i'll draw something better later

Eight o’ clock in the morning
Too hard to give, too hard to live
I can’t stop dreaming
Do you know what I mean?
You make up your angry eyes
You stay hidden but I see you smile
I wanna stay inside your arms
I want to feel fine
(you have to survive)

anonymous asked:

m!a: Your horns suddenly look like crystal. They don't change in actual durability or texture but they shift this way and that with the light, reflecting and refracting colors. They seem to shift with your mood as well.

You’re brushing your teeth when you feel the magic hit you, at first admittedly, you’re a little scared. This is the first time anything like this has happened to you, and you’re almost afraid to look. When you do, you can’t stop staring. This is WICKED. Holy fuck!! You’re a disco ball! You gotta go show Psii!