i'll fart

Instead of the nickname “ice sculpture”, I think the more accurate term for Louis is “frozen cinnamon bun”. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 



Maybe that’s why I’ve fallen in love with you.

Because I grew up with starry night skies that reach the horizon and stay bright even when the moon shows only a fourth of her face.

Because when I moved to the city the stars seemed to die through the brighter city lights and it made me scared and lonely.

Because God filled your eyes with a million galaxies and I’m still counting the stars that are alive within you.

the first time i drew my actual daughter gylwen lavellan 2 years ago (holy crap), I said stuff about elves and backlight going hand in hand. I have realized that this is still very true


Hi it’s me, the most insufferable fuck you’ve ever met who’s still not over this hot chocolate jag but whose back hurt too much to make both it and the whipped cream from scratch, but this Sillycow Farms powdered mix is actually delicious anyway so here’s an obnoxious post about it from a toddler’s brain operating a grown man’s body