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You lost Toyo. Hitomi's never gonna get it and be happy with some fresh dicc... :(


i was really kicking myself because i vividly remember staring right at my ts4 folder and saying that i was gonna come back to it and then i just never did. it really sucks that i probably lost all my sims but at least with ts4 it’s always easy to just recreate them. He was so cute ;-;;;

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So like, I even fact checked it on Twitter, but Justin Roiland claims to be okay with incest in the fandom. I’m not sure how I feel about even supporting it now. What do you think?

There’s conflicting reports on this because I’ve seen the tweet you’re talking about but I’ve also seen his tweets where he’s shut down inc*st and p*dophilia and called it out for being wrong. And I haven’t seen- but I’ve heard that JRo has opened up about inc*st happening to him??? I think it was from a Reddit AMA.

If anyone can find that, link me.

But I know what you mean. I really hope it isn’t true.

i’m making a starter to-do list so while i’m here does anyone want a small possibly shippy starter from lourdes? just like this and you will Get One. you’re welcome to reply and request a snap or text one but otherwise it’ll be a normal one

     (quick info: twenty-one, bisexual, college student/youtuber/aspiring screenwriter. super weird for some reason?)

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

  • Hufflepuff: Time to get up and greet the morning!
  • Ravenclaw: *incoherent mumbling*
  • Hufflepuff: You really should get out of bed.
  • Ravenclaw: *more incoherent mumbling*
  • Hufflepuff: *sighs* I'll make you waffles if you get up now.
  • Ravenclaw: ...okay.

D̴͓͉̭͎̻̠ͣͣͣi͉͍̼̼̟̲̠̝̘̋͒ͫ͂̂̒̚̕D̹͖͎ͪ̊͛ͤ͆ͫ̀͜ ̨̀ͣͤ̋̌ͧ͐ͪ͏̶̮Ÿ̛͔̭̠̗̯̠̓̃́o̜͍̣̮͉̯̯̪͚̿ͥ̆̽͋̈ͣ̅̇U̖̜̝̭̩̲͈͌͐̐͑ͨ̓͋̉̚ ̶͔̩̟͍̫̙̭ͨͧ̎̍̔̌͢M͇̗̻̹̮͇͙̹͐͌̑ͭ͒̀̐̀͟͝ͅi̸̢̧̠̬̩ͬͪ͒̂̅͒̚̚ͅS̫͖̲̳͖ͦ͗͂́̕͞S͖̘͇̦̫̼̾ͨͬ͌̚͢ͅ ͉͈̪͈͋̓̍͡m̧̬͌͆͌̋̄ͤ̑ͅE̸̢̻̞̺͒ͫ͋̈́ͅͅ?̨̖̬̘̝͚͋͊̓̑̇̇͒ͅ



Thank you so much for the support! I’m honestly happy that this many people are interested in this blog! Running it has been a fun ride from the very beginning, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. Also, I reached a moment right now in which I feel like I’m breaking through with my art style and process, and getting closer to what I want to do – so all the more reason to celebrate!!

- Mod

Update: now with a canon!Katsuki edit (x)

I used to hate sleep, just because that meant less time with you. But now that you are gone, all I wanna do is sleep. Because the only time I get to see you now is in my dreams.

speaking of @americangods i’m still working on this portrait series!!

these’ve been so fun and’ve gotten such a warm reception, thanks so much you guys. they’ve been the exact break i needed to take, and have been great help to expand my painting style. i have quite a few planned, by no exact final number that’ll be done!


So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?



More recently you’ve taken up directing as a passion, let’s jump forward 10 years. What’s the next thing for Chris Evans? Personally I’d love kids, I’d love…you know I’m going to get married. The older I get the more I’m very strict in terms of doing what I want to do. And I really understand now more than I did 10 years ago what I want in life. And I want normalcy, I want a regular life, I like being around my family I like being around my friends. I like being back in Massachusetts. Hollywood is fine because I love acting but it’s not what I want from my life. So for me ten years from now hopefully I’m living a pretty normal life.