i'll do the second part now

              ooc. hey everybody! i know i kinda dropped the ball for a second but i got really caught up in a show called trollhunters and made a muse from the show who is over here . but i love milo and have no intention of staying away from him for long. milo is still my main muse, he’s the one that comes the most naturally to me. now that i’ve settled into the actual doing assignments part of college. socializing and my two jobs i think we’re good again.

            that being said tomorrow i have school until three, then i’m going on a date. friday i have rehearsal for a play and then come evening time i have rehearsal for a variety show and the opening night for it is saturday. then we skip to NEXT week and the variety show performs once again on friday and saturday, i also have my last mall madness to go to that SAME saturday night ( a girl scout event ). this boils down to i appreciate EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOU precious atlantean crystals and i’ll appreciate your continued patience with me even MORE over these next few days!