i'll give you a hint: too long

anonymous asked:

I've never kissed anyone and I'm scared I'll mess up the first time. Advice?

  1. Make sure you’ve got some mints or Binaca or something 
  2. You just have to read his body language and give him your own signs as well (catching his eye and then deliberately looking toward his mouth is a great hint)
  3. A hand on his arm or shoulder or against his cheek will do the trick 
  4. You don’t have to get in a lot of heavy tongue action right from the start, but neither do you want to give him a stingy little peck. Part your lips a little, be gentle, and don’t linger too long;
  5. You need to let your boy know what you want. For instance, while kissing him, cup his cheek, lace your hands at the nape of his neck, or slip your arms around his back. Let him know it’s okay to touch, okay to go on – but not too far. 
  6. You can be in public, but make sure you share your first kiss in a private place, during a private moment. 

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