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Ben: happy 19th birthday Malek
Malek: thank you.. why are you here.. didn’t you have detention for egging someone’s car
Ben: wow. Here I am wishing you a happy birthday because you’re the oldest out of everyone
Ben: and you criticise me for skipping detention
Malek: you can’t do that. Go back to school
Ben: wow. I even told Kells to bake you a cake.
Ben: go do your taxes then, old man


The first time you’re seven and he’s turning nine. You don’t know what to give him really; there isn’t much money at home and the last frog you gave him ran off, so there’s not much to do.

You find baseball cards though, his favorite team, in the alley behind the grocer’s, and they put the moon in his eyes. It’s a good gift.

The fifth time you’re eleven and he’s turning thirteen. It’s still hard to find something, more so because somehow you’ve managed to find the perfect thing every other time. He says he doesn’t need anything and you believe him; he’s the kind of person to say that and mean it, every time. But the thing is, you think to yourself in the kitchen, he’s the kind of person who deserves it even more just because he always says he doesn’t need anything.

It’s not so much the needs as it is the wants, you reason, and that’s why you ask your mother for help with cookies.

The eleventh time you’re seventeen and he’s turning nineteen. You’ve got an idea for this present but you’re nervous; your mother asked you where you were going so dressed up and you said dancing, which isn’t a lie, and yet. Your gift lies outside of dancing. You get to the dance hall and he’s there with a girl and something curls inside your chest. In your head it’s like a dragon wrapping around your gift to him, and you think about leaving. But then he smiles and pushes away from her to come to you, and when you hug him he lingers and you’re very much aware of his hands between your shoulders and on your lower back. He says something about your outfit and says you look sharp and that’s enough to make you stay.

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Got some new copics yesterday and had to try them out, which worked out well since I’ve been itching to draw this cat!bill design from the coven au that’s been floating around


capping at five, with a preference for new interactions!
i want to get the rp ball ROLLIN’ with my mutuals i have yet to interact with, & i may come to you to plot just to DOUBLE MAKE SURE everything goes super smooth.

Found a secret area in Sims4.  Some kind of glade….it’s all pinkish and has faeries flying around and orange eyed somethings in the woods.  Interesting place, but as of yet I don’t know if I can get both boys in there at the same time.  I mostly go here when one of them is at work because I don’t know how the “care for self” thing works.  I don’t need to come home and one of them managed to set the place on fire or something :P

Sooner or later, you’ll find out why you took separate ways and why your relationship ended up. You’ll know the reason why up to this point of your life you still feel incomplete and left behind. You’ll know the remedy for your broken heart and blurry eyes. Slowly but surely, you’ll have the courage to step up and break the hesitation in your mind. You’ll hear the calling for you, just open your eyes and prioritize what you have right now.