i'll figure this whole thing out


ooooooookay here it is, my first speedpaint!  it’s got no music b/c i’m lazy and to be honest i always mute other people’s speedpaints and listen to my own stuff when i watch (true confessions right here), so i didn’t see the need for music.  also it’s pretty long and i couldn’t make it any shorter without cutting out the sketching.  i think in future that’s probably what i’ll do to keep things short, but i wanted to share my process from the beginning!  anyway, if you watch this the whole way through you’re a trooper lmao.

Keeping fish in college?

I’m going to be a freshman at SCAD in the fall and am considering taking either my female betta or dwarf puffer with me. Im thinking five gallons, live plants, driftwood, sand substrate, and obviously heated and filtered with LED lighting.

I know we’re allowed freshwater fish tanks up to ten gallons in our dorms (I’m doing 5 to conserve desk space) and my dorm at SCAD is apartment style so I will have access to sinks for water changes within my living space.

From everyone else’s experience, is keeping fish in college doable? My only real concern is that having a tank might annoy my roommates, especially the one I share a bedroom with, but I highly doubt they’ll have a problem with it.

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I'll tell y'all both a funny story!! My little brother is 3 and he really loves dinosaurs but he can't read so whenever he's on an electronic device he uses siri or the google speak thing to find dinosaur vids by saying "I want to watch dinosaurs" but the program can't figure out what he's saying a lot of the time because he still has a lil baby voice so sometimes it just recognizes the word "dinosaur" and I find his scrolling through whole academic docs abt dinosaurs in hopes of finding a vid

I’m crying that’s so cute thank u for sharing

So it might be a little while until my next comic cause I have to get that whole thing figured out. I do have a short comic that’s been sitting in my drafts for a couple weeks now so I can post that if you guys really really want


“Art, if you’re hearing this, you found a body. It’s not Beth. It’s me. My name is Sarah Manning. You’re about the only person I trust to figure the whole thing out.”

She (almost) trusts me.       I can’t believe you let a cop into the Clone Club.

jonas jonas JONAS

jonas i think about jonas a lot

i think about jonas paying attention to isak, his best friend, a whole lot

i think about how jonas guessed isak liked Even right after the first (and, let’s be honest, the obvious) choice, because he was paying attention

i think about how the other guys (not that they weren’t great about the whole thing, mind you) could hardly remember that moment isak was talking about, when they were first introduced to Even, but jonas DID, immediately, without isak having to prompt it. 

he REMEMBERED. because he PAID ATTENTION. he’s been worried about isak since the start of this season and he paid attention and remembered the smallest details, probably trying to figure out what was wrong with his best friend.

jonas noah vasquez is an angel roaming this earth and we do not Deserve Him

god now u get Documentation of me being a lesbian mess over you

1. First impression: you posted about giles/jenny a few times and that already made me like you more than most

2. Truth is: um there’s literally no other jo on this planet? in the universe probably? you’re serious and thoughtful and driven and talented and the whole reason i figured out it was you sending me the adorable anon messages was because i had a huge crush on you for…a long while before that

3. How old do you look: pretty. really pretty. i know that isn’t the question but it’s relevant

4. Have you ever made me laugh: so many times but a lot of it is “i like her so much” laughter 

5. Have you ever made me mad: never

6. Best feature: your eyes are so pretty and you have a really nice mouth and your hair is excellent and i really have to stop here because i could go on

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: we’re well past “crush” now

8. You’re my: long-distance romantic interest

9. Name in my phone: on snapchat you’re “jo” so i guess it would be that?

10. Should you post this too? if you want!!!


☆ Reigisa Week | Day Seven: Freestyle

Wowow thanks for sticking through this whole week with me guys!! My last late and cheesy submission for Reigisa week! Sorry I’m a nerd who likes math related things so I'mma just throw this in. And if Rei never figured out what <3 is

((oops sorry I have a problem))

((here’s their actual magical kid outfit as opposed to this doodle. Witch/Jester theme.))

((Their soul gem is one of those hearts, but they won’t reveal which one.))

Hey guys!  So I see that there’s a new IM feature on Tumblr, which would have been super cool back when I was on Tumblr 24/7 but whatever.  So I just thought I’d make a little post letting you guys know that you’re welcome to IM me if you ever have a quick question or message!  

For example, if you just wanted to ask where the ‘next’ button is or say that you love the blog, but you don’t want to send in an ask and make it a whole formal thing, you can shoot me an IM and I’ll answer real quick.

You can also IM if you just want to talk.  If I’m on Tumblr, there’s a 99% chance that I’m queuing up quotes, but I’ll have time to say hey in between.

I promise I’ll be getting to more asks soon, just bear with me!

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darling dove. i like that. i'll hold that close to me, precious jewel. i'm not so sure i'd be any good for you. i have yet to decide if "finding out" is worth the weight of knowing a soul like mine. it's too heavy, too messy. not quite whole enough to offer happiness on a scale like you deserve. until then, i'll enjoy the simple pleasure of your company. perhaps i'll write you something. we can figure each other out in bits and pieces and it will be a magnificent slow burn to completeness.

I don’t believe anyone is a disaster. Even when they’re in bits. Even when they can barely find themselves. You’ll get there. What’s the quote? “You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” So it’s this huge thing that’s made of tiny pieces and it still somehow works. You work. I won’t conduct a love story in front of thousands of people. When you’re brave, come and find me. Until then, all my love x