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Look if they ever start doing Dresden Movies I want the trailer to Skin Games to rip off all these gaudy, over the top, Mission Impossible Hollywodd heist films. Like put George Clooney, Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman and for no reason Chris Tucker does all these awesome heist film things. Then near the end just have the camera slowly pan back as a cop car passes by and then lead into a bird's eye of the standoff between Police vs Binder while Dresden and rest are running through Marcone's place.

Imagine the lift scene instead where they’re going down in the lift and have a voice of “So you want me to work with a 2000 year old maniac” while showing scenes of the fight outside Michae’ls house focusing on Nicodemus, “and his twisted daughter/lover” showing Deirdre turning in to her monster form “and whatever freak shows he’s signed on” showing the creature beating the shit out of Harry when he first meets it “to break in to a vault” showing blowing a door off its hinges “owned by the Barron of Chicago” Marcone sitting at his desk. “So we can rip a hole in to the underworld” show a view of the underworld “And steal from a literal God.” Hades sitting in his chair by the fire. Switch back to the lift “And you want me to survive?!”

Mab, facing forward, shot from behind. “I expect you to do more than survive, my knight.” she turns and looks at him, giving him a cold and beautiful smile. The lift pings, the doors open. “I expect you to skin them alive.” she walks out.

Cut to title card. Coming soon.

Then flip back to Harry standing dumb faced in the lift. The doors start closing and he has to jump out between the doors and almost gets his coat stuck. He disapeaers off shot as the doors close, and something moves just inside one of the shadows off screen.

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sister/kaikaina grif, of synnesai’s guns for hire rvb au fame

i think i’ve captured all the bruce/natasha (hulkwidow) moments in the age of ultron trailers so far. the wait is killing me!