i'll go get started on requests now

anonymous asked:

You have started something you seriously cannot stop now. Good job! (You should do a dandy version of Yuri's cat too tho. When you get a chance.) This is madness lmao

I am both proud and slightly mortified by the dandy movement I’ve started :^) and here you go <3

fun fact: I don’t know how to draw cats. 

As of now...

This blog is on hiatus. (Feb/15/17)

It might be a week, maybe two. I’m not sure yet but you all know I always come back.

I would love to get some writing done during this break, but truth is i should just take the freaking time off and actually disconnect. But i never learn.

  • If you sent any requests in the last few days, don’t worry they’re still there and they will be posted when the blog goes back to normal. 
  • If you miss me, this blog has 730 pages you can go through and a masterlist with around 200 stories. 

“All the stories”.

 Be safe, beautiful people. ♥️ See you soon. X.


Heeeey everybody. After I’m finished with the commissions currently on my plate (don’t worry, everything is on schedule), I’m going to close up commissions for a while to work on other projects. Work is bananas, and I’m falling behind on some personal stuff. I’ll still be writing drabbles and whatnot, and maybe closer to the holidays I’ll take some coffee requests, but for right now, I’m going to take a break.

When commissions start up again, I will probably incorporate a slot system. Still thinking it over.

I’ll let you all know if things change.

We (Part One)

part two


You don’t respond, sitting with your lips pursed as you look back at your computer screen, completely impassive.  Your boyfriend’s pixelated figure looks back at you expectantly, a frown etched onto his pink lips.

“Babe, say something. Please.” Justin begs, leaning forward as if getting closer to his own computer from where he is on the other side of the world will get him closer to you.

You blink once, twice, but no words come from your mouth. You look up to the ceiling, hot tears starting to prick at your eyes. Fuck. You blink again, focusing on him; his face, his hair, his eyes, his eyes, his eyes. Oh… He’s scared too.

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Elsa having a panic attack and anna comforts her; requested by anonymous 
not 100% what i had in mind but yeah; also super messy whoops~
hc; As a result of being trained to keep emotions inside, her skin starts freezing when she panics, but it’s usually not more than the fingertips …