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Hi! I've been a fan for a while and was wondering how genji would react to mercy getting severely injured by one of hanzo's scatter arrows. I'll show myself out now :] bye <3

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Nah doll, I love angst ♥

  • He saw his brother pulling back the string on his bow, but he also saw Mercy flying across the small space. Trying to get to the brothers to heal them, but the arrows go off, and he has no time to shout a warning. 
  • It goes into her knee, dropping her still to the ground as she cries out. Genji is already moving, and Hanzo is just seeing the doctor. 
  • His main concern is Mercy, doing his best to pull her close without agitating the wound, he’d get her somewhere safe. That’s all he can focus on for the time being.
  • After they get her back to the watchpoint safe and sound. Hanzo would already be apologizing and trying to make it right. But Genji is barely holding on, thoughts of the arrow hitting her anywhere else besides an appendage dancing in the back of his head like a taunt. 
  • He’s let himself go for just a few moments, anger boiling over as he tells Hanzo he cannot lose her. That it doesn’t matter how many times he apologizes, because if that would have killed her, he would have killed him a second time.
  • Hanzo doesn’t speak, because what can he say? Genji leaves, taking the night to focus himself and regret the words he spoke to his brother. Genji wants him to heal and forgive himself, yet he goes off on him like that. It’s not fair, to either of them, he knows. 
  • He tracks down Hanzo the next day. His older brother is cold and distant but he’s learned to recognize how Hanzo masks his pain. Quietly, Genji tells him that Mercy will be fine. She’ll be able to walk in six weeks and she’ll heal. Genji knows he can’t take back what he said, but he does ask for Hanzo’s forgiveness.
  • This startles Hanzo. His wide eyes settling on the cyborg his brother had become because of his own two hands. Here he is, asking for his forgiveness. 
  • He gives the smallest nod, and Genji’s visor glows softly. His hand touches his shoulder, before leaving to go see Mercy. Leaving Hanzo with his messy thoughts of forgivness. 
01; badboy!taehyung

close your eyes (01)
p: being unable to open their eyes for a few moments after

it was(n’t) hard to believe that you were up here.

by the balcony, feeling as the cold breeze brushes against your skin as if it’s a reminder you were out in the open. yet enclosed in the arms of the boy you love when he pulls you close, refusing to let you go.

you inhale through your nose, feeling as the air fills in your lungs with a hint of smoke infused in the atmosphere but a tinge of sweetness from taehyung when he’s pressed up to you against the railing. he was eager at first; excited to have you all on his own without anyone barging in halfway. no one to tell you what the standards of the society was - of who should date one another, who should love who.

it was absurd.

but out here with your arms around his neck as taehyung kisses you - initially fervent and needy, whining with desperation to feel your lips so hard that it’ll imprint on his lips to this slow, gentle movements that takes over when he reminds himself that you’re here with him.

no one else but him.

no one other than kim taehyung.

and that makes him break the kiss with a smile lingering on his face.

his eyes peek open after having them closed for so long, taking in the image of you that starts out rough before it focuses and he processes the sight of you breathing heavily with closed eyes. his smile grows wider, arms snaking around your waist to hug you and the feeling of leather stuck to his skin, pressed to yours, is the best feeling ever.

when your vision comes to, you’re deciphering the blurry sight of the one you love… that starts to become clear and it’s a box grin from your favorite boy.

kim taehyung.