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On Vacation

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Sorry guys! I thought I could finish all of the starters and replies I owe before Sunday. But I couldn’t I really wanted to put thought and effort into everyone’s starters and replies. XC
So yeah…the rest of my replies and starters will be posted next Saturday (depending what time I get back) or the latest Monday. I will be reblogging maybe one or two things per day to stay active? Maybe a meme or two I’ll answer via mobile—but, I will be reblogging my giveaway once more since it ends the Saturday I come back. So yeah~ You guys not only have replies and starters to look forward to, but also the giveaway announcement!

I look forward to RPing again with everyone! Until then~ See you guys when I get back! 8D

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Comedic Relief (Is this meme dead yet?)

Rush to the Finish: 7 Days before Fairy Tail Officially Ends

Or, I was going to attach this as a response to a post that somehow became controversial, but I’m not trying to get into fights over the ship I’m going to talk about at this point because “I have other things I want to talk about before the series ends” is what I want to say but this series is a thing, isn’t it?

But this isn’t a light novel.

Wait… haven’t I done this before?

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whouffle meme: episodes: Mummy on the Orient Express [¾]

you can’t end it on a slammed door.
yes you can, anyone can do it. people do it all the time.
...except of course when they can’t.

In The Flesh Appreciation
  ∟ Day One: Favorite Undead Character → Kieren Walker

Everything up until then was fear. Everything. Even when I was alive, just different levels of fear. And then it’s gone.

bbcthree bbcamerica


daredevil meme: [1/1] season ➤ season 2

yeah, what do you do? what do you do? you act like it’s a playground. you beat up the bullies with your fists. you throw em’ in jail, everybody calls you a hero, right? and then a month, a week, a day later they’re back on the streets, doing the same goddamn thing!  


I wanted to re-draw one of my old characters (Baustil), and it makes me happy to see how much they’ve changed/I’ve changed. 

The 2013 picture is a completely finished piece that took around 4-5 hours.

The 2015 picture was sketched with no idea in mind and took around 20-40 minutes.