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Fic Annoucement: Galra Companion

Proper Care and Feeding of Your Galra Companion for Dummies has been deleted.

Do not panic. Please just hear me out because it is not all bad news at all. 

It was a tough decision, and it comes with it some even better news that I think you all will really enjoy. 

Galra Companion is being rewritten. The first chapter can already be viewed here. The second chapter is already well underway. I expect what has already been written down will be covered in the first five or six chapters. So, no, the overall plot hasn’t changed. It’s instead been very much improved on.

When I first wrote Galra Companion, it was supposed to be just a silly story of random fluff to make up for the rather angsty undertone of the smutfic Undertow. A series of domestic ficlets that tied in together with the theme of Lance caring for his Galra boyfriend. But then, as I realized just how big of a secret this would be for Keith and the possible consequences, the story took on a far different form.

I actually realized this months ago, but I was a coward. I didn’t want to scrap it just yet. I didn’t want to lose all the feedback I had already, even though I knew writing the story the way it wants to be written is so much more important. I thought scrapping my fic was a Bad Thing. I thought my readers would get mad. I figured I could just wing it with what I had. Every update was excuse after excuse to keep me going. And every update I hated it. Not that it wasn’t a fun project to work on, oh no. But simply because I knew deep down that it could be so much more than what it currently is. And the hits and the comments and the kudos came pouring in and maybe it’s my pride, but I just feel like you guys deserve my best work and this is not my best work. It can be better, and you guys who have supported me through so much deserve better.

What are the improvements:

  • A better grasp of Keith’s voice. This is major. I struggled with Keith so much in the beginning since I started writing this fic all the way back in mid-July. Now that it’s December, I have a much better understanding of him and his motivations and behaviors. He is much more consistent. There is a lot more focus on his own internal struggle with his identity. 
  • Fewer chapters but much longer. The first chapter is over 7k. 5k-7k words is what I aiming at for each update. Therefore, important scenes will be expanded upon.
  • Less filler, more focus on worldbuilding. The entire point of the fic now alongside Lance building a relationship with Galra!Keith is the worldbuilding I am doing that encompasses not only Keith’s past but also speculation on his parents, past Paladins, Zarkon’s origin and the start of the Atlean War, etc. More of that is now weaved into earlier chapters. No more getting blindsided with plot. In short, the pacing is significantly better.
  • Change from past to present tense. Mostly to just match the two NSFW fics, thereby giving all three fics the same tone across the board. Also gives a more introspective feel since many of the struggles are internal. I also write a lot faster in present tense. I don’t know why this is.
  • I actually know what I’m doing. That’s a pretty big deal, too. Now I know where this fic is going, its purpose, and where I want it to go and how to end, I think it’ll just be a better read overall especially for new readers who want something to tie them over while we wait for S2 to drop.

I’m aiming for the first five or six chapters to be written and posted before Christmas since I know I left the original on a big cliffhanger so I don’t want any of you to wait too much longer. Since we’re already in the final acts of the original, I don’t expect many more chapters after that. Maybe ten overall? Maybe? The outline is pretty detailed but we’ll see how things go. I’m still aiming to have the entire thing done before S2 just because of all the pre-series speculation stuff, but if it doesn’t, then consider this fic a massive canon divergence for speculative “what if” purposes. Or maybe it won’t be, I have no idea how much is gonna get revealed in S2. Maybe not too much, considering this series is supposed to be a 78-episode run more or less.

And for those wondering, I do have a downloaded copy of the original to keep my outline consistent and maintain the worldbuilding I already have. So the original does still exist. Just not on AO3 anymore. And ofc all the tumblr reblogs and stuff, but I’m not too worried about those. 

Thank you all for understanding. This story is incredibly fun and it means a lot to me. So much has changed in my views of this show and its characters in the five months since I’ve started this story, and thanks to your overwhelming support, I want to give you something better.

Please enjoy!

Proper Care and Feeding of Your Galra Companion: New Edition - chapter 1