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Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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Ennoshita's "do it for Daichi" shirt is the best thing I've ever seen

it’s all fun and games until daichi sees him wearing the shirt and ennoshita decides to avoid him for an entire week

Word of advice

Date yourself. No, really. Take yourself on dates. Go to the movies alone. Go to a restaurant for dinner by yourself. Go get a coffee by yourself. Don’t mess on your phone while you’re there either. Give time to yourself.

Because if you can’t do things by yourself, how are you ever going to be able to do them with someone else and be content?

Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star

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I don't know if you've already answered this or not, but during that scene in the last episode with Mikasa, what do you think was going through Eren's mind?

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue points of view with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother.

A lot of things, anon. 

  • That he wasn’t able to make a difference again.
  • That he was useless.
  • That they were all going to die because he couldn’t shift into a titan.
  • That he was unable to avenge his mother or save Hannes.
  • That his getting captured was the entire reason for all of the death happening around them.
  • That his friends betrayed humanity and he was unable to kill them. 
  • That there are people who hold him very dear even though he doesn;t understand why.
  • That he needed to protect his friends for once instead of the other way around.
  • That one way or another, he needed to fight to make a difference, even if all he could do was throw a punch out of anger and frustration. 

Thanks ^^ I hope so too haha
Here’s Kaiju, one of many (I think I have a total of like thirty oops)


✔️Protective - Shawn’s crew is protective over y/n
✔️Grieving - Y/n’s Grandma dies and she needs Shawn
✔️Pass Out - Y/n passes out while Shawn’s onstage, but no one tells him
✔️Defend - Shawn defends his wife in an interview
✔️Assault - Y/n is assaulted, Shawn is there to pick up the pieces
✔️The Keys - Y/n’s ex returns her apartment keys, Shawn opens the door
✔️AU: Uni Shawn-athlete/trainer - Imagine built around these bullet points
✔️The Fight - Imagine built around these bullet points
✔️Delivery - Y/n is stressed, Shawn makes Brian hand deliver a care package
✔️Jet Lag - Shawn’s jet lagged, but finally getting to be with y/n

Everyone always told me I was different with you, that I was sweet and soft. I didn’t believe them at first, in fact I whole heartedly denied it, but I started noticing little difference in myself when I was around you. I would smooth out my rough edges so I wouldn’t hurt you and when you asked for something I’d give it to you even if it was all I had. Even though I have chronic nightmares I wouldn’t get mad at you when you woke me up just to tuck yourself into the space between my arms. I allowed myself to be vulnerable around you when I wasn’t even vulnerable around myself and this is really just a long winded way of saying that I love you. I love you so much I’ll never let you know how I feel because I can’t seem to be able to be selfish when it comes to you. So I’ll continue to be different around you and maybe one day you’ll notice but until then I hope you keep waking me up from my nightmares just so you can fall asleep in my arms.
—  To my exception, you taught me how to love

I needed a change of pace from OC October, and to take a breather in general… So here’s a little bit of fanart for SugarScript’s game, Cute Demon Crashers.

It’s a visual novel about a succubus and a few incubi who crash your house (hence the title) and stay for a few days. You can choose to have fun with any of them, none of them or all of them. Whatever you choose, the interactions are always positive. You can even opt out at almost any point of your intimate times if you’re uncomfortable. The whole point of the game is to promote safety, honesty, consent and comfort between partners. They also challenge stereotypes that people might have about certain aspects of sex.

The characters are all sweet and well thought out, on top of various other aspects of the game. The art is nice, the voices are excellent and they even included a dyslexic font.

If you have the time I’d definitely recommend giving it a play. Even if you’re not into porn games, it’s still fun and sweet and I’d totally recommend it. They took something that could have turned into just another fetish fuel game and turned it into a gem.

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So to be honest idk who you are, all I know is my best friend is fond of you from some soundtrack your on. But I digress. She came out to me today as non binary. I'll be honest I don't get it..but I asked her what made her want to tell me and she said it was you. I may not understand what non binary is but clearly it was big enough that she drove 3 hours to tell me. So thank you for giving her that courage random human.

lol you are quite an amazing bestfriend 😌❤️ thank you for loving them and though you may not understand, know your love and support does more than you know. 💕💕 you are welcome 🌈

  • Robert: You're missing her already, aren't you?
  • Aaron: Who, my mum?
  • Robert: Liv. It's okay, you can admit it.
  • Aaron: And what if I am? As if I've not got enough aggro in my life, eh?
  • Robert: I told you a holiday would do the trick.
  • Aaron: Yeah, just a shame it ended though, innit?
  • Robert: Hey, as of now, things can only get better. (sees Rebecca driving past) Hey, I'm starving. Why don't you take care of this lot and I'll go get us something in?
  • Aaron: Yeah, all right. See you in a bit.

hey guys if this post gets 50 notes i’ll develop all my favorite screenshots of the season into 4 x 6 photos and put them in an album in my room

So @pixlokita drew a comic where the APTX effects and slowly erases all of Shinichi’s memories (amongst other brain functions), and I just… felt an overwhelming need to write it. There might be a part two because this is such an interesting AU! Please enjoy!

