i'll go submit it to their tumblr now

anonymous asked:

Your writing has caught my attention. I assume a large portion of the fanbase follows you, so this is where I'll leave this bit of information: Everyone needs to calm down. They're more worked up about this than Louis is right now. It's all going to work out fine.

Uhhh…thanks, man. 

Yeah, I’ve got a few thousand more followers on Tumblr than on Twitter, so that can give you an indication of my reach I suppose? 

I have an idea of who this is given where I just submitted something but if you wanna be all low-key anon I feel ya. I’ve built a writing career on an anonymous alias over the past six years, so hakuna matata. 

I actually started writing an article for Buzzfeed last August and how absurd this baby thing all was, but then assumed it would just go away, so when I saw @ Louis_Tomlinson tweeting about it yesterday I was high key like, ‘Oh, hell no.’ 

I like to believe that there is a plan, but to see such a blatant attack on someone just raises my hackles and I really fucking hate injustice and bullying. And that’s what this has written all over it. I feel like a very uncomfortable clench in my soul when I people can’t stand up for themselves, so that’s why I got all heated and put my investigative journalism hat on today. 

Thanks for your message, though. Glad you enjoyed the article x