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About a month ago (probably more I have no concept of time) @strawberryparade tagged me in this tag and I couldn’t do it because I do not have a phone so after a month of self loathing I remembered that I can draw and stole someone’s phone (borrowed is a better word but I’m sticking to stole) so here is a drawing of me knowing my poor choices so I refer to an awkward peace sign as the sugar donut that is Nicole looks at me with disbelief and regret of ever tagging me (in my defense I was so in awe of her beauty that I was in shock and couldn’t draw this sooner) 

i never really addressed this but i’m sorry for making all those manic posts. i’ll try to keep the venting to my other blog and like now that i’m in a better head space i’m v embarrassed 

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My name is Joey and I use he/him pronouns. I'm a transguy and I love being trans and autistic. I have so many special interests ughhhhh, one of my SI is choir and choral music. I'm a tenor and I love singing lower and feel that people respect me and it's just so great. Choirs most of the time have four parts soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. Soprano is the highest and bass is the lowest, so I fall just in the middle. If you ever want to listen to a choral song, you should listen to Ola Gjeilo(1/2)

(2/2) he’s composed Northern Lights and Ubi Caritas and they are so beautiful especially all the parts. He’s seriously amazing.

I love this

I don’t know much about choir, but that’s awesome, joey 

So we’re just never gonna see the full version of the Stay choreography, huh? 👀

The blog just hit 200 followers!

(I cant believe how many persons are interested by this omg)

Thank you so much! I’ll keep doing my researches to be sure to give you an accurate answer everyday!

lmao do you ever want to just block someone simply on the very salty grounds that they never bothered to even try talking to or rping with you even though you really tried to support and indulge them and were p interested in chatting, but you still know you’re gonna see them all the damn time on your dash >:’’’3c

Owaranai Seraph Season 2 Episode 2 part 2 Subbed

Not gonna lie, this one was painful to sub and reminded me why I swore off subbing after the first set of Owaranai episodes…that’s your warning that I’m not a professional and probably made mistakes, but here you go. Please no re-posting anywhere.

Part 1

Part 3

Real talk I guess

So I’m kind of thinking of making an AO3, putting my fics onto there, and then letting this blog kind of become an archive. Or maybe go on hiatus for a while.

I guess I’m not really feeling this anymore?

I do like reading, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t feel like spending a lot of time trying to find new things to read and comment on and reblog and… I sound terrible right now I’m so sorry. Every like, comment, and reblog I leave is genuine - you guys are seriously so talented and I appreciate your work to no end.

I’m just… tired? This has become a place where I feel kind of obliged to always have some sort of content I guess. Whereas when I started I simply enjoyed saving things I liked and interacting with authors. It was my little space on the internet. Now it feels a bit hollow.

I have no idea where this is going. Basically I won’t be around super often? I need to find inspiration in life, so that’s what I’m gonna go do. My queue is still running and I’ll totally respond to messages if you wanna talk. You can find me on my main blog too - I’ve really been enjoying languages at the moment. I’m actually super excited for that, and also life in general. Everything is up in the air, but it’s new and adventurous.

So, that’s me. I’m going on an adventure and I won’t really be around nearly as often. If you read down this far, have a cookie 🍪😘 I hope you’re doing well!

Eliza xx

So… my dog’s missing….

Anyone in the South KC/ Raytown area, please keep a lookout for a light brown dog, he’s medium/large and his name is Harley. His tail is a bit darker than the rest of him. He doesn’t have tags, but he is chipped. He’s honestly very sweet and he’ll just try to love you to death, but if he’s injured he might try to bite…
I just want him home, I love my animals so much….
He’s been gone for at least 2 and a half hours, we don’t let him out on his own since he chases cars and I’m really worried about his safety…. This is the longest he’s been out by himself…

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nurseydex and incompatible orientations

Woah!  Angst Alert!!

So it accidentally became Holsom.  Sorry.

Thanks for the prompt, enjoy :-) xxxx


Nursey knew he shouldn’t be doing this.  But Dex was so beautiful; he couldn’t help but break the “No Looking” Rule.  And as long as he never got caught, it was fine.

He had tried to ignore his crush for weeks.  It was dumb. He was always being told he could have anyone he wanted, but he couldn’t.  because the only person he wanted was Dex.  And Dex was straight as a ruler.

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some of y'all fucked up thinking that making fun of idols are funny and “a joke”. they’re idols but they’re humans first, with feelings… making memes of idols is one thing but making fun of the way they look or talk is a whole other thing. when will y'all learn to respect these people. don’t say that since they joined the entertainment business “they signed up for it” because obviously they did not. they signed up to be entertainers and to pursue their dreams. they didn’t sign up to told that they’re too fat by their “fans”… if you’re not gonna support them then u can just sHUT!! ur mouth and keep it to urself.


i can’t believe the mad dummy and sans fights are literally the same

  • use things to help them attack (dummies/gaster blasters)
  • have ridiculously low defense
  • despite that, cannot be hit
  • their last move is to just keep you there for the rest of time
  • can only be defeated through something outside of the normal battle interface (napstablook’s tears/cheating so you can attack during his turn)

disgruntledturtle answered your post: i…kind of feel like writing makorra?

hogwarts au. gryffindor hooking up w/ slytherin. scandalous.

Mako sighed with relief as he finally found a corner of the library that wasn’t overrun with first-years panicking over their potions essays or other seventh-years looking for charms to help with the impending N.E.W.T.s. The Slytherin common room was too distracting…when he left, two of his classmates were trying to one-up each other on who had the best connections for a career after graduation. 

