i'll finish replies when i come back

Hiatus Notice

I’m going on a second hiatus. A lot is happening in life right now and I also need to focus more on my personal writing. Thats been a struggle for the last year or so and I’m tired of it. I’ve had goals of finishing a small anthology but I dont even have a single, finished first draft yet. I want to take this more seriously and try to get myself to sit down and hit some milestones. I even ignored Nanowrimo again and its really dragging me down.

I just turned 26 this year and I want to scream. I have to really catch up and take this seriously especially since I have a new job looming on the horizon. I’m not sure when I’ll end it this time. I think I have to let myself reach some personal goals first. Wish me luck!

“It is so frickin’ cold!” Amaya gapsed once she got into the coffee shop, laughing a bit as eyes landed on her. “Sorry.” She put her hand up, “Go back to drinking your coffee.” She took the beanie off her head, feeling herself shiver a bit as she stood in line. “Winter is coming.” She continued to think aloud. 


Over the next week, I will be finishing up my replies here and queuing them to post. I will officially be heading over to my other blog, @onyxiism​, for my holiday break !! I’ll come back to this blog after finals (somewhere around new years) with renewed muse and a fresh batch of muses ♥️♥️♥️ 

After flying back and forth between LA and New York so much the past few days, I feel like I’m starting to come down with something. I’ve been confined to my bed all day, watching episodes of Cake Boss on Hulu. I’m thoroughly impressed by how much detail this guy puts into cakes. It’s also really making me wish I had some cake right about now, but I know that would be a terrible idea if I am really getting sick.