i'll just laugh by myself


This was going to be my entry for the @radiance-anthology, but, well.

So, here’s Will and his emotions through all three seasons (with Hannibal popping in at the very end).

When I’m in a group and someone says an inside joke that I don’t understand but everyone else laughs at it and I just wanna seem like I belong


my friend just told me she can’t tell that I got a haircut. anyway, before and after pics because apparently this wasn’t a clear change to some people. 😂😂

Teacher/Arsonist!Zayn and Fireman/Human-Puppy!Liam from These Inconvenient Fireworks, because that was one of the most perfect things I’ve ever read in my entire life.

Please click here and zoom in for a bigger size  ^u^

  • me: yeah okay let's try out one, singular and brief, foray into writing in this fandom
  • me, fifteen thousand words later: ohhhh it's who we are, doesn't matter if we've gone too far, doesn't matter if it's all okay, doesn't matter if it's not our day

svu is a serious show about serious things [1/?] → 10x06, “Babes”

if I believed in prayer, I’d be praying to the hair gods right now to make my hair decent enough for me to not hate it after this h&s treatment :D

cause I am leaving the house today and this hair situation is making me want to not do that.

golly gosh, I am feeling warm all of a sudden, I think I’ll just take off my hoodie

hmm, hang on a second

wow, today is a good day! but wait…

is it possible?

my god, this is too much of a coincidence

could it be 

that I…

AM the disco?

If someone–especially someone socialized as female–says “stop” or “don’t” or “give it back” in a joking/lighthearted tone you do what they ask. It costs you exactly nothing and this may be the only way they feel comfortable expressing their discomfort.

  • writers: "right okay let's write a really interesting storyline for episode eight it'll be about area 51 and it'll be great"
  • *several months later, after the episode airs*
  • writers: "so, what did everyone think of the story?"
  • cyclone: *crying* "MEGAN. SYLVESTER. WALTER."
  • writers: "yeah but the case- wasn't it good"
  • cyclone: *wailing* "MEGAN"
  • writers: "yeah but guys. aliens."
  • writers: "why do we even try we should just write an episode about the fucking ferret"
  • Kylo: [yells something inappropriate about dicks]
  • Hux: ....what's wrong with you this time?!
  • Kylo: You know, Hux... I just like dicks in general.
  • Hux: ...
  • Phasma: ...
  • Entire Starkiller Base: ...
  • Hux: No.