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finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡

You see, you never really think your world is crashing and burning to the ground until you’re staring at it, shattered all over the floor. And I always believed that once you hit rock bottom, the only way you can go is up.

But things keep spiraling out of control. The days aren’t getting any better and I’m struggling just to breathe over here. I’ve been through hell and back and I’m not getting any silver linings.

I’m not going up.

I haven’t hit my rock bottom yet.

—  c.f. // “it’s only going to get worse”

Okay but folks. Witchcraft is not piles of feathers and rocks on the floor next to a pretty book. Druidry is not a naked white woman sitting on a mossy boulder or underneath a tree. Paganism is not wearing crystal jewlery and flowy dresses. Just because you have a triple goddess/ moon/ knot tattoo does not make you anymore spiritually intune than anyone else. 

To quote someone else, “Witches don’t look like anything. Witches are. Witches do.”

Asexual!remus headcanons

•Remus is asexual and doesn’t really voice it unless necessary
•for months Sirius says sexual pickup lines to Remus when he first becomes interested in him
•"hey moony that sweater looks nice on you, it would look better on my bedroom floor"
•"hey moony I may not go down in history but I will go down on you"
•(cheesy, but that is Sirius blacks middle name)
•Remus either laughs it off or just ignores it
•one day as Sirius says one of his “brilliant” pickup lines in the almost empty common room
•(“I see you haven’t been studying, you must want the ’D’”)
•when Remus just nonchalantly says
•"Sirius you know I’m asexual"
•and Sirius is just completely ?????what ?????what does that mean??????
•and Remus sighs and explains as simply as he can
•"it means I don’t actually wanna have sex with you…or anyone for that matter"
•and Sirius stares at him in shock
•and Remus sits there waiting for a rejection or a disgusted remark like always
•and Sirius just throws his hands in the air and says
•"moony why didn’t you tell me sooner?! I would have just asked you on a date instead of trying to get in your pants first!“
•and Remus grins cause wow Sirius Black is such a dork
•but also wow he respects his sexuality like no one ever has before
•and he wants to take him out on a date too how special
•"so do you wanna?”
•"wanna what?“
•"go on a date with me silly?”
•"of course I’ll go on a date with you padfoot.“
•and they just continue on with their business grinning like two idiots

Naga!Markiplier x Jacksepticeye: Let's go to bed

hey remember that one post about Mark singing to Jack (can’t link it bc I’m on mobile) well I finally kinda wrote it out (at 11 pm so it might suck)
here’s the usual warning for hypnosis yadda yadda yadda
also for newcomers this is an epilogue to my previous fic (just find it on my blog I can’t link it rn)

The green-haired man awoke to a sky of trees and stars, on the forest floor, with a naga he’d just met holding and cuddling him tightly.
“W… What happened last night…?” He thought to himself, staring at the stars. Then, he felt something tighten slightly around his torso. Lazily, he moved his head to see Mark was coiled around him, keeping both of them warm.
“Mark.” Jack murmured, trying to wake him up. He wouldn’t stir.
“Maaaaaaarrrrk…” He tried again. Aside from a small position adjustment, Mark didn’t respond.
“MAAAAAAARK…” Jack slurred louder while flicking Mark’s nose. Finally, he woke up.
“W-whaddya want??” Mark mumbled, annoyed.
“Why are we cuddling?”
“You were stressed, I worked my magic, you fell asleep, and I wanted you to not freeze tonight. Now can you go back to bed?”
Jack was intrigued.
“Yeah, y'know,” Mark said. “The hypno-eyes.” He lazily started the spirals, quickly stopping them after he could see Jack becoming entranced in them. “You don’t remember?”
Jack stopped to think, letting the memories come back.
“Oh, okay. I guess I’ll just stay here until the morning.”
“Good, now can you sleep? Please?”
Minutes and minutes passed by. No matter how much he tried, Jack couldn’t force himself to sleep. He wanted to just get up and leave until he remembered who was right next to him.
“I thought I told you to go to sleep.”
“I’m not tired though.” Jack hesitated slightly. “Could you do the eye thing again?”
Mark was sleepy, but he obliged. “Okay, just wait.” He started testing it, and finally he was ready. The spirals began, and Jack was enthralled almost immediately. Then, Mark started sleepily singing to him.
“Let’s go to bed…
Don’t let the monsters mess with your head…
Everything is alright, as I wish you a good night,
Now let’s all go to bed.”
Mark blinked to stop his eyes and Jack was fast asleep. Mark smiled, kissing the Irishman’s little nose before going back to sleep.

You don’t understand,“ she said, her voice breaking slightly.

His eyebrows crinkled and his gaze shifted from looking at the floor to her eyes.

“Look. I know that you love me. And you know that I love you back,” and then she swallowed hard, because what she would say next would be the biggest decision of her life. “But I can’t just sit here while I’m waiting for you to come back.”

The tears began to spill from her eyes. She walked up to where the love of her life was standing, and reached a hand up to touch his cheek lightly.

And then she closed her eyes. “This is how it has to be.. You can’t call me. You can’t text me. You can’t email me, or ask about me, or have anything to do with me. Listen to me, okay? This is what you’re going to do.”

He reached up his thumbs to brush away her tears.

“You’re going to pack the rest of your things. You’re going to get on that plane. You’re going to live your life without me. And you won’t look back. You’re going to be happy.

