i'll follow her bcs she's my mom

Lock me in the attic? I'll find another way down.

So this actually happened to my mother when she was a little girl. She was visiting her family’s house for Thanksgiving, and her bratty cousin (BC) decided to play a trick on her. BC went up to the attic, and my mother followed, being young and trusting. BC ran out again and locked her in, refusing to let her out even when she was banging on the door and yelling. (Somehow all the adults in the house were oblivious to this going on.)

After settling down my mom saw a toy on the other side of the attic, where the flooring gave way to cross beams. She walked towards it, but just when she was about to reach it she stepped off the beams. WHAM. She was suddenly up to her armpits in what had looked to a small child like perfectly solid floor but was in fact the top of the house ceiling. As she fell she felt her foot connect with something solid while screaming and yelling started from the Thanksgiving crowd below.

When she was finally rescued from the attic she found that not only had she knocked a hole in the oblivious uncle’s ceiling, but she had managed to land directly on BC’s head.