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I hate BTS. Deal with it.

you heartless monster

how can you not love the sunshine man that is hoseok

or adorable taehyung with the killer voice

or dad jokes™

or mr ultimate bias wrecker and ‘international playboi’

or overdramatic dancing™ 

or the guy that lowkey reminds me of a guy i know at school (like verbatim it’s scary how similar both of them are) 

and finally the member with the most purest smile i s2g

how could you not love these boys? seriously, they are most beautiful, adorkable beans in the whole wide world. i think my arguments are v sound and if you’re not convinced your heart must be made of stone 


While I was waiting for you downstairs, I stashed a few of the sensors around the place, just to keep the problem fresh in your mind.

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Where can I watch Shameless??? Like I can't find any links or anything.

Here are links to watch all of season 1. All links are filedrive (used to be putlocker). 

S01E01 - Pilot

S01E02 - Frank the Plank

S01E03 - Aunt Ginger

S01E04 - Casey Casden

S01E05 - Three Boys

S01E06 - Facts Cannot Be Racist

S01E07 - Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father

S01E08 - It’s Time to Kill the Turtle

S01E09 - But At Last Came a Knock

S01E10 - Nana Gallagher Had an Affair

S01E11 - Daddy’s Girl

S01E12 - Father Frank, Full of Grace

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Actually, I saw this thing (I'll find the link later) and someone was researching about Steve, and they found out that the neighborhood he lived in was actually in the very middle of Brooklyn's lgbt community. Therefor, it is 10000% logical to assume that he was not only bisexual (or any other lgbt identity) but also accepted and happy.

I saw that meta too! Good stuff. Good, good stuff. Even if Steve didn’t identify as bisexual yet (coming out to yourself can be a slow process) he most certainly would have been aware of other sexualities.