagine if they knew their ship was canon.” 

Key’s confused grunt was swallowed by Jonghyun’s kiss, but he knew he’d have to look that one up too.