Mako didn’t have connections. But that had never stopped him before, and that certainly wasn’t going to stop him now.

He settled down, carefully spreading his notes out before him. He was a slow, careful writer, and he had a perfectly honed method when it came to essays. His first year, it took him ages to get anything done. Now, he had a system, and the system worked.

But the system required a workspace free of distractions. 

“Hey, this is my spot.”

And apparently, that was not going to happen. 

He looked up. “Korra.”

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Honestly I’m at the point where all I want to see of Anders in DA:I is confirmation that he’s safe, with Hawke if romanced, and then nothing else ever again because I’m so worried about Bioware fucking it up. Like when you go to meet a romanced Hawke and bring Varric, you’d get a dialogue along these lines (varied depending on Hawke’s personality):

Varric: So, Hawke, how’s, uh… you know… doing? After what happened, I have to wonder-

Hawke: He’s fine, Varric, and no, I’m not going to leave him. All you need to know is that he’s safe, and I dare not say more in unknown company.

Varric: Alright, fine, I get it. I’ll stay out of your business.

Hawke: Good. Let’s talk about something else now, shall we?

And then that’s it. Confirmation that he’s doing well, with no chance of Bioware doing anything else to him. Of course, I’d absolutely love to actually see him again (especially in the new engine), but I don’t trust them not to pull some ‘Crazy people aren’t allowed to be happy’ or ‘Look! Another chance to kill him! That’s the only reason you left him alive, isn’t it?’ sort of bullshit. As much as it sucks, we’re probably better off not getting a cameo, but they better damn well confirm he’s okay.

10 reasons to why WoSo is like Game of Thrones
  1. Everyone has at least one player that they hate with a burning passion.
  2. You’re in a constant state of “Oh no, please don’t get hurt” when your fave is playing.
  3. You’re basically willing to fight anyone who disrespects your team.
  4. You’ve mastered the art of drinking, all while being able to discuss the game.
  5. Every little detail gets overanalyzed.
  6. You wait all week for the games, and when they are over you feel kind of hollow and just want the next week to go by faster.
  7. Trying to keep your cool, when talking to someone who doesn’t follow it, but asks you about it anyway.
  8. So many underrated players.
  9. No matter how many curve balls they throw your way, and how pissed you get, you’ll always come back.
  10. WoSo fans are about as dramatic as Game of Thrones in itself.

I’m not a psycologist but I’m a huge nerd so this is what I’ve reading for hobbie and my stories, so this could be very wrong but…i need to ramble, i need to leave this out of my system.

Ok, I just… I’m seeing a lot of the Lima syndrome and killing stalking but something bothers me with that because Lima syndrome is used with the abuser “sympathizes” with the victim, like in cases of kidnapping and things like that, but I think the killing stalking case is a little deep that than because I believe than more that sympathizing, what Sangwoo is feeling it’s the sense of motherhood that Bum gives him, it’s like Sangwoo has find the object of desire he lost (His mother, that’s why he kills women, probably he had the Edipo syndrome in his early years and it was reinforced by his abusive father (that’s why he’s trying to take his father’s place now)) For a psycopath, this “object” is very important, is mainly what it gives the motive. For Sangwoo is probably his mother, like… 99% of the people of the world. Like, you see, when we born, the first human we see, we touch, we are connect to..is generally our mother. She gives us everything, our food, protection, sense of home and belonging and we proyect her as our object of desire. This will eventually fade away with the appearing of the father (of other figure) This will cut out this idealization of the object and we eventually move on from that. I believe that Sangwoo didn’t have that, so, his object will always be his mother, his adoration, his possesion. He needs her, he adores her, he can’t live without her. So he search for another woman to fullfil her spot in his mind, but no woman is worthy, so he abuse of them (because that’s what he knows, his father used to do that -and he’s like his father now- and it’s also a way of power and control, which he needs and enjoys) and then kills them because they aren’t useful for him and his fantasy. (And reinforces his sense of control, because… what it gives you more power and control that be the person who control the life of other human being? Power is essential to Sangwoo, that’s why the police man…bothers him)

But Bum, Bum is different and despite the fact he’s man, he has this mother aura that Sangwoo has been looking for. In his mind, he can replace his mother, that’s why he suddenly feels this…”attraction” to him, because it’s the same “attraction” he used to feel toward his mother, this attraction is sexual because I really doubt that Sangwoo can feel any type of love. That’s why he also abuses his female victims, because probably the fantasy turns him on. Not the love, not the fact they are women, but the fact that this woman could be his mother in his fantasy. That’s why he gets a boner when we remember strangling to someone who looks like her, because 1) it’s his mother in his mind (and he is proyecting in Bum his mother) and 2) because also the violence against his object of desire turns him on, because he wants to be in control, probably because he didn’t have that when he was a child.

Control and power are both things he didn’t used to have but he posses now. Since the moment he killed his parents, he took the control and he doesn’t want to let it go.

He could kill for that and in fact, he already has.

I just..dude I could keep rambling on this…

Just a friendly reminder...

…that y’all are always welcome to talk to me, whether it’s about fun (pkmn) things or not c: Yes, you should tell me if something about me (i’m a coward :/) or this blog is bothering you! Or if you want me to tag anything! Unless if it’s douchy anon hate :c I might not reply immediately, keep that in mind!