i'll go get started on requests now

Closing requests for now

I think I’m going to close requests..? I really was trying to keep up with the “requests are always open!!” type of blog I had in mind from the start, but I’ve fallen behind on requests. It’s a bit stressful to have new requests streaming in while trying to get old requests done. I hope you can understand :( I’m trying my hardest, the way that I write just takes time. I can’t write an entire request in one sitting, I have to think about it over time and write a few sentences at a time before I can get any ideas flowing into words. I don’t know why, but that’s just how my brain works. I’m sorry. I really wanted to keep up with never closing requests, but I need to clean out my inbox. I’ll open it back up when I get all of them done and I’ll do my best to keep on top of them afterwards so I don’t have to close them again.

Thank you for reading this unnecessarily long post. Have a lovely day/night~ ^-^