i'll go at this dude's door

VLD Squad as things said by my sister and her friends
  • Lance: Squash a banana and call me a hoe!
  • Hunk: I have enough chins to go around. You wanna pet them?
  • Pidge: *playing Mario Kart with Matt and Hunk* I'm actually getting a blister on my finger from holding the remote so tightly.
  • Keith: I'm like Beetlejuice; if you say my name three times, I'll kill you.
  • Shiro: *singing* I die a little inside every daaaaaaay
  • Allura: *goes into another room to pet the mice only to see the door is closed* This is not okay.
  • Coran: *getting up from lying down on the floor* Oh Lord, I'm getting a head rush! Lord, help me today!
  • Matt: *while him, Pidge, and Hunk are playing Mario Kart* Honestly, this is really fucking with my eyes. I don't know if I'm going the right way.
  • Lotor: *looking at a skeleton decoration on the wall* Stop looking at me weird, dude.
  • Acxa: *one of the others has a cough attack while she's talking* Can you absolutely not?
  • Ezor: *singing incoherently*
  • Zethrid: Kova, look at me! *says this repeatedly*
  • Narti: ....

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Tyler takes off his suit jacket in Marks newest video and I'm imaging that happening after him and his S/o went out to eat at a nice restaurant and they were teasing him the entire time so when they get home he says in their ear "it's time for my dinner now baby" and pins them against the wall. I'll go now.

fuckkk dude and he just slides onto his knees to pleasure you right there against the door, and it’s all sloppy and desperate