i'll get fired for not working as a team

Huevember Day 21: Primarina

I actually really like Primarina’s design, even more so than Decidueye’s (who I chose as my starter)!

When the starters were first revealed I was immediately on Team Litten and I thought Popplio was pretty bleh, but Game Freak kind of ruined Litten’s entire evolutionary line for me once the final forms were officially out. I turned right around and joined Team Rowlet and Team Popplio

Game Freak, please stop turning all the fire type starters into bipedal human-like fighting/pseudo-fighting types :(

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My chibi of the day is Lysandre. doritohead I really loved X and Y.  I only wished that the game was harder because I found all the battles way too easy.  Maybe I’m getting too skilled at pokemon for my own good….

I realized he’s petting Litleo’s fire spot and he’s just so intense that it doesn’t hurt him.  I messed up and forgot about it

It’s a sticker:http://www.redbubble.com/people/dafluff/works/13883964-lysandre

I'll be your fire when the lights go out || Ahkmenrah & Jehan || The Hunger Games AU

Months had passed. Months in which Jehan barely slept. Months in which he was occupied with shooting videos, holding speeches, visiting the different districts and trying his hardest, with the most wonderful team at his side, to get more people to join in their fight. And when he was not busy with those things, he was at Ahk’s side, the two of them slowly bringing back Ahk’s memories.

After months of hard work, it was finally starting to pay off. Ahk was finally remembering everything again, from the first time he’d seen Jehan, in the arena, until the moment President Snow took away all those memories and replaced them by darker ones.

The number of rebels was growing as well, although as it did, more people died. Jehan grieved every lost soul, wept for every child, every man and woman who lost their lives for a cause that would hopefully be worth it. For dreams that were united by hope.

The young rebel granted himself one hour of relaxation every day. An hour of training, of reading, of talking to people he had not seen before. That day, when Ahk asked if he could join for a training, Jehan had gladly agreed to it. It was only moments later when they got to one of the rooms and Jehan started to explain everything. “What would you like to try first? A spear? Sword? Your bare hands?”