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For being someone who’s always sleeping or talking about sleeping or wishing he were asleep Aizawa sure likes being up late at night, doesn’t he

who would have thought I’d have found yet another reason for finding this man relatable

Wherever You Go I'll Follow (Multi-Ship Harry Potter AU) - Bramble

A/N: I managed to convince myself to focus on fics I already have long enough to get an update done. Like I said in the previous part, there are probably way more people more inclined to write this fic than me, if you have any suggestions for this or any of my fics feel free to contact me on any of my sideblogs. This part is entirely set in the past. Enjoy!

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So che potrei mentire, ma ti sto dicendo la verità
Ovunque io vada c’è un’ombra di te
So che potrei provare a cercare qualcosa di nuovo
Ma ovunque io vada sarò alla ricerca di te.

One Republic - Wherever I go

it’s gettin’ there..
slowly, but it’s gettin’ there…


A summary of Moana

I love this movie

A few things about that scene in tonight’s Vikings, now that I’ve had a bit of time to gather my thoughts:

  • It had been bothering me all season long that Ragnar’s obviously very genuine baptism at the end of season 3 had been all but forgotten. But now it all makes sense. It’s not about Christian or Pagan. It’s not about Odin or Jesus or Heaven or Valhalla. For Ragnar it is simply a matter of faith. And what was Athelstan if not the embodiment of faith in Ragnar’s eyes? Ragnar’s faith absolutely died with Athelstan.
  • Literally once he survived Paris and went on living back home, it was as a faithless man. It’s not that he doesn’t want to see Athelstan in his Heaven once more. It’s that he has lost the ability to allow himself to believe such a place could even exist.
  • “Athelstan was a man of God.” “And he still died.” Ragnar has lost so many people, and his belief in Gods or an afterlife has never hinged on death. For him death was not a defeat, only a new beginning. Athelstan’s death well and truly stripped him of his faith to the core.
  • So what is he left with if not an eternity in the afterlife with his beloved? Well, seeing the only piece of Athelstan left on this Earth in the form of his only son certainly seemed to bring Ragnar more joy than anything has since the last time he gazed upon Athelstan’s living face.
  • Like I just genuinely feel that seeing Alfred was an essential thing for him before his death. To know some part of Athelstan will go on living. That is a victory for Ragnar in itself.
  • Anyway I do think it’s rlly interesting that they had Ecbert pose the question of which afterlife Athelstan landed in upon his death. I, like Ragnar, have little faith left at this point, but wouldn’t it be lovely if they give us some sign that the two of them will be reunited on the other side after all…
  • Also props to Michael Hirst for at least acknowledging that Ragnar’s downfall and wish for death did indeed spring from Athelstan’s death. In every way that counts, they died together. Ragnar could never get past the burden of such a loss, and everything since then has been in the hopes of ending it all.

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Anonymous asked me: Songs from Hannah Montana or songs from Austin and Ally?

There are just some of my favourite songs from Hannah Montana. What are yours?

“The city lights look amazing from this distance.” Oliver sighed out. He’d spent a good two hours in the water playing volleyball with whoever would jump in. No names or pleasantries required and yeah it got a little aggressive and competitive here and there. By the end the lot were happy but Oliver’s body felt the result of working out so long. It was a wonderful feeling, a good kind of sore, and since the paramedic had started the day with drinks he felt it only appropriate to end with them too. If left to his own devices, he would definitely sleep great tonight, but there was always room for more. “Between a day of sun and this buzz… life’s pretty good right now. This was a perfect mini vacation.”