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Question because I'm insecure

Am i considered part of the vore or g/t community? I mean I’ve gotten a few messages from blogs here and there that i know are a big part of it and all and I reblog a lot of stuff, but the majority of interactions i have with the actual community are just kind of off hand reblogs. And while i adore that people are reblogging my stuff so so much, i just kinda feel like people don’t really consider me a part of this wonderful group of people. I dunno… i love you all and i look up to so many of you and have even before i started this blog, I’m just kinda doubting myself right now… srry friends


I’m a newbie at drawing comics but that song was stuck in my head for months, so I had to give it a try! I like to call it “A letter to my son”. I hope you will enjoy it!

"When the kissing sound doesn't come out..."
Kaji Yuki, Nishiyama Koutarou, Maeno Tomoaki
"When the kissing sound doesn't come out..."

Kaji’s “unrelatable embarrassing experience”

(from Kiznaiver “KizRaji” public recording, morning part)

In this corner titled “Reach for Your Goal, Kiznaiver of Solitude! ‘Only One’ Championship Match,” each seiyuu needs to share an embarrassing experience that the audience should find hard to relate. After each seiyuu’s story, the audience will indicate that they can relate by applauding, and the seiyuu who gets the least applause wins.

Kaji volunteered to go first, and here’s how it went…

Nishiyama: Now, let’s listen to Kaji-san’s embarrassing story. Please go ahead.

*stereotypical gentle music for storytelling starts playing*

*laughs from the audience*

Kaji: Pfft! It’s not like I’m gonna tell something nice, what’s up with this music? *switches to a storytelling tone* It all happened –

*laughs from the audience*

Kaji: – in the summer of last year. I went to the recording studio as usual. But my job that day was neither anime recording nor movie dubbing, which I get to work with other people; it was a game recording. I was all by myself for half of the day. As for the game, it was the type of female-oriented game that we call otome game. In the last scene of the game, I needed to say a lot of sweet lines, and, you know, insert some *chu~(kissing)* sounds…

*laughs from the audience*

Kaji: But, maybe because I was nervous or not used to saying those lines, I kept stumbling over my words, especially at the important places. I ended up saying “I like yo– *stumbles*” And after that, the “lip sound” I was supposed to make turned out to be something like, like, “bu”…

*laughs from the audience*

Kaji: Sometimes my kissing sound just doesn’t come out properly… And I guess that would be my embarrassing moment. Bye-bye~

*laughs from the audience* *music ends*

Nishiyama: Thank you very much!

Kaji: That music was totally unexpected!

Nishiyama: I know.

Kaji: That was an embarrassing background music.

Nishiyama: And you are the first one to go…

Kaji: But (messing up on kissing sounds) itself is really embarrassing.

Nishiyama: I understand.

Maeno: I know I know.

Kaji: I guess every male seiyuu understands how that feels.

Nishiyama: When the kissing sound doesn’t come out, it really is…

Kaji: It’s weird… Like when (your lips) are dry… You have to make them moist enough…

Maeno: We usually don’t make that kind of sound in the first place.

Kaji: Exactly! *lol* We don’t do that kind of stuff usually!

Maeno: We don’t go “chu~chu~” like that.

Nishiyama: We don’t go “chu~chu~”…

Kaji: Although it’s embarrassing, we still do it. It’s like, “Can I go now? Muah!~”

*everyone laughs*

Nishiyama: *laughing* Yes yes.

Kaji: That sort of thing feels really embarrassing.

Maeno: *lol* Should I say what you just did is a little weird…

Kaji: Plus the fact that the staff is watching you from the other side of the glass… It’s even worse if you use the dummy head mic…

Maeno: I know right!

Kaji: Imagine saying and doing that sort of stuff to such a coarse face… It’s quite a scary scene. It’s just really embarrassing.

Nishiyama: It really is.

PS: Kaji was one of the winners for this contest(?)… The most enthusiastic applause he received was from Maeno lol.

I regret having given you all of those pieces of me when you were never even going to stay.
—  💜

Needless to say, the latest episode of Steven Universe destroyed me. This song in particular. Of course my Hamada Brother feels had to kick in shortly after. 

Kind people forever feel that their actions go unnoticed.

But that kid you helped to tutor in maths, he passed and was able to move up a grade. Now he truly believes he can conquer the world. And he can.

The woman you watched drop her purse; you instinctively ran after her to make sure she got it back. To this day each time she pulls out a dollar bill she smiles at the thought of how you reinstated her faith in humanity.

When you mentioned to your teacher that he was the most influential person in your life and you want to study his subject at university, he fell in love with his job all over again. He remembered why he endures all of those hours of marking. For the students like you.

After you told your mother you loved her with a bunch of flowers she stared at your baby photo for ten minutes straight in awe at how she created a wonderful person.

Kind people. They many never say it, but the sparkle in their eyes tells you all you need to know.

You changed their life.

—  The kind are wonderful, the wonderful are kind // A.S

Skip Muck (feat. That one thing we all pretend didn’t happen) + text posts (4/?)

  • Killian: *spend 300 years chasing after the dark one who killed his first love*
  • Killian: *fall in love with emma and let go of his vengeance and anger so that he can be the man she deserve*
  • Killian: *finally got together with his true love only to have her turn into the dark one - which is what he hates most*
  • Killian: *found out he is the dark one too*
  • Killian:
  • Killian:
  • Killian: I came here to have a good time and i honestly feel so attacked right now...

Jeff & Annie ● I think… [6x13]

“You should kiss me goodbye or you might regret it for the rest of your life.”

[Please watch in HD ^-^]