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Theirs was the love that was meant to be, but wasn’t meant to last.

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be nice to me

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://// you’re always such a little bitch when you’re angry

          well then.


TJ Tuesday - I’m sorry, but I appear to be buried in the feels at the moment. I’m gonna go curl up under a blanket now. 

I really need to rewatch PA soon.

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honestly i don’t even know what’s going on i just wanted to draw them and out came a shoujo-y mess.  (Note:  I was also gonna post each individually but my internet connection isn’t having it right now maybe another day for now enjoy the whole page with my addition in the corner)

I’m sure I’ll draw them in a more interesting manner once the show’s out and I actually know  what everything is gonna be.  Have I mentioned how ready I am for this show?  I am ready.  

Just wanted to post something for all the people who say Max is disgusted by Warren’s affections and constantly use it as one of their reasons to hate on Grahamfield/Warren

She only feels that way if you reject his invitation and go out of your way to be mean to him

I picked the nice dialogue options, accepted his invitation to the movies, helped him with his science stuff, didn’t kiss Chloe, etc and not once did Max complain about Warren’s feelings for her. I read each page of her journal thoroughly at the end of episode 4 and did not see one complaint.

So please stop using it as an end-all reason to not ship Grahamfield and/or hate Warren. Max’s feelings on the subject depend on the player’s choices and your choices aren’t the same as everyone else’s. She doesn’t hate Warren, they’re friends and it’s clear that she trusts him to some extent. If she doesn’t have feelings for him, that’s fine, but that may not be the case in each individual game. 

Be kind, rewind

Pretty sure I’m the only person on this site who doesn’t want a Robron engagement or wedding anytime soon… I don’t think either Robert or Aaron are actually ready for marriage (especially Aaron). I’d rather they just move out of the pub and live together for awhile first; another six months at least (like until mid-summer 2017). 

It’s a lonely (and unpopular) opinion.