i'll give you the recipe if you want it

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I love your blog! I'm not entirely vegan (i stopped meat/fish/milk/eggs but my want for cheese won't go away...) but once I am fully vegan, i'll try all of your recipes! Thanks for having such an amazing blog! ❤️

Aw thank you. As for the cheese - most of us don’t go vegan because we hate how animal products taste. I use to be seriously in love with cheese. The desire goes away, I promise. Even starts to gross you out. If you have any vegan cheeses in store try em out! Chao is my favorite, especially the original flavor, It lasts about four days in my house between grilled cheeses and just eating it out of the package. Anyways, I just wanted to give some tips, I’m not saying ditching dairy is a piece of cake. There’s a protein in milk (casein) that’s makes it addictive. It’s a protein that keeps the baby calf coming back to feed from mama cow. Acts like an opiate in our brain. Read up on Casein or casomorphins (pretty awful stuff). So yes, it can suck to ditch it, but not at all impossible, and so worth it. If you need any help or tips i’m here. As for the rest i’m proud of you! Happy you enjoy the blog. c:

Pieces of Paper
  • [Scene: I'm putting Beth, age 9, to bed.]
  • Beth: "Do you see those four pieces of paper I have taped up on the wall?"
  • Me: "Uh... I see them but I can't read them. I'm not wearing my glasses."
  • Beth: "Guess what they are."
  • Me: "Hmmm... are they a map to your buried treasure?"
  • Beth: "What? No. I don't have any buried treasure. Guess again."
  • Me: "OK, OK. Are they your favorite postcards from your pen-pal zookeepers in South Africa?"
  • Beth: "My what?"
  • Me: "Your pen-pal zookeepers in South Africa."
  • Beth: "Do you really think I have pen-pal zookeepers in South Africa?"
  • Me: "Doesn't everyone?"
  • Beth: "Do you?"
  • Me: "Not anymore."
  • Beth: [sighing] "No. That's not it at all. Do you want me to tell you what they are?"
  • Me: "No, no, one more guess... it's your four favorite brownie recipes."
  • Beth: "Why would I have brownie recipes in my bedroom?"
  • Me: "Don't you like brownies?"
  • Beth: "Not enough to sleep with them. OK, I'll tell you what they are."
  • Me: "Are they the launch instructions for your Apollo 47 mission?"
  • Me: "Yeah, for your spaceship."
  • Beth: "I don't have a spaceship."
  • Me: "Yet."
  • Beth: "Well, yeah."
  • Me: "OK, I give up. What are the four pieces of paper?"
  • Beth: "I'll tell you, but... are you sure you won't interrupt me with another crazy guess?"
  • Me: "I can't promise that. Maybe you should talk faster."
  • Beth: [to the ceiling] "How did I get such a father?"