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Hello my dear followers!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that over the past month or so my blog has essentially been running in this mode. I haven’t had the time to maintain my queue as I’ve been using the small time I have on here to post some new works or maintain networks. I’ve been very busy and generally feeling down/overwhelmed. It’s been a hard time.

Anyway, this is going to continue until the end of the month for two reasons:

  1. I am going away to California today, and won’t be back until next week. (I’m very excited, I’ve never been!) Most importantly, though, I’m going because I’m going to be attending @adaughterofeve‘s wedding and I could not be more excited to celebrate with her! ♥♥♥♥♥ (PS - Go wish her a big congratulations!)
  2. I am actually working on a “relaunching” this blog with a new tagging system, theme, expanded fandoms (I’m going full multifandom!) and the works. Woo!

So, until July, this blog will largely be just posting my new works and reminders about events going on at my various networks. (Don’t worry - those will be maintained as usual!) I’m still working on all the drabbles you sent in, so I will be slowly releasing those as I finish as well. I will still be responding to messages as I can, but it will be in slowed capacity (especially until I return from California!). Basically, there won’t be much consistency here until I’m truly back.

Once I relaunch, I’ll be maintaining my queue again (I’ve built up quite the supply of likes with all the incredible stuff you have been churning out). Please do tag me in things you’d like me to see; I’ll definitely give priority to those works.  

I’m sorry that I go on these every few months or so, but my mental health has been difficult to deal with and it’s been hard to manage everything on here between everything I have going on. (On the bright side, this is partially legit because I am going on vacation so yay!)

I appreciate you all sticking with me. I’m very grateful ♥

Psst. Since you like ‘Humans are Space Orcs’ and related things, may I recommend cmweller.tumblr.com? They’re an author who has crafted a whole universe around this concept, the Amalgam ‘verse. I’ve been meaning to rec them to you for a while, but I’m finally getting around to it because their computer is dying and the more people buying their books the better.

I recommend the ‘Hevun’s Child’ trilogy (the first book is free) and 'The Amity Incident’. They also post a drabble a day based on prompts given, many of which are relevant to your blog, and all but the most recent of which have been compiled into pay-what-you-want collections of a year’s worth at a time. Some of these serve as inspiration for full novels, like the 'Amity’ novel I mentioned earlier

If you like their stuff, could you please give them some reblogs? Full disclosure, I am responsible for many of the prompts that get made into drabbles.

hey guys! i’m doing a project thing on mental illnesses, mainly on it’s rise and how school affects it, and i’ve created this google forms as a way to get some more information so if you could, please fill it out and reblog it so that I can get as many responses as possible. Thank you so much!


hi guys! so as I hit another hundred followers recently, and I was already doing these a few weeks ago (anyone I promised one I swear they’re still coming) I thought I’d make a proper offer this time to celebrate. There are a couple of rules but nothing too insane! They might also take me a little bit of time because I’ll probably only be doing one or two a day - unless taylor drops something - but this is going to last until november 10th, after that I’ll be taking no more!

here are the rules:

  • send me your url via ask
  • must be following me at wildesttdream
  • your url must be fandom related, ideally taylor swift but I will accept other fandoms at my discretion (e.g. shadowhunters, harry potter, pride and prejudice, once upon a time, b99, some marvel etc.)
  • if you have anything specific to your url or blog you want referenced please add that into the ask
  • like or reblog this to spread it around
  • be patient! if i get a lot it might take a while to get through them
  • you have until november 9th to send me your url

Ethan: Hello! Welcome everyone. Oh wow there’s a lot of you- a-ah, anyways, thanks for following our blog! We’re still kinda setting things up (more like I’m setting it up while T is at practice), so expect some updates and links to appear and disappear for a bit. You can go on ahead and send us some messages, and we’ll try and get to them tomorrow!


check out my icons page to find approx. 50 new winter and holiday-themed shadowhunters icons!! 

  • credit is not necessary, but don’t claim as your own
  • like/reblog if you save icons

enjoy, my loves!!


looking for new blogs! 💐

hey everyone, i made a new sideblog @silkshadows and i need to follow more similar blogs i can reblog from. pls reblog this (so it gets around, that’d be fantastic) if you post anything similar to my archive above ^^^

i’m mostly looking for photos of shadows, soft light, skin/body img (but still relatively sfw), fabrics, makeup, some fashion, pretty things~

i’ll try to queue from everyone & follow all similar blogs!
thank you and have a lovely day ♥