i'll help

where should I start?
where should I go?
am I still existing?
am I still here?
Do anyone see me?
Why am I asking this?
They don’t. Yes they don’t.
When everything is new at sight
when you expect that everything will be bright and lite
but the shades become darker than black
and no one seems to notice that you’re losing the pack
cause nobody seems to care
that you are there
existing just like them
holding no sword nor a pen
I was not a mere shadow of any
I was not really sure why you don’t see me
I’m still haunted by the world of uselessness
I’m still a captive of the un belongingness
I can’t move off my feet, I can’t be free to take a sit
How do you consider this a home
If I can’t be who I want on my own
Everything was so structured
they say just follow the rules
to cause no trouble and live happily
but never will it happen
I am so close on giving up the end
but why am I still holding on?
maybe I’m still hoping that it will soon get better
I will find my place inside those four corners
exercising happiness at its extent
dreaming about their promises of a happy end

I need good wlw fanfictions. I’ve been out of the fanfiction game for awhile and I want so new stuff. I’ll read anything from the following

TV Shows:

Supergirl, Once Upon A Time, Grey’s, Jane The Virgin, One Day at a Time, Sense8, The 100, Gilmore Girls, Agent Carter, How to Get Away with Murder, Person of Interest and UnReal


Wicked (but I’ve read almost all of it), Heathers, Hamilton, Les Mis, Rent, and Legally Blonde


Heathers, Harry Potter, Les Mis, Rent, Legally Blonde, Ghostbusters, Whip it and I’m sure there’s more I just can’t think of them


Harry Potter, and Wicked

Or anything that’s well written and doesn’t need a ton of context

The Land Of Scanning

“You are the last one”. His words hit me with the force of a hurricane, excruciating realisation turning my body from hot to cold and back again. The ropes around me seemed to just grow tighter as I struggled, the friction painfully burning my flesh but going unnoticed as I writhed to break free. In the distance, amber flames lit up the sky in a display that was eerily awe inspiring. Hard as I fought not to, I saw the profound beauty in the fire that gave light to the abyss, but so tinged was that beauty with darkness that it could never be enjoyed or recreated. The warm night air carried the bitter taste of ash to the hill on which I stood bound against a great oak, watching my city, and in it my people, burn. I looked up in to the inky black firmament and through my bloodied lips mouthed a silent prayer of pleading for the peace of their immortal souls. “What good does it do to keep me alive? If you ever believed in the divine right of kings, kill me now and lay me in whichever mass grave you leave my people”. Every breath felt like swallowing broken glass, and I fought to keep the blood from pooling in my throat as I waited for an answer. Eternal minutes passed until a rough hood obscured my vision. Begged as I had for death, the cold feeling of the blade against my throat still sent white hot terror shooting through my body. It is only at the end of days when you encounter who you truly are, and I was to die scared and unfulfilled. “As you wish. Say goodbye,” rasped voice of my unlikely conqueror as the blade sank deeper in to my skin. “No more is the land of Scanning”.

I still remember the day when I told you I loved you, and you didn’t say it back. And I still ask myself why that was. So much of me wants to be grateful for the fact that you were kind enough not to tell me something that you didn’t mean–and I am. But I can’t not wonder what it was that made it so that you didn’t feel the same way. Sometimes I tell myself that I just reminded you too much of you, and it was harder to love me for that reason. Other times I tell myself it’s because of the way you liked my twin first, and so there was just no way that you’d slide into feelings for me so soon. What I really needed to know back then, those words that you wouldn’t tell me: What did I do wrong?
—  🖤
You decide how much words hurt you. Nothing grows until it’s fed.
—  how to kill a thought // A.S

Local Man Ruins Everything™ 


Hairstyles and realizations

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HAPPY EASTER!!♡ U( ˃ㅅ˂ ✿)U

“Happiness is for stupid, ignorant people.” She huffed quietly. “Educated people feel happiness too, I’m sure.” Clarke grinned, looking at the giggling couple infront of the swing set.

“I never said uneducated, do not mistake education for intelligence.

Intelligence is knowing you cannot know everything. Education is believing you can know everything.

Besides happiness is contentness, and intellectuals are never content.

Intelligent people never dull their feelings down to just one anyways. They feel blissful, exhilarated, joyful, uncontainable, infinite. Intelligent people feel infinite.”

—  An excerpt from a book I hope to write.