i'll have to dye it again i guess

Text Messaging Adventures with Tentoo and Rose
  • Doctor: Ugh, Rose, I'm going to be late for dinner tonight.
  • Rose: Okay, why?
  • Doctor: Um, reasons?
  • Rose: ...what happened?
  • Doctor: What makes you think something happened? Maybe traffic is terrible? Or maybe I went to the pub with some other scientists? Rose, how do you know a bunch Foofnoops didn't decide to invade and I now must go to their home world to negotiate a peace treaty? Maybe I didn't concoct a revenge plot against Owen because he ratted us out to Pete for using the copy room on the twenty-sixth floor for "inappropriate reasons" by rigging the elevator coming up from the morgue with water jets and blue dye, but then Pete found out and now I have to clean up the whole mess and write a ten page report about respecting my co-workers and behaving appropriately at work...again.
  • Rose: ...I guess I'll get take out and meet you there, then.
  • Doctor: <3