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softsusurrations  asked:

I love your stories! Especially Molly and uni!lock! Are you able to write Molly and Sherlock's first meeting at uni (maybe in labs) and of course it goes wrong and ends in a sexual tension fuelled fight ☺️?

You are so sweet! Here you are, I drifted a teeny bit from the prompt but I hope you like it! :)

The giggling was getting completely out of hand. The couple on the sofa were utterly absorbed in each other they completely forgot there was a third party in the room. Molly groaned inwardly as Mary’s new boyfriend whispered something in her ear causing her to erupt in flirtatious giggles.

Honestly, a month into the relationship and the two blondes were practically joined at the hip. Molly was happy for Mary. She really was. The bubbly blonde had been her roommate since day one of Uni, luck of the lottery draw, and had immediately adopted Molly into her rather rag-tag family of friends. Boyfriends came and went, but their friendship became forged in iron, so to speak. And Molly was genuinely relieved that Mary had found a bloke who genuinely liked her, for all her bossy, flirtatious, know-it-all ways.

Yes, John seemed to be a rare subspecies of the male human. Having transferred from up north at the start of term, he was a bit of a teddy bear compared to Mary’s usual rough-and-tumble dates; less smolder and more charm. Molly had a hunch he was going to be around a while.

That is, if she didn’t kill them both for disrupting her studying.

A knock on the door finally pulled the two lovers apart.

‘That’d be my roommate,’ John sighed as he pressed his forehead to Mary’s. 'Told him to meet me here when he finished heckling his brother’s guest lecture.’ He shoved up from the couch and put on his jacket while Mary watched with a disgustingly adoring look on her face. Molly would never admit it aloud for fear of encouraging their smitten behaviour, but she secretly loved the way they seemed to be completely smitten with the other.

John opened the door and Molly’s heart nearly stopped. Dressed in a well-tailored suit with envious cheekbones and eyes like an exploding galaxy, John’s roommate was honestly the most intriguingly gorgeous boy she’d seen.

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