—  D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #21

So, Noll @minotaurtears and me are going to be in New York very soon and we’re all sorted out with accommodations etc EXCEPT for the first night, on the 20th of April. Our flight arrives in the evening at Newark and we just need a couch/bed/floor/cupboard under the stairs to crash until the next day when we can check into our airbnb place. I dare say we’re nice and quiet people and we have tons of people here on tumblr & facebook that can vouch for us not being serial killers etc. So if you live in the area or know someone who could host two desperate, broke travelers for one night, please message one of us or shoot me an email @ hm.reinhardt@web.de – and if you can’t help out personally, you can help us out by reblogging this and spreading it around! Thank you so much in advance!

I saw her crying on the floor and I couldn’t help but to just try and comfort her.

“I’m sorry, you don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve to be sad, you don’t deserve to be hurt by others. You deserve to be with someone who can love you and not leave you. Someone who sees how broken you are and stay. You’re so wonderful and you’re my best friend. I love you for everything that you are and everything that you aren’t and I’m always here for you.” I told her while laying down beside her, looking into her tear filled eyes.

“I love you, but I wish you could see that all I want is you,” She said staring into my eyes as I did into hers.

I chuckled a little and she looked confused. She stopped crying and we both sat up, silent. I then just went for it and put my lips on hers.

—  excerpt from a book I might write//@1amquotes on Instagram
Treated and Tricked (A Halloween Joshifer One-Shot!)

As I’m finishing getting ready upstairs in my second floor bathroom, I hear a familiar ruckus downstairs. I’m pinning the cat ear headband to my head as the heavy boots pound up the stairs and Josh’s deep voice asks, “Where’s Jen?”

“Fucking obsessed,” Liam says in response. “You just got here. Not a drink, a smoke, even a motherfucking hello to anyone else before you start searching for her?”

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things about people here that make me happy:

  • there’s a girl on my floor (two doors down) that i probably wouldn’t have spoken to much except that on the first day of class last semester we kept running into each other all over campus, all over our building, all day. at first we just said ‘hey’ or smiled, but by the end of the day we were like ‘imagine meeting u here!!! wow incredible!!!’ and to this day whenever we see each other whether it’s in the bathroom the whole floor shares or somewhere else around campus besides the ‘heys’ and smiles there’s some invisible, inside-joke finger-gunning happening
  • there’s a smol chinese girl who sits in the middle front row in my philosophy class who is v distressed at socrates’ disregard for women, the sick, and foreigners, and asked our professor what he thought jesus would say to socrates. (which started a whole conversation about what she thought he’d say) but really, i just love that her reaction to reading the republic is essentially ‘y’all need jesus’
  • there’s a guy in my adolescent lit class that this whole quad i’ve wondered why he was there bc he is obvs a football player and has never spoken in class and is always on his laptop - but then yesterday the prof mentioned that he’s a child psychology major and he made some really insightful comments on the book we read for that week and i’m just. :| shame on me for judging by appearances. that’s awesome.
  • there’s this couple one story down from me who are ~~~always~~~ calmly studying together/watching movies/hanging out in the lounge area between the girl and guy floors, and i never see one of them around campus without the other, and one time i took the elevator with them and SOMEHOW MANAGED TO FEEL LIKE A THIRD WHEEL FOR THREE STORIES, and i have no idea what their names are but i think of them as ‘that disgusting couple’ and it’s great u go kiddos be in that healthy relationship

fukurodani week
day one: bokuto + “favorite”

Bokuto picks up a volleyball at age six, and the world changes.

Suddenly he’s skidding across the kitchen floor not to save his mother’s dish, but because it makes good practice in case he decides to become a li-be-ro (he’s just learned the word and loves the way it rolls off his tongue). He tosses his little brothers’ birthday balloon to the sky and catches it on his wrists, absolutely convinced that he’s on his way to becoming the world’s greatest receiver. He switches on those volleyball matches on TV not to giggle over their silly form, but because he daydreams about how it might feel to fly one day.

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kinda sorta putting together a lore shop? it might not happen, but i just wanna see if anyone would be interested in it if i did open it up???

since my clan operates a large-scale black market, with several various floors and niches, that’s disguised by the bathhouse, here’s some ideas i came up with. 

-selling items that sound like they’d belong in a black market: 
baku/boar tusks, foo mantles, parda collars, canopic jars, bonepriest venom, kamaitachi sickle claws, podid claws, depin hides, various beastclan items, various scrapmetal/pieces of familiars that drop from the golem workshop, and special order requests!
i figure these items i would sell to clans who collect them! ^^

-escort services! i’ve got a couple dragons who have been slated as actual escorts within my clan, so i would be offering their ~services~, which basically means they’re available for studding! i would also offer p much all of my dragons, but since i have Actual Escorts, they’d be the highlight of this section.

-hitmen services! bonebreaker and skinshredder are contract killers. for their section, i’d basically have an exalt service! buy all ur fodder for 8k and exalt them, which lore-wise would be the equivalent of one of your dragons putting a hit on that dragon. 

i think this could be super fun if i decided to do it, and i could even send an RP-style pm that entailed our dragons making the sale in my market :3

is this something people would be interested in?

Meet Roy. 

I just found him lost in the street and called the number on his collar. He was kidnapped a few days ago from another city and somehow escaped. The owner will be here in a few days and I get to keep him till then. This feels so cliched it’s not even funny. 

He’s squishy and an absolute sweetheart and hasn’t moved from my lap since I gave him food. 

And he’s called Roy. I mean what are the odds?