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I keep thinking of everything we’ve had, the countless memories we’ve made, and it just dawns on me how we’re here now. There’s so much staleness in place of the ripeness we used to have. I think of the times where we couldn’t get our hands off each other. How every second we spent together was an adventure. It feels so foreign, almost like a dream from another lifetime. We were so happy, so excited, so joyful. Where did it all go? How are we just two people occupying the same space now?


April 1 2017

Jealous Girl.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Readers.

Warnings: SMUT. Jealousy, annoyed reader, PWP, unprotected sex (Kids, remmeber to wrap your presents). Public sex, me being a shameless hoe for Murder Daddy.

Word Count: 1262.

Rating: 18+


So… I wanted to write jealous reader. @sexylibrarian1 was ordering me to finish this so I could go and start writing that other thing (she knows what I’m talking about). Here you go, now you have something to complain about.

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  • Aries: "Maybe we should split up. Me and Gemini will go-" *Points at map at random* "Here."
  • Taurus: "Nah. I think I'll stay here. Text me some updates."
  • Gemini: *Sitting in the corner with an attitude*
  • Cancer: *crying* "What are you guys DOING? We'll never find our way!"
  • Leo: "Everyone just chill. I'll use the map to find the way."
  • Virgo: "No need, I'll use the GPS on my phone." *Looks down* "Welp. My phone's dead."
  • Libra: "Guys chill. When life gives you lemons you-"
  • Scorpio: "Shut up Libra. We're in the middle of nowhere. I hate all of you."
  • Sagittarius: "Just enjoy the circumstances for right now. We'll make it out alive, probably."
  • Capricorn: "This is all of your faults! If you'd have listened to me we wouldn't be in this mess."
  • Aquarius: "We should start planning ahead, we're going to get hungry at some point. We should all take a vote of who we'll eat. I vote Pisces."
  • Pisces: *Rocking back and forth and sobbing*

Theirs was the love that was meant to be, but wasn’t meant to last.

Trapped In An Elevator
  • Aries: Fucking fuck! I had plans to go to the grOCERY STORE.
  • Taurus: I really hope the lights stay on so I can finish this chapter.
  • Gemini: I have a prepare kit in case of emergencies, but I'm not going to share anything in it. Especially the flashlight, in case the light goes out.
  • Cancer: Perfect. I was hoping for an excuse to miss the start of my shift.
  • Leo: I'm stressing out because I need to make it to school, but I'm relieved that I'm missing my test.
  • Virgo: I literally hate all of these people and I haven't even said "Hello."
  • Libra: Is everyone okay? Does anyone need anything?
  • Scorpio: I can't tell if anyone is attractive enough to make a connection with...
  • Sagittarius: I guess someone didn't press the button hard enough! Hahaha!
  • Capricorn: Not only am I bored, but now some idiot's making senseless jokes. Life is so mundane.
  • Aquarius: I bet the person next to me just experienced a traumatic event, and the person closest to the buttons just had a promotion at work after going through a hard time, and the person in the corner...
  • Pisces: I'll throw this problem onto my pile of reasons why my week is horrible.
Listen. Does this sound familiar? You wake up every morning, go to school every day, spend your nights on the corner just passing the time away. Your life is so lonely like a child without a toy. Then a miracle-a boy. And that’s called “glad.” Now my mom is a good mom and she loves me with all her heart. But she said I was too young to be in love and the boy and I would have to part. And no matter how I ranted and raved, I screamed, I pleaded, I cried-she told me it was not really love but only my girlish pride. And that’s called “bad.” Now if that’s happened to you, don’t let this. I packed my clothes and left home that night. Though she begged me to stay, I was sure I was right. And you know something funny?? I forgot that boy right away. Instead I remember being tucked in bed and hearing my mama say, “ Hush, little baby, don’t you cry” Do you ever get that feeling and wanna kiss and hug her? Do it now-tell her you love her. Don’t do to your mom what I did to mine. She grew so lonely in the end. Angels picked her for a friend. And I can never go home (never) anymore And that’s called “sad.”
—  “I Can Never Go Home Anymore” by The Shangri-Las

They make me want to punch a wall with how precious they are

More MK screaming (this time about things that irk me)

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I’m gonna clean my blog up a tad but after that I rly want 2 get Devit going again now that summer vacation’s around the corner so ♡ this for a starter ! 


TJ Tuesday - I’m sorry, but I appear to be buried in the feels at the moment. I’m gonna go curl up under a blanket now. 

I really need to rewatch PA soon.

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screamandcoffee  asked:

reading that comic you posted as the first of the year and could you imagine if chuck actually /did run into amara at the grocery store? like chucks just minding his own business, looking at different packs of ramen (maybe he left his robe at home, maybe he didnt) and then he turns the corner and amara's just /there, glaring daggers at him and chuck just says oh shit

Anonymous said:

I told myself I was done watching spn for good but I was stalking your blog again and I can’t help but go back and watch this dumb show. I hope enjoy knowing you encourage my bad habits

How It Should Have Ended
  • The Avengers: *charge at each other*
  • The Sky: *opens*
  • Thor: *slamming against the ground in a superhero landing* Cease this fruitless battle!
  • Tony: Damn it, Kenneth Branagh, we don't have time for this.
  • Thor: Silence, Anthony! I have had a terrible vision of the future if your bickering continues, and I must put an end to it!
  • Natasha: Do we all die?
  • Thor: Nay! But the fandom is forever torn apart in equally futile battle about who was right, entirely missing the ambiguous nature the brothers of Russo strove for! Friends are unfollowed! Anon hate is sent!
  • Hawkeye: Yeah, I can't raise my kids in a world like that.
  • T'Challa: What do they say of me in this future?
  • Thor: That you are more beautiful and worthy than even the gods of Asgard. But that is beside the point! My brethren, I have come to stop these childish displays!
  • Tony: Great. Fabio's gonna lead us. Well, just go ahead and tell Steve that he's only making the legal repercussions worse, and I'll-
  • Steve: We don't have time for this! The doctor's on his way to find five more winter soldiers, and -
  • Thor: *picking them both up by the scruff of the neck* Enough! I have sent Lady Sif and the Warriors Three after the man you seek, Steven. And now we shall sit down and negotiate rationally. Or I shall make the pair of you sit in the corner until you are ready to act as grown men should.
  • Scott: Can you do that anyway? That would be hilarious.
  • Natasha: Agreed.
The thing about Matt Smith...

is that he can be the silly schoolboy 


who thinks he’s cool


but is actually ridiculously clumsy (kudos for never being afraid of looking ridiculous) 

and yet is immensely powerful 



but at the same time, not


Over 1200 years old, an alien, the last of his kind (or so he thought), a father, a friend, a husband x 2? 3? god knows, a lover… the Doctor is no simple character. He’s got his good times

and his bad times


and even that is simplifying it to an excruciating point. And yet THIS guy


does with it with the most amazing amount of talent I’ve ever seen. Basically. You are the Doctor. You are my Doctor.

So thank you. Thank you for being the crazy, funny, heart-breaking, amazingly talented person you are. You can do anything you want to do. 

So go do this to the world:

And blow their minds.


March in, take commands
Line up, take a stand
Make this war to act
Strike fast, start to hunt
Gear up, to the front
Let the fire start

Patrol, punish man
Strike hard, burn the land
It’s a ravished scene
Now aim head and heart
Untamed, tear apart
Hear the perfect screams


You have to play with it till you get it exactly right.


gwen’s last moments.