i'll just hide in the corner

“Well I’m evil, so don’t you mess around with me~”

Started out as a Bog King expression practise and turned into something completely different… <.< Sorry for sketchy stuff again. If I ever finish the FULL drawing of this I am so getting a ticket straight to hell… O///o

Things i want to say to jeon jungkook:
  1. FIGHT ME!
  2. Stop giving me heart attacks… i’ve died so many times
  3. Can you NOT
  4. YOUR COVERS ARE JUST asdfghjkl
  5. Can JiKook happen? Please make it happen
  6. I love you
  7. I need you, but Jikook please i need that more
  8. Give jimin a chance will ya? 
  10. Stop teasing me
  11. STOP MESSING WITH MY FEELINGS, my ovaries can’t take it no more
  12. How are you even the maknae?
  13. Thank you for killing me
  14. Did i mention i love you?
  15. Can blond Jungkook make a come back? he came and went in like 0.15 seconds
  16. YOUR VOICE IS SUCH A BLESSING, is it weird if i ask you to sing me to sleep?
  17. JIKOOK, JIKOOK, JIKOOK… i will not stop nagging
  18. Thank you for ruining my life :’)