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07 // something good

07 // something good
flight log: departure fic series

Youngjae | 1882 words
Your flight gets delayed, then cancelled, then rescheduled altogether, but your seatmate for the thirteen hour trip back to Seoul makes the headache more than worth it.

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I'll take care of you

A/N:This is for Karolina’s Playlist 1k follower celebration challenge and the song/prompt I was given is: Carry On My Wayward Son (lullaby version)

(there is a set part for it, but I’d listen to it through the whole story but id if it matches up and the story is sort of short,sorry)

Warnings:Cas being a dick(verbal abuse kind of) 

Pairing:Dean x Reader, some Castiel x reader 

Word Count: 1,029

A/N: Okay so I didn’t finish this so I’ll just turn it into two parts if you all want just please let me know through an ask/message or a comment on the post. Also you could like/reblog. This was really fun to write and I’m glad @loveitsallineed decided to do the challenge thank you for that love, and conrats! Hope you enjoy!

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