The moment he wakes up Shinichi knows something is wrong.

Not because of a feeling, or the fact that his head is swimming with pain, but because of Ran’s worried expression as he blinks his way into consciousness. She leans forward, hands wrapped around his, squeezing lightly to show that she’s there.

“Shinichi?” She stumbles over his name as she stands from her chair, leaning forward to get into his view. She’s wearing her coat over her school uniform, which… Is odd, seeing as the last thing Shinichi remembers is it being a Saturday, and them having no classes. “H-hey, are you really awake?”

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I suspect you're going to get a lot of votes for the Klance nap, but I would like to humbly cast my vote for Lance making friends with the lions. (I've always loved the idea of various POVs from the lions and what they think of the other paladins!)

You know, I thought that, too, but weirdly enough this is what the votes actually look like:

  • (Lance & Coran) Sickfic: 5 votes
  • (Lance & Coran) Learning Altean: 4 votes
  • (Lance & Keith) Naps: 5 votes
  • (Lance & Nyma & Rolo) Resistance: 9 votes
  • (Lance & Lions) Friendship: 15 votes
  • (Everyone) Humans Are Weird: 19 votes

It looks like people are really interested in Lance and the Lions and Humans as Space Australians haha!!

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Hey! I've been living off of soulmate AU's recently, and I was wondering if you could do a headcanon thing about how the batfamily would be towards soulmates and stuff? Like maybe a Timer or Tattoo AU and how they would feel about the whole thing? Really, I'll take what I can get though :) Thanks for your time

Bruce: He would be fairly indifferent towards it; he’s definitely not excited about the prospect of having to find “the one” but is not totally against the idea. He does see it as a sort of conflict of interest with his night job though.

Dick: He’s super excited about the whole thing. The idea that there’s someone out there who is destined to meet him is something that blows his mind and he can’t wait to meet them because he’s waited all this time and it’ll happen eventually.

Jason: He’s not a fan of any of it. He feels super guilty about the idea that someone is figuratively bound to him by destiny but that they’re also then bound to all of his shortcomings and his past. He doesn’t want anyone to have to deal with that and he doesn’t want some innocent person to have to shoulder that burden so it’s just easier to be alone.

Tim: He’s so anxious about meeting his soulmate. Like, what if they don’t like him? Sure, they’re destined or whatever but there are always outliers. But at the same time he’s excited because that’s something totally unknown to him

Steph: She’s low key hyped; she doesn’t actively seek out her soulmate but she isn’t one to keep her eyes off of someone who seems like a candidate. She’s always got her eyes peeled for anyone who seems special but on the outside seems calm

Damian: He’s annoyed by it, quite frankly. Everyone keeps telling him “you’ll understand when you’re older” but he just doesn’t care. It seems like a waste of time to try to find one’s soulmate and honestly, he doesn’t need one, so what’s the big deal?

Cass: Like Bruce, she’s pretty indifferent about it. Nobody can really tell how she feels about it on the outside but on the inside she looks at the whole concept with wonderment because it’s so weird but also so natural and that’s kind of odd

Babs: She’s very placid about it. She doesn’t really care one way or another if she ever finds her soulmate because she’s done some amazing things on her own and she doesn’t necessarily need anyone else to “make her life complete” because she can do that herself

Duke: He’s really casual about the whole thing. He doesn’t see it as some ‘magical’ bond that will make the world better, but it is an adventure and he always enjoys a good adventure so he’s not adverse to it per say, he’s just not moon eyed over the concept


had some fun adventures today trying to bake while dressed as patton!! c: only logan to go and I’ll have cosplayed them all!!

also found a fellow pan while I was baking ;D (get it?? it’s ‘cause I’m panromantic)

also x2: I couldn’t find any glasses?? so I’m doing the dad thing where you where sunglasses except you’re inside so they just sit on your head

my previous ss cosplays:

anxiety (x)

roman (x)


And some more headshot sketchy things. :D

This time Beskha and Amaya, my perfect beat-up scumbag angels.