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When I see people calling Alien Force/Ultimate Alien/Omniverse Ben 10 “reboots”:

You don’t deserve to call yourself a fan if you can’t tell the difference between continuations and a reboot

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I'll Always Find You

Title: I’ll Always Find You

Imagine: Getting separated from your brothers at a young age and then meeting at a later time.

Pairing: Winchester brothers X sister!reader.

Warnings: Separation. Bad parenting.

Note: Request! Hope this is what you wanted! Thanks for the idea. And I thought I would go ahead and get another Imagine up in celebration of me reaching 100 followers!

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Hope you enjoy it! Originally posted by samgirlsclub

Reader is 8 years old and 2 younger than Sam.

Your hand was pulled along by Sam’s as you hurried through the streets. Sam was following Dean, who was following Dad. You all stopped, as there was a huge group of people surrounding something.

“No. We’re too late..” Dad whispered. His hand fell out of his jacket as he stared at the lifeless body of the girl. You were able to peek through the legs of the people.

Deans hand fell and his gun followed.

“Hey!” A nearby officer saw it and began running toward Dean.

“Let’s go! Run!” You heard Dad say. Your hand was pulled again as you felt bullets fly past you. You tried to run through the crowd.

Something grabbed your jacket collar and pulled. Your hand slipped out of Sam’s and you fell backwards. You head hit the ground and through blurry vision you saw Sam and Dean being pulled backwards by Dad. No!

You awoke on a bed. Not a prison bed, but a child’s bed. Where were you? An older looking lady walks in and sat by the bed. She put her hand to your forehead and smiled kindly at you.

“How are you doing, dear?” She asked you.

“Where am I?” You dodged her question.

“Oh, you’re at the town orphanage, darling.” She said and you leaned up quickly.

“What? N-no. I need to get back to my brothers!” You tried to get down but the lady put her hand on yours.

“I’m afraid the car has left, child,” Her eyes were sincere. What? They wouldn’t leave you. Sam and Dean wouldn’t. Dad would. You weren’t much use being the youngest, but you never thought he would leave you. “What is your name?” She asked you.

“(Y/N)… My name is (Y/N).”

Reader is 25.

“Matthew! Duck!” You yelled as you chopped the vamps head off. That was the last hopefully.

“Nice job.” Matthew smiled at you. Matthew was a friend you met growing up. You ended up telling him what happened and he agreed to help you look for your family. After no progress, you both turned to regular hunting.

“Let’s go.” He said as he headed to the truck.

“Okay. I’ll be there in a minute, I think I dropped my pocket knife back here.” You said as you turned in the opposite direction.

“Be careful.” He called. You rolled your eyes. Of course.

It took you a good minute or two to find it, but as soon as you did, a clatter of chains made you freeze. Dang, more vamps!

You saw it coming right for you and your weapon was in the front. You raised the small knife and ran for some kind of other weapon.

“Nice try.” The vamp chuckled as his teeth came out.

“Hey! Over here!” A man’s voice called, but it wasn’t Matthew. You heard the slice and heard the vamps head hit the ground.

You turned around and saw two men. Probably hunters, one taller than the other.

“Thank you.” You said.

“You’re welcome. Try to be more careful.” The shorter one said. You tilted your head.

“I was being careful. My friend and I cleared this place out. I just didn’t see that last one.” You said.

“Friend? So you work with someone?” The taller one asked this time.

“Yeah, friend. A job like this doesn’t leave much room for relationships and it’s always good to have a partner. I see you two work together.” You nodded.

“Why don’t you give us your number? In case you ever need help.” The shorter one asked. You were hesitant to answer.

“Here, then let me give you my number.” He said and you agreed.

“Name?” You asked.

“I’m Dean and this is my brother, Sam.” He said. You stopped moving. It couldn’t be them, could it?

“Last names?” You said as your eyes moved from one to the other.

“Winchester.” They both said. You felt tears come to your eyes and you smiled.

“It’s me! It’s (Y/N)!” You yelled as you tackled them into a giant hug. They returned it.

“I missed you guys, so much.” You said as the tears ran down your cheeks.

“We missed you too, kiddo.” Dean answered. He was crying too. So was Sam. You all were crying with tears of joy.

“(Y/N). I swear we looked. Over and over.” Sam said. Dean nodded.

“It’s okay. I looked too, but that doesn’t matter. We’re together again. I missed my brothers.” You laughed.

The Winchester’s were back together again.

How Barry Should Have Reacted
  • IRIS: Yeah, but--it's like you think nothing can touch you.
  • BARRY: I beg to differ, Iris. I'll gladly let you touch me. Ahaha, I'm not even joking. You can touch me whenever you want--I mean, give me a little warning, but if you want to hug or hold hands or, ahem, kiss, feel free to just, just go ahead. I'm ready when you're ready. I was ready the first second I saw you, but I'm also ready right now--
  • Judge: Why did you think it was okay to murder this man?
  • Me: *WARNING UNPOPULAR OPINIONS AHEAD* Anti-Feminist. Anti-SJW. If you wish to engage me in debate please state your argument articulately using LOGIC and REASON. Otherwise, I'll not bother acknowledging you. I'm blunt and I don't give two shits about being politically correct. I'm not responsible if your precious "feelings" get hurt :)
  • Judge: hoyl fuck I'm sorry I should have read your blog description before bringing you in here. You are free to go
  • Me: Thank you *goes back to working on list of 25 things guys HATE that women do after